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Waterflame's News

Posted by Waterflame - August 24th, 2010

Hi there! long time no see, right..
The reason why i haven't been submitting anything, made any updates nor progress in development is that my computer is eating itself..
no, really..

The hardisc is damaged and i have relocated my files! my pc in general is singing its last song.
with blue screens, freezing and things randomly vanquishing, i think its safe to say, i need a new one.
so yeah im basicly saving up for that, while planing the release of my 2nd album, and a Return!

fear not, i will be back, and i will hit you hard with new original stuff. but in the meantime.. i cant say how long i will be gone. im working full time, and also hanging out a lot with my girlfriend. :) so i guess, this is my little break. Until im back, check in on youtube now and then for other stuff -.. i think.

the new album will have 4+ new songs thats exclusive for the album, and one of my bests so far. so this is really one you should concider buying if you like my stuff :)

also.. be sure to by my first album if you havent ;)

/* */
I still appreciate all the support you guys give me! :) thank you all for that ^:)
so.. cya around then, i guess! beloved ng <3 stay tuned.

Posted by Waterflame - June 24th, 2010

Heya guys!

First things first, i finally got the random selector to work, so for those of you who followed my Donation contest , here are the results, finally!

Selected randomly from a pool of the donators, the winner is:
Benjamin Edd!

Benjamin, You can send a mail to: waterflameworkshop@hotmail.com with your spesifics, the maximum length is 5 minutes, other than that you may request anything beeing made, and use it for whatever you want, even commercial projects, as long as my name is mentioned. grats!

Thank you so much to all of you others who donated, it did help me on the way! altho there were only 11 donations. i might do this again some other time, who knows!

In other news, my newest song is out!


/* */
So yeah, im going to the roskilde festival! cant wait :D ! its gonna be awesome, as always! so ill see you guys in 2 weeks! and if some of you happens to be goin there aswell, send me a pm, with cell number or something, and im sure we can meet up!

Be sure to check out my YOUTUBE aswell as ng while im gone! there are some exclusive things on YT and other stuff thats not fit for ng :]

Untill next time! keep on rockin >:0


Posted by Waterflame - June 2nd, 2010

Hi again!

As usual, im really slow at making, not only updates, but keeping my own deadlines. im so scatterbrained. but here i am now atleast!

ive had some technical problems and i still work so much these days. so ill post it as soon as i can..

First up, i had a contest going to see if i could raise some extra money, aswell as pushing my skills and see what i can do with a detailed request. and the winner will be announced as soon as i have the time... I dont have time to do this today, cause of much non-music related work.

here is the previous post, if you are interested in what this is about. you can also still donate ofcource, you will be mentioned and greatly apriciated!

Prev post, donation contest

On to the next topic,
My latest song! Cannibal

Hard and dark club techno with a tribal theme! been working on this for some time. its the follow up after "heavy machine rythm" in a club mix im working on.
its not supposed to have any leading melodies, as its more club themed as said. its dance music to dance to, more than anything :) but i might make another ver. of this later on.


Im finally making my big project thats been in the scrap and idea books for over 3 years! ever wondered what my avatar is? its the main character from this project, in pixels :] it will be a game made in flash, but probably also released as a standalone .exe. estimated time is around 8 months Of work ahead. so look out for updates on that!

Im also nearly finished with making music for a flash game thats gonna be pretty epic. but thats all im allowed to say for now ;)

Be sure to check out my youtube! ill post 2 other songs there soon thats going to be exclusive for YT. since its small projects i dont se fit for ng unless the demand is huge :)


by all means, feel free to add me to facebook aswell. (Christian M Krogsvold)
im the dude with the wierd hair. :P

Untill tomorrow, peace!

Contest winner, NEW SONG, updates!

Posted by Waterflame - March 10th, 2010

hello beloved group of people on the internet <3

First of all, 2 new songs! and more to come! altho im low on inspiration nowadays since im kinda bummed out about money problems and so forth, i have some nearly finished stuff in production!

