NEW ALBUM! release date 14th may!

2012-05-07 21:03:26 by Waterflame

Its finally happening, after 3 years in the making, my 2nd album will be released!

Release Date: 14-May-2012
Amazon mp3, itunes store,
Xbox live zune!
Album art by skullgirls animator RTL

Album features:
-17 tracks
-2 reworks of old songs,
-3 exclusive never heard before tracks,
-HQ mastered 320Kbit renders of all the classic tracks form
the past years.



01. The blue planet 03:38
02. Western adventures 04:01
03. Make a run for it! 03:46
04. Super Swing-bit orchestra 05:36
05. Clouds 02:47
06. The race around the world 02:48
07. To the skies 04:01
08. Climb 02:54
09. Galactic buccaneers 03:14
10. Village up north 05:00
11. Burst 05:07
12. Time machine 04:36
13. The race around the moon 04:35
14. Cats! 02:47
15. Summertime 03:52
16. Surface 03:45
17. Waves 03:06

More info on the album and other stuff related to my music:
Waterflame Official Facebook

I could not have done it without all you wonderfull fans of mine,
that helped me and suported me, and even donated so i could make this
release happen!
If you would like to support me aswell for the release of my 3rd album,
and for me to go live this year, please take a moment and look at this fundraiser:
Let me go live!

In other news my 3rd album is also in the making! and will
be themed with my darker club/techno/industrial inspiered tracks.

Also, there will soon be a release date and trailer for a upcomming
Xbox360 game ive made the entire OST for!

be on the lookout for more updates!!

NEW ALBUM! release date 14th may!


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2012-05-07 21:12:29

You have so many cool things happening this year :D 2 completely different albums, a game ost done by you and you're first live event :D It's so exciting, well done man!

Waterflame responds:

Thanks alot man :D for all the support!


2012-05-07 21:19:14

will be buying day 1 release. loved your last album i'm sure i'll love this one.

Waterflame responds:

awesoem to hear! thanks alot!


2012-05-07 21:20:36

Excellent CD cover, although why do iTunes, Zune, and Amazon MP3 need them is a mystery to me.

Waterflame responds:

? the covers ? they appear on the sites and you get them as artwork when you buy the album usually :)


2012-05-08 06:06:04

Damn, that is some beautiful artwork. :D The music is great too!


2012-05-08 07:52:47

i love your music ^^


2012-05-08 14:01:55

Sweet stuff i will be buying it when it comes out well done man :D


2012-05-08 15:01:32

Dude, rock on! Congrats on everything and awesome cover art! :D


2012-05-08 18:06:02

Congrats on your new album! :D
But I do have one question. Are all the tracks in this album (excluding the never heard before tracks) remastered, or is it just the two?


2012-05-08 18:24:07

Goo luck mang!


2012-05-09 03:32:50

Yes! Congrats on the Game OST man! I am going to have to get iTunes and download this awesomeness, looking forward to hearing those new tracks, also very happy you put surface on this as well, fucking moving track I am listening to it now for the first time in ages and its making me nostalgic as fuck, thanks and good luck buddy :) been with you since 2007


2012-05-09 05:13:24

This is awesome! Congrats man :D Love your work!


2012-05-09 11:39:00

Releasing a day before my birthday. What an awesome birthday present, how thoughtful of you :)


2012-05-23 18:30:38