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It's about damn time..

Posted by Waterflame - October 8th, 2014

.. I made another post!
I am terrible at this. not even gonna try to find an excuse this time. haha.
So, there has been a lot going on!
I recently moved to a temporary location, and I will move again as soon as I find a cool place!

I am swamped in music work, and it feels great. The work keeps coming in and I am having a blast with it, although it can be hard at times.
Also, my youtube channel is doing better than ever, so you guys should check that out if you haven't already!

As soon as I move out I plan to make a better set up and purchase a greenscreen and a real microphone, so you guys can join in on some of the composing action next year!

To some of the less personal news:

I am currently making a album called "Community favorites" ! Where I basically put all the stuff you guys love but cant find on itunes or spotify in one big blender and release it! (after some minor adjustments to volume and mastering on most of the tracks) It is nearing completion, but if you have a suggestion or want a track to be on the album, let me know in the comment section!

And hey guys! I made music for Xelu's "Move or die", And its on steam now! So you have to check that out. its going to be completely awesome.

I also finished my work for a number of other games, some that are not released yet, but if you just scroll your way down my Facebook page You can find all news about that there!

More updates will follow!
Hopefully not a year until next time, huh..

Stay awesome NG ~ <3

Comments (33)

Ha! I knew RTIL did that cover art! Nice :D

Indeed he did! : D Not the art for my next one tho.

&quot;Waterflame - cats&quot; I would love if it could be in the next album!!&lt;3

"Cats" is already on my album "adventure" :) Its even a remastered extended version!
You can find it on spotify / itunes / zune, all that good stuff.

cats should deffo be in it :P

Its on my album "Adventure" already :)

How about some old classics? Don't know if they've ever been released or they're even in good enough quality to be, but some of your older tracks like Fireburst, Snow in the Air, Corkspinn and Dancing in the Rain are ones I'll never grow tired of. :) Especially the latter one! It's like I grew up listening to that stuff.

Thank you! Its cool to hear that you have been around for that long and still remember the songs even I almost forgot! :)

I Don't think the quality holds up, but I might remake some of them one day now that you mentioned it! The original cork-spin (not the one on NG) is actually really cool but its recorded in a way that makes the bass distorted and I do not have the original anymore. Or its on music 2000 on some memory card, actually, haha. I should re-do that.

Stay awesome, Waterflame! 'brofist'

:D !

Yeah, I remember most stuff from back when you were known as Chainsaw_09. :) Didn't know about the namechange until just a few years ago, thought you'd left the site!

Remakes would be awesome. :)

I want fridge cat to be in this Album!!!!!!!!

Yo, Waterflame! Sorry, trying not to sound like a crazy fangirl XD

I LOVE your music! I like Conclusion, Radioactive, and Hexagon Force the best. They have an upbeat mix of pure... awesomeness!

Can I ask what program you use? Or do you make everything from scratch? O_O

Stay awesome! *MAJOR BROFIST*! :D

Thank you! :)

I use FL studio, and yes I make everything from scratch! With the exeption of a synth preset / sound effect here and there. But thats only the sound not the composition.

Field Of Memories REVAMPED i would cry, set that as my alarm, listen to it every night...

Noted, hehe :)

You should put Hexagon Force in it :)


Waterflame, I have quite a few but please notify me if these are already in an albumm:
Time Machine
Race around the World
Electroman Adventuers

Thanks :)

Great game and music, I must say.

Thank you!

Your music is excellent. I don't fan-fudge, I don't suck up (except perhaps to The Glitch Mob), but on a flat level playing field, your music is Monstrously good. This is a skill.

Glorious Morning 2 is an absolute Beauty.

Personally I really like Stereophonic Sound, it's funny :). It's fun.

Skyfortress is a bit more Game-stylee (from the above two) but it also is a cracker :)

Viewing the listings from others on here, I still got more tunes of yours to check out....


Thank you! Thats a huge complement. Glad you like my stuff so far :)

Hey Waterflame,
3 things I need to say.
1:The game looks amazing
2:My favourite song from you is Time Machine, well everything you made is amazing
And 3 is forgot....
So yeah cool game.

haha, thank you! :)

You are my favorite artist!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

I only recently got into techno music and that's about the same time I started playing geometry dash, I got really interested in who made the music for my favorite soundtrack (jumper) then I found you I went to newgrounds and Long story short you have been my fav artist ever since

Hi i am adu thallikar. You make great music


that is great good luck.
may the luck of the Irish be with you

Thanks! hehe


Please check my first audio ever and that was AWESOME

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