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Yearly update thing

Posted by Waterflame - March 10th, 2017

Its blog-time!

It really feels like 2016 only lasted a few months. I achieved less than half of what I thought I would last year.
Things slowed down, and I have not found the time or energy to regain traction.
Its been a rough start of the year too, with lots to do, and honestly I am burnt out. Ive been in a very small apartment for two years now, making music and sounds day in and out. I've become more disconnected and reclusive than ever before. Not to mention terrified of e-mail, mail and taxes.

But, im trying to change that this year. Things are looking up.
I am moving in 1-2 months, to a bigger place. And I have rented a little studio-space as well. Its been part of whats been ocupying me latelly. And will hopefully help me regain my sanity. I plan to commute there 3-4 times a week. To separate work from home, and finally start trying some new things!
I will be working two days a week for maxgames still, making sound for their games. So Monday and Tuesday will be sound-work this year. But the rest of the week should hopefully and in theory be more open soon.
The route includes a boat-ride, so that should be great for inspiration.

Here is a picture of the place (So far) I still need to get another external soundcard, sound traps, another screen and some cables and stuff over there, but I hope to start working here next monday.
It is a part of a good friend of mine's workshop / blacksmith. (He does awesome metal-work) He is still working on the place, but this room is finished (we had to put down a floor first etc).

As you may see in the picture I got a greenscreen as well. It has been around for two years but I finally plan to use it for the first time this year. I want to expand my horizon a bit and try streaming on twitch. The plan is to broadcast music creation for the most part, but I have no concrete plans yet. I will get to that as soon as I get used too the new place and workflow is good.
(I am going to use this channel: twitch.tv/waterflamemusic But there's nothing there yet.)

I also talked about updating my website last year. That has not happened yet sadly, but im trying again this year. No promises this time tho :P I will however get out some merch, release a full comprehensive discography list, and set up a PO box. For sure.

Other music related news:
- I am working on a new album, coming as soon as I can finish it.
The album will include ~80% of my current youtube/NG releases, remastered and polished (some times extended)
~20% of the tracks on the album will be exclusive tracks. It will be released to all the usual audio platforms online.
More info on that when I have a date and name to give, but its priority soon.

My other album in the "Skyworld" universe is on hold for now until I get everything else in order.

- There is also some Videogame soundtracks I've produced that is finally done and just waiting for the game to release.
I can not give a date on these, but as soon as the games are out, my music will be too!

- I have reached new milestones on all my sites last year, including 250k+ on youtube. that is insane.
Thanks to everyone who have shown support throughout these years. all in all I am very happy I can keep this job still. Hope to pick up speed and get back in the game again real soon!

If you want updates more frequently, head over to my Waterflame Facebook. I always announce releases and other noteworthy stuff there.

- Christian M


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Whoa. With all this in your life, it's no suprise you got less work done. Life comes first, but I still hope you release some fantastic work! ;3

Yeah! Thank you. :)

Thanks for the update! Been planning the same with doing more streaming this year. Are you doing sound effects for games in addition to music? Do you have any demo reels of your sound fx work?

Cool, ill be sure to tune in at some point! Seems like its the natural next step in internet survival. Yeah, im doing more and more SFX work lately. some projects with Cycerin actually! (composer of winterbliss from castlecrashers. Tho he goes by "Fastland" now as well) I do not have a demo-reel yet, but ill be sure to make one, I honestly did not consider that, ill put it on the "to do" list. :)

Every composer has its rough situations. But it's a part, because no one can be working all day long in a track. Time is worth it. Good luck with the planned things in mind, believe me, you can keep everything alive, as long as it's organized.

Thank you :)

Nice studio!!!


Please upload your new album to Bandcamp too! The only site, that offers high quality downloads without DRM.

I plan to get all my stuff on to bandcap as well, after this album is out. So it will be on bandcamp! :)

Oh so that's why in my Private Message I sent to you and you replied back saying you have your hands full with a lot going on. I get it now. I never knew your name was Christian. My second cousins name is Christian.

Yup :) Among other things. I have been working a lot too, ive been involved in at least 3 projects at any given time the past 2 years.

I can't wait for some cool merch! And good luck moving. =}


You know, it's always nice: finding out I'm not the only one living out the two shittiest years of my life. It will still be a long while before I finally get a house to live, but I am glad that you are getting your's, and I just want you to know how big a fan I am, of your music. Keep up the good wirk, and hopefully you will find a brighter future for your life. Maybe someday I too will find what I am looking for in life....

Thank you :) Best of luck to you too.
Its not always easy but, keep riding the chaos.

Whoaaaa... that's pretty neat studio there, Christian. So, when are you going to release your work? Good job!

Thanks! You mean like, my next album? No date yet, but asap :) as soon as I am done with the other move
I am in the middle of, haha.

Well, all i can say is hope you like your place long term and good luck!

Thanks! :)

Hey, I think you're awesome and I hope you keep up the fantastic work! :)