So many news, so little time.

2015-12-18 14:48:52 by Waterflame

Hi everyone!

So.. It has once again been ages since I posted anything here. I will just not promise anything at this point,
as it seems to be more of a yearly thing by now.

2015 has been.. exhausting. I have never worked so hard as I did this year, but it has paid off as well!
I am now officially a full-time composer! No more part-time jobs for me. I can finally, after 8 years focus
fully on my music.

So much has happened this year that I dont really know where to begin. So I'll just drop some headlines here!

I moved, again.

I have released some new soundtracks from small Soundtrack assignments!

A new 10 track chiptune album is coming out tomorrow!

Lots of other cool news have been posted here during the course of 2015, including a post where I mention
my plans for 2016:
(This is also where I'll post all updates about upcoming tracks etc)

I have a twitter now?

also.. I am sure I dont have to tell you guys about GeometryDash

And, I am involved in a big Soundtrack project due early 2016. Cant wait to share that with everyone!

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who continue to support me! I would not be able to do
this for a living without all of you showing interest and support.
I started up here on NG, and it will always be the coziest most creative place on the web for me.

Happy holidays!


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2015-12-18 14:58:37

:D Happily Holidays WF!! Congratz on being a full time composer!!

Waterflame responds:

Thank you


2015-12-18 15:44:26

Happy holidayz m80!

I thought more people would have commented by now...

Waterflame responds:

Ty ty!


2015-12-18 16:25:50

It has been a while since I last saw you post anything. Lovely to see you again. Hope you have a good Christmas, and may the new year be a good one. We ought to catch up at some point; it has been years.

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! :) Likewise! Yeah. In 2016 I will have more time for stuff outside the schedule.


2015-12-18 17:20:22

Congratulations going full time and merry christmas and a happy new year to you too.

Waterflame responds:

Thank you!


2015-12-19 00:53:16

That's so awesome that you're able to do this for a living now, Waterflame! Congratulations, and keep up the great work. ;D

Waterflame responds:

Thank you! :)


2015-12-19 16:44:10

That's awesome! I'm really glad to hear that you're finally able to compose full time. You've sure worked hard enough to earn it, by composing amazing music for everyone to listen to :)
Can't wait to hear what you have in store for us in 2016 ;)
Great job, and Happy Holidays! :D

Waterflame responds:

Thank you :D That means a lot to hear!


2015-12-19 18:40:05

Happy holidays to you too!

Waterflame responds:

Thanks :)


2015-12-20 14:41:14

Go waterflame


2015-12-21 11:25:14

Happy holiday WF!
Kinda sad because there are no Christmas song this year, but all those are just enough. Enjoy your time with the one you love, and best of luck with your career. I'll be sure to tune in to you :D


2015-12-21 17:05:46

Good to hear things are looking up, and that still, in the face of such great fame and fortune you still hang around this crazy bunch of people! :D Happy Holidays!


2015-12-21 19:03:33



2015-12-22 06:23:18

There's no doubt you've worked hard this year waterflame ;) Take your time to relax a bit and enjoy christmas, you've earned it! I'm looking forward to seeing what next year brings :D


2015-12-22 10:11:13

2015 was a very fast year if you ask me. I barely got to do anything i planed to do... But you just take your time making music :) I love it now, and hell take as long as it takes to make another great music number insted of hasting it. Oh and by the way. MERRY CHRISTMAS! or whatever you celebreate, if you do at all ^_^


2015-12-23 01:53:01

hi waterflame nice to meet you im macho taco, happy holidays


2015-12-23 01:55:18 you beleive in santa *glitter eyes*

if you say yes: *spins around with more glitter eyes*

if you say no: *gasps while my eyes go to the back of my head while the song she wolf(falling to pieces)plays in the background*falls and faints*


2015-12-26 02:01:04

hey waterflame i made an animation for you here's the link if you have anytime to watch it


2015-12-29 17:26:30

Merry New year (lol I nearky typed merry newgrounds lololololol)


2015-12-31 07:54:55

Congrats Waterflame for your goals, we're expectring a lot from you! :D
Happy new year master, best wishes! 8)


2016-01-19 01:11:29

Congrats on being a full time composer!! I really Really REALLY like the work you have done so far and am looking forward to hearing more. Again congrats on full time composer.


2016-01-19 01:15:09

Sorry didn't get everything in the last comment! ___ so here is the rest.
Best Wishes
(who's real name will remain aynonomys)


2016-01-29 00:17:17

Congratuations Waterflame!!! And I am waiting for you to bring us more amazing works!!! ;)


2016-01-31 19:13:05

Can I remix ur song "Sky Fortress"


2016-02-05 13:37:08

Congrats! (:


2016-02-06 11:03:32

Hey Waterflame!
I really love your music and hope you´re working on something special! I´ve heard most of your music and am sad there are only two this year! You´re the best composer ever!


2016-02-15 11:06:34

Do you know if you're going to make any new songs for the 2.1 or 2.2 updates on geometry dash?


2016-05-27 11:26:04

I think you have to make a concert you have a very toll level you will make very good, your songs are the best.


2016-05-30 06:59:17

Yay we all had a happy holiday !


2016-08-14 01:06:17

great job on your music and I love your music! Congrats on full time composer! Could you please make a song based off of AC/DC Thunderstruck chourus? Thx and keep up the great tunes!


2016-09-14 11:00:21

You make the best dubstep music I've ever heard!


2016-09-16 16:49:57

You are best in newgrous