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nu song! Get your RAVE ON!

2009-11-23 22:45:50 by Waterflame

01. Des

im now officially doing comissions!

Need Custom music for your project?
Contatc me at: rawspawn_2@hotmail.com Or send me a PM at My youtube or Newgrounds.

Full length song: 250$
(3-6 Minutes)
Half length song: 180$
(1-3 Minutes)
Small loop: 80$
(0:30-1:30 minutes)

Build on existing songs:
50-150$ (depending on how much work)

All works use open contracts, so i can still use my own work for my purposes.
If you want a exclusive contract, meaning that you and you only can use the song, Contact me and we will find a price.

I use the Creative Commons Licence.

And lets not forget! a new song!

Timeless Mountains


27. Nov

Join us in a funky, frantic, Jumpy and happy journey through time!
This is as steampunk as i get i guess :D

I diddnt sleep last night. i spend 9 STRAIGHT hours making this song. it drained me completely. but when you have that spree of Creativity, you just cant let go!

And im going to be so bold as to just say it straight out, in my personal opinion, this is the best ive ever made! :D i love this style.

Energic Orchestral breaks, true to my style. it serves a bit of everything, 4onfloor, Breaks, Orchestral varity and synth riffs. :D


I dare you to make a time traveling flash music video for this :D <3
i would so love to see it. i can picture it in my mind. anyone up for a time travel flash colab? :D

Voices (cut from the first 20 minutes of the Original movie "time machine":
"This is a time machine

I wonder, now heres the most important question, to wich i hope to find an answer.

can man control his destiny? can he change the shape of things to come?

A journey through time;
this is a time machine."

23. nov

Hehe, alot have been going on these past weeks.. i still got money problems, o yeah lots of em! but hey, ill manage! right now im sick. so no raving for me, but better be up and running when the weekend starts! its also my friend bday then so... yeah, speedy recovery wanted.
ive been spending alot of time with my friends and newcommers and, yeah all in all just had a great time. hoping things will pick up soon.

and heres a new song for you guys :D
Party on! make sure to really BLAST this one out in the room. ;)


ive been such this party mood this week, so heres the result of that! give me a hand? ^^
im also working on another Phumpin track, so stay tuned!


ALLNIGHTER! new song and stuff

2009-11-09 01:35:01 by Waterflame

Hi thar pepole!

Im sick as usual, not really a shocker :P its starting to feel like i have the flu 70% of the year. but whatever right, ill survive ;D ive been kinda confused lately, and poor. yeah i barely have money for basic needs. so im kinda stressed out these days. can feel my stomach cramping up. but theres also alot of good stuff happening these days.. ive met an amazing girl, for instance :)

I should have been sleeping 4 hours ago.. But ive been making a song, its very typical "me" in style.. But i wanted to submit it. Its a cute little piano song.

Imagine its clouded, and raining, but the sun still manages to push a few rays in between the clouds. its that little happy feeling you get some times over the little things in life. and i guess it could also be a metaphor on how, even when life is holding you down, there are always those little rays of light that gets you through the day, or something like that.

In between the clouds


(Also, if you havent checked it out yet, my album is for sale now! go to my Older post to check it out!)



2009-10-11 18:20:39 by Waterflame

EDIT: 06 Nov.


It had to happen sooner or later i guess o_o Remake / mix of Entry Of The Gladiators - Julius Fucik
i wassnt gonna upload it here, but more than expected requested downloads so.. here you go ;P

Inspiered by my roomate who keep harrasing me with this song, in a lame inside joke, and the movies "killer clowns from outer space" and "IT"

Took me around 2-3 hours
i had to get it out of my head XD

11 Oct
its been 6 years since i started making music,
but here it is! my first abum!

Its a fast paced ride trough Techno, Drum n Bass, Videogame and orchestral!

2 new tracks never released!
remastered and extended sound!