I wanted to bring back that retro feel with ever changing happy melodies that never really repeat themselves and loop. i feel that i kinda got that midi feel to it just enough to not ruin it or anything. and finished this happy video game composition! :D a lot of time went into it. it might not be something a lot of people like, but all of you fellow uberhappytune lovers out there might really enjoy this :3


2nd up, we have this!:

A work in progress i left alone for some months and now finished! or, i think im finished at least :D breakbeats vs orchestral themes in a epic battle , as always ;D its my style 8) at around 3 and out is where it really kicks of :D as usual i try to variate it alot, so the song is pretty um.. chaotic! :D i have tried the last part with some female vocals, and it fits AWESOME. so to all of you girls out there that can sing, please PM me if you're interested in joining me in my next techno quest. <3


In other news things are pretty much the same. partying, little money, turbulent love life and being a lazy gamer. im living the life, i guess?... i feel kinda spoiled not always enjoying this, in theory perfect way of life. haha. and seriously IM REALLY POOR! SO GIVE ME ASSIGNMENTS!
also, check out my Youtube ! i have some exclusive tracks there never submitted, as well as some inside of how i make music. etc. tutorials to come! have suggestions for the next triple mash-up? PM me on yt or ng! <3

Oh and, if i GRIND enough work this year, i really wanna see the world. if you live in like California. NY, London or another big city like that, and have a couch i could crash my face into. that would be really awesome. unless you're a rapist. or ...? ;D

And hey, going to Norway this summer? ;D give me a pm. no seriously! my living room is always full of strangers anyways. haha. ill show you the weak nightlife.. lol.

haha, later peps
I love you all

Posted by Waterflame - January 17th, 2010


Last weeks have been great :D hope this continiues <3
i have little work these days so i need to find a new job tho, besides music. ofcource. its sadly not even near enugh to support me to live on music alone. but its a helping hand. and i appreciate all the support! Big thanks to everyone thats buying the album! =D <3

If you havent, and wanna check out my album, check out the Album promo

and to everyone that wants a 2nd album, its comming!
The official name of the new album is " UpBeats " and will be featuring all my orchestral and uberhappy cuteness :D !

in other news, and not so cute. heres my newest track! a dance / techno / breakbeat track! HEAVY MACHINE RYTHM

Party on!

Peace out!

Posted by Waterflame - January 5th, 2010


Hi! its been a longe time.
Happy 2010! :D have a great year everyone!

so, did you get anything cool for xmas? ;)
i sorta did, but nothing extrordinary. it was a nice xmas anyhow!

Alot has happened as usual, but i wont go into details. my lovelife oh man X) chaotic.
and my sense of TIME!? none aperantly since im up now, and its 7 am. that is, without sleep.

Anyways ng :D i wanted to show you a few things, since i love you. ^3^ ~*

First things first!

Where do you race, when the world is no longer enough? :D

-Race around the moon-

This is like "Race around the world"'s brother, with all its similarities, yet a standalone song on its own! i call it race around the moon! ^-^ or Ratw3. ;) took me about one full day, project for pure fun :D
feel that mandolin :D

Happy, frantic,energic and cute :D bom bop bop bop! :3

Enjoy! And review <3

Also, This is my music video to my recently submitted song Carrots X) ejoy! its kinda cute :3

/* */
And this is how i look now, pic taken today, if anyone should be wondering. and yeah this is where i work, my room <3

2010! OYEAH! New song! <3

Posted by Waterflame - November 23rd, 2009

01. Des

im now officially doing comissions!

Need Custom music for your project?
Contatc me at: rawspawn_2@hotmail.com Or send me a PM at My youtube or Newgrounds.

Full length song: 250$
(3-6 Minutes)
Half length song: 180$
(1-3 Minutes)
Small loop: 80$
(0:30-1:30 minutes)

Build on existing songs:
50-150$ (depending on how much work)

All works use open contracts, so i can still use my own work for my purposes.
If you want a exclusive contract, meaning that you and you only can use the song, Contact me and we will find a price.

I use the Creative Commons Licence.

And lets not forget! a new song!