Heres a Promo video i made for the album aswell!:

/* */
(note, the movie quality does not represent the music quality of the final product. its compressed to fit the movie)

Song list:

1. Enter Darkness
2. Ricochet Love
3. Mind Control
4. Thump Grinder
5. Rocket Race
6. Welcome To Metropolis
7. Space Pirates
8. Outrun
9. Crowd Control
10. Jazzbot
11. Emotion Locomotion
12. Damage Control

You can buy this album, or single songs at these places online!:

* Amazon On Demand
* iTunes U.S.
* iTunes Australia/N.Z.
* iTunes Canada
* iTunes UK/European Union
* iTunes Japan
* Rhapsody
* Napster
* eMusic
* Amazon MP3
* Lala
* Shockhound
* Amie Street
* LimeWire Store
* Nokia

enjoy! thank you everyone for your support! i could never have done this without my fans! it makes all the difference!
and thank you to everyone who suports me with buying this album. It gives me more time to make music and less time to work at other jobs!



2009-10-11 18:10:37 by Waterflame

im not dead! updates about the album comming today :D

Back from the dead once again!

2009-09-20 10:05:39 by Waterflame

Update! sep 26.
Another song added to the list! -flight- ! also known as "screwdriver" way back. its a total remake of a classic song never released. but still, as "me" as any song can get. enjoy! ^-^


Sep 20.
NG< 3 HI!

Ive been gone for so long, i know! but ive been moving! i finally found a place, and now im settled here in a nerd fortress, with 3 of my best friends. we got everything we need now, and ive been mooving shit up here in 4th floor for weeks now. YOU TRY MOVING A 2 MAN BED UP THOSE STAIRS ;__; It took some damn time allright. but now its all done, and im here with internett connection tv reception, 3 pc's and phone. im all hooked up babe. ( not that i have any money, im poor as poor can be. and shit out of luck! :| )

Right when i was about to do my comback, i got the worst flu ever. and i mean the FIKKIN WORST! it felt like i was gonna die. and thanks to a guy dying of feever on a TCM movie one of these horrible days i really beleved it was possible. feever coldsweat, shakes, hallucinations, heart-rate so high my heart was keeping me up at nights. damnit. i hope i never have to go through something like that again! XD

That beeing said, due to all this, ofcource my album plans got shuffled off the board for a while. but now my album is complete! 12 tracks, 2 never heard before, all songs extended, with alot of new beats and melodies. youll find something new in all the classics ;P 320Kbit quality goodness. the problem is that even tho everything is done, it takes some weeks for the album to land live in all the online stores. however, i have good news that hopefully will nullify that. the album is going to be avaiable in physical form! CDs! with cover art by me. with me on it :P

The album will be released here:

* iTunes U.S.
* iTunes Australia/N.Z.
* iTunes Canada
* iTunes UK/European Union
* iTunes Japan
* Amazon On Demand (This is where you can get the physical copy)
* Rhapsody
* Napster
* eMusic
* Amazon MP3
* Lala
* Shockhound
* Amie Street
* LimeWire Store
* Nokia


In other news! my plan was originaly to stall any releases untill the album came out. ofcource, thats gonne be way to long now to keep you lovely pepole waiting. so im actually submiting 3 new songs this week! oyes. and they are finished so no waiting lol. just funstuff. but hey, some of my major hits are timekillers, no? :P

Theres been so much happening, but ill keep it short like this. point is, IM BACK.

So heres my latest tune. just made for fun, again nothing of a serious big project.
so lets rock out to this! and thanks for giving me a break :'D

Give me a break


Dont forget to add my youtube channel. stuff apearing there might not be good enugh for ng sometimes. but still worth to check out :D

Waterflame @ youtube

Oh and.. how do i get scouted in the Art portal? and could someone do it for me, ? O_O

Cya soon! i wont dissapear this time ;D


2009-06-24 20:00:04 by Waterflame

Hey Hey my beloved NG! :D

Just droppin buy with the latest news! ^-^
Well first of all, so the Art portal is up huh? :D i honestly diddnt expect that at all, altho i have been wanting something like that. its awesome. im just waiting for when we can have it as a tab in our profile :D if that ever happens. .. i swear, if we get a comment and details system now, like a profile page sort of thing, and some more picture slots. i wont ever have to go anywhere else on the web :D
well. thats a lie. but, i could cancel all my other junk and just have one neat supersite to log into.
Be sure to check out my Art aswell :D even tho theres only 2 works up.. yet :P

OH, and! Im going to the roskilde festival :D with 15 or so of my friends :D bwahahaha. Ownage!
so yeah im leaving the 27th. so i wont be loggin in for about 2 weeks starting today! leave me tons of comments :D waaah. ill reply to it all when i get back, i pwomise. <3

Im still living at Cycerin's place ^-^ and i was hoping to get some sort of colab done, but that looks like a lost case. since were gaming all day and all X) prototype, Red alert 3, painkiller, battleships forever :P its the stuff. its really nice of him to let me crash here untill i find a new place to live :]



Thats right, i got the tank award 2008 for best musician :D remember?
well i got the tank in the mail some days ago, and i just had to take some pictures with me and my new best friend. <3 thank you all for support :D i luv my fans <3


(last big update recap)
the release date is not set yet, but it will be around 3 weeks or so!



* The album will include 13 Tracks, and the theme will be Orchestral Breakbeat, and more funky / dark segments.

* While my usual submition quality has been 160Kbit, ALL songs on the album will feature 320Kbit sound quality!

* More than 50% of the songs will be extended or remade in one way or another. some of the songs
are more than doubble its length, with lots of variations, new melodies and flow.

* Artwork, Details and description of every song will come with the Album.

* The album will be avaiable on alot of diffrent sites on the web, updates will follow with more details

There will be 3 albums released this year, the album does not have titles yet.

The 1st album will mostly cover my action packed songs, the genres will be:
Goa trance

The 2nd album will cover my Orchestral and emotional/happy songs, the genres will be:
Electronic Orchestral

The 3rd album will cover my Unheard, unseen, experimental and wierd tracks, the genres will be:

A demo of the first album will be submitted to Newgrounds in 2-3 weeks!



2009-06-05 10:13:26 by Waterflame

Hi! <3

OK! On with the news, first up!

1: Where have i been?

As usual, ive been gone for a long time, but this time, there was far more reason to it than the other times ^-^ I moved out of my old place! D: im gonna miss that room. My plan was too move to a house with 4 of my friends, but we had to put that on ice for now, and were gonna move together in some months instead! i had to stress my ass off to get out of the house in time, i spent 48 hours cleaning the place, with great help from my girlfriend! and my roomate... i got all my junk stashed in a City self storage facility, and moved my pc and stuff to, sadly, my moms place. so im gonna stay here for like 3 weeks, then im gonna stay at Cycerins place for some weeks! :D Composer team GO! were gonna try to colab some stuff! hope it turns out swell :3 looking forward to that!

Right now im having a nice summer, i dont have to stress around so much as i had to some weeks ago ^-^ and i have alot more time for music and similar :D Im teaching my sister Red alert 3 :P playing games, working, hanging with friends and making music. and on weekends i see my girlfriend :) sweet stuff!

2: feedback?

Yeah, you all heard Ricochet love by now i guess, and Thank you all for the amazing feedback! :D it really got me going! btw, have you ever noticed how most of my reviews have a "People find this review helpful!" ? yeah, it means i read it, and liked it :D its so hard to find a respons to every review, i do want to reply to them all but it quickly just turns into a "thanks thank you ty" run, so i figured, ill say it here instead: Thank you all for reviews :D i love them! <3 and i take all the constructive criticicm i get in concideration :) wouldnt be here without you guys :D

3: Upcomming stuff!

So when can you hear some new stuff from me? Well, this is the big one, listen carefully! :D

Im making my first album! wich will be ready in about 4-5 weeks!



* The album will include 12 Tracks, and the theme will be Orchestral Breakbeat.

* While my usual submition quality has been 160Kbit, ALL songs on the album will feature 320Kbit sound quality!

* More than 50% of the songs will be extended or remade in one way or another. some of the songs
are more than doubble its length, with lots of variations, new melodies and flow.

* Artwork, Details and description of every song will come with the Album.

* The album will be avaiable on alot of diffrent sites on the web, Itunes store, Tunecore, ++

Side note:
There will be 3 albums released this year, the album does not have titles yet.

A demo of the album will be submitted to Newgrounds in 2-3 weeks!


4: while we wait?

Ofcource! i wouldnt leave you empty handed!