Timeless Mountains


27. Nov

Join us in a funky, frantic, Jumpy and happy journey through time!
This is as steampunk as i get i guess :D

I diddnt sleep last night. i spend 9 STRAIGHT hours making this song. it drained me completely. but when you have that spree of Creativity, you just cant let go!

And im going to be so bold as to just say it straight out, in my personal opinion, this is the best ive ever made! :D i love this style.

Energic Orchestral breaks, true to my style. it serves a bit of everything, 4onfloor, Breaks, Orchestral varity and synth riffs. :D


I dare you to make a time traveling flash music video for this :D <3
i would so love to see it. i can picture it in my mind. anyone up for a time travel flash colab? :D

Voices (cut from the first 20 minutes of the Original movie "time machine":
"This is a time machine

I wonder, now heres the most important question, to wich i hope to find an answer.

can man control his destiny? can he change the shape of things to come?

A journey through time;
this is a time machine."

23. nov

Hehe, alot have been going on these past weeks.. i still got money problems, o yeah lots of em! but hey, ill manage! right now im sick. so no raving for me, but better be up and running when the weekend starts! its also my friend bday then so... yeah, speedy recovery wanted.
ive been spending alot of time with my friends and newcommers and, yeah all in all just had a great time. hoping things will pick up soon.

and heres a new song for you guys :D
Party on! make sure to really BLAST this one out in the room. ;)


ive been such this party mood this week, so heres the result of that! give me a hand? ^^
im also working on another Phumpin track, so stay tuned!


Posted by Waterflame - November 9th, 2009

Hi thar pepole!

Im sick as usual, not really a shocker :P its starting to feel like i have the flu 70% of the year. but whatever right, ill survive ;D ive been kinda confused lately, and poor. yeah i barely have money for basic needs. so im kinda stressed out these days. can feel my stomach cramping up. but theres also alot of good stuff happening these days.. ive met an amazing girl, for instance :)

I should have been sleeping 4 hours ago.. But ive been making a song, its very typical "me" in style.. But i wanted to submit it. Its a cute little piano song.

Imagine its clouded, and raining, but the sun still manages to push a few rays in between the clouds. its that little happy feeling you get some times over the little things in life. and i guess it could also be a metaphor on how, even when life is holding you down, there are always those little rays of light that gets you through the day, or something like that.

In between the clouds


(Also, if you havent checked it out yet, my album is for sale now! go to my Older post to check it out!)


Posted by Waterflame - October 11th, 2009

EDIT: 06 Nov.


It had to happen sooner or later i guess o_o Remake / mix of Entry Of The Gladiators - Julius Fucik
i wassnt gonna upload it here, but more than expected requested downloads so.. here you go ;P

Inspiered by my roomate who keep harrasing me with this song, in a lame inside joke, and the movies "killer clowns from outer space" and "IT"

Took me around 2-3 hours
i had to get it out of my head XD

11 Oct
its been 6 years since i started making music,
but here it is! my first abum!

Its a fast paced ride trough Techno, Drum n Bass, Videogame and orchestral!

2 new tracks never released!
remastered and extended sound!

Heres a Promo video i made for the album aswell!:

/* */
(note, the movie quality does not represent the music quality of the final product. its compressed to fit the movie)

Song list:

1. Enter Darkness
2. Ricochet Love
3. Mind Control
4. Thump Grinder
5. Rocket Race
6. Welcome To Metropolis
7. Space Pirates
8. Outrun
9. Crowd Control
10. Jazzbot
11. Emotion Locomotion
12. Damage Control

You can buy this album, or single songs at these places online!:

* Amazon On Demand
* iTunes U.S.
* iTunes Australia/N.Z.
* iTunes Canada
* iTunes UK/European Union
* iTunes Japan
* Rhapsody
* Napster
* eMusic
* Amazon MP3
* Lala
* Shockhound
* Amie Street
* LimeWire Store
* Nokia

enjoy! thank you everyone for your support! i could never have done this without my fans! it makes all the difference!
and thank you to everyone who suports me with buying this album. It gives me more time to make music and less time to work at other jobs!


Posted by Waterflame - October 11th, 2009

im not dead! updates about the album comming today :D