This song is quite similar to my other stuff, and nothing serious, im just so happy these days! i had a really nice dream, and i woke up to sunshine and 3 days off. this was the result, made in around 5 hours :D
there will be alot more work put into the album songs, so dont worry. its just a little something while you guys wait :D

-Wake up-

5: Untill next time

If you still want more, check out my Youtube channel it has some submitions never submited to NG. like the spacepirates house loop!

/* */
Untill next post, have a great summer everyone! :D

Im back on track with another track!

2009-04-28 17:25:17 by Waterflame

Edit 5may!
i made a little house loop of spacepirates like a year ago, but its not good enugh for submition, go here if youre interested ;D

Space pirates house loop

also, Subscribe <3

Ok! so not the one i originaly was planing to submit. but stuff happens.
Im busy as always, but above all, im sick, as usual. feever and everything. i must have the lowest count of white bloodcells ever known to man. and its really anoying. i cant even walk out the door without my scarf and way to many layers of clothing. but well, we all have our things. i guess im stuck with this one. lame.

anyways.. my break from music is over sorta, and im rather suprised to see the ongoing activity around me even tho im not submiting any new stuff. its really great! so thanks :D someone even claims im the new king of the udio portal. i cant agree to that. but atleast, now that my reputation is growing rapidly. i figured i couldnt give you anything less this time, right?!

i therefore present, one of my greatest tracks to date, in my opinion!

Ricochet Love

Its a fusion between DnB, Orchestral and trance! i worked my ass of on this, so give it a chance to show you what its good for! its changes alot.

Missed me? :D

2009-03-09 23:02:16 by Waterflame

Hi guys! sorry but no song this week. im no thappy with the song yet, and its stupid do rush it then.
ive worked alot and theres been nights i diddnt even sleep and stuff.. so im really tiered.. ill get back up on my feet tho. enjoy the other new songs in the meantime!


Fixed a small bug in "it is a lie", And removed the middle section that diddnt fit and filled it with extentions.
I originally planed to leave this song alone but, i was too unsatisfied with the middle!
For those of you who cant hear the changes; delete your browser cookies. it should work then :)

Also, due to extended sickness + alot of upcomming work, the list has been changed, see the 23Mar list for changes.


Edit 23MAR:

As promised, again, heres "Its a lie!" :D
Ive been sick, to bed most of the time with a feever. i started working at my old job again, ugh i had to go back there and all. sucked but i was welcomed, so now i dont have to worry about job anymore..atleast. well ive also spent some time with my girlfriend ^-^ "Minibims" on ng. yeah another gf than previously announced. stuff happens! >_> so i had to just thow this at you guys. hope the next submition will be more polished. sure sucks to submit on mondays tho. untill next toim. Cya around! <3

1. Control: Mind_________Submitted!
2. Orange______________Submitted!
3. Its a lie _____________Submitted!
------- BREAK -------

Edit 16MAR:

As promised, heres orange! :D read the author comments ;D

2. Orange______________Submitted!


Hello my loved ones <3
Im back, finally :D

yeah i know! ive been gone for 3 months! Im sorry to have kept you, but ive been so busy with personal things.. And I Transfered jobs! but Norway aswell as the rest of the world, got hit hard by the economy crisis. so i might find myself jobless now. :(

I had my Birthday at the 26th! so im 20 now :D i dont feel any older.. but my party kicked ass :D
I diddnt get alot of stuff, guess that happens when you get older, however, i got alot of congrats and alot of love, so i dont feel left out on anything! its actually been one of my better celebrations. and hey, to top it all off..
it hit me in the face like a brick, i had no idea! i wassnt even slightly hoping for that award! but heck diddlydamn! i got it :D and im forever grateful for it! thank you all! i would never get it without the suport of my beloved fans. you get me through the hard days and make me wanna become something big in music! :D i love you <3

And ofcource, no big update without my promised baby! yes, its finally finished!
Im still not completely satisfied with this song, but its the best i can do for now!
The file size limit on ng, is as most of you know, 8MB. Wich is why i cant serve you more than 128kbit
of CtrlMind. I know alot of you have been waiting for this, as i actually promised it to be finished 2 months ago. Im so sorry it took so long! and im grateful you all had the patience to stick around!

I present:
Control: Mind !

Edit: on a later note, making the song in Headphones only turned out to be quite the failed project. as it sounds like crap at speakers. whatever! :D

But what have i been up too besides this? Well, ide done little things here and there..
But ive been actually working on other songs! you see, when i promised you all Control: Mind, i figured it would be lame to submit a bunch of other crap first. thats why i just kept the whole thing on hold! so from now on, you guys have ALOT to look forward too if you like my music! :D
You will get a new song each monday for some weeks to come! And the songs are actually mostly finished! so there will be no delays! sweet no? :D ive made a list for upcomming songs!:

1. Control: Mind_________Submitted!
2. Orange______________Submitted!
3. Its a lie _____________Submitted!
4. Fruit bonus___________30.03.2009
5. Desert runners_________06.04.2009
------- BREAK -------

(keep in mind that i live in norway, so monday for me might not be monday for you!)

Ill keep having this list on all my newsposts! So keep checking in guys ;D
Any suggestions to remakes of old songs is greatly accepted! i love remaking my old babys!

And here comes the next big update, in a month or less, my new WEB PAGE will be up, finally!

Alot more info on this will come later.

Untill nex time, have fun! ill update this regularly from now on! you could also check out my other cyberspace outposts if youre intrested:

Waterflame @ Myspace music
Waterflame @ Deviant art
Waterflame @ Youtube
Waterflame @ Myspace profile

Untill next time, have fun! peace out yo yo.

( Drunkfighter 2: Shitface tournament!?
Im making a "fighter versus" of all my drunken pics of me + other friends :D seemed like a nice idea at the time. )

Missed me? :D

Happy early 2009! and SONG!

2008-12-30 20:45:59 by Waterflame

31 des.
Hey everyone!

Heres my last update for 2008! (Obviously!)

I was just about to check my paypal currency at the 23rd, biting nails over the 30 dollars i was supposed to live off for the next 2 weeks, i was in deep shit no doubt. I figured i would have to crawl back to my mom asking for a loan, but NO SIR!
I Have no idea why i got this money, if it was royalties or just a "merry friggin xmas we sold 3 times more than exepected!" kinda payment. but the castlecrashers job surely payed off more than i imagined! i wont write the exact ammount here, but lets just say i dont have to work for 2 months if i dont want to. o.O

In other news..
Ofcource, of all things, i got sick, with a feever, AGAIN! and tomorrow is new years eve, im having a party here and its my gfs birthday, so i dont have much choice. party on right! :( Damn.

When it comes to music, i just submitted a new track!

-The race around the world 2-

i know there is TONS of things to be done on it, but im sick of the endless fixing on this song, i have like 10 diffrent .flp files for this track.
and also... keep in mind that i left the instruments clean for a reason! i could go all realistic with this track, but i wanted to keep the videogame feeling!

CONTROL: MIND Is almost done aswell, i guess i could say its 90% complete. so my first submition in 2009 will be the final track in the CONTROL series!

Also, with my vacom i got for xmas, i Drew my first digital painting! i posted it on the bottom! its the first time i use a penpad, but i think it turned out nicely all in all :D to fullview this picture, go to my Deviant art

Untill next update, enjoy the song, and a happy newyear!

(Since i diddnt make my last post public, im just pasting the most important block of text from it so i dont have to write it all again in another way:)
27 des.

Ive had a stressfull december, i barely managed to get by! i was fairly short on money after buying presents. i also overdid it with my girlfriends present XD but that went both ways :D i couldn't celebrate christmas with her, so we had a xmas eve together at the 22nd ^^
I got a awesome mp3 player and a wacom! D: and some personal things :3 now that i have my vacom ill make alot more in flash for sure! I also had to take a break from the game because some personal things came up, but thats more than fine now! I started working on it again this week, so im hoping i can work on it in a smooth phase from now on.

When it comes to music, i havent done alot this month to be honest.. but im hoping to submit something before the end of this year! Im nearly finished with about 3 projects...

Theres always distractions, and i have to work some days, but ill get it done ;D All in all 2008 have been good, but harder than any other year for me.. so im looking forward to a fresh start and a awesome 2009!"

Happy early 2009! and SONG!