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I live in a human box and I make human music. Want me to make music or sound effects for your project? Check out availability and conditions here: http://www.waterflame.com

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Comments (17)

you can bet ill be buying ^^

great :D thank you!

YAY! Finally! :D Keep working hard, Waterflame- it's well worth your time! I love all your tracks! ;D

thank you! I will! :D

GOOD ^ ^)

: D !


,* ` \0/ ' ,

I try to get people to listen to you (Newgrounds, albums and soundtracks) but nobody really does.
Oh well, more time for your awesome music for me!
On the off chance that you read this, I'd like to hint that Ricochet Love and Haunted Woods are my favourite tracks by you.

Oh well, its not everyones cup of tea, but i really appreciate it to hear about it when people do like it! So thank you!


:D ! aw yiss

Wow man, that Showdown album sounds great! :D I have to say, I like your mastering a lot on this new stuff. It sounds really full. :) I've always liked your darker stuff the best tho, lol. ;)

We haven't chatted at all for a long time! You ever use skype? I realized everyone I know is using it, so I'm switching over.

Thanks man :D I appreciate it! And yeah! long time no see! :O

Ill pm you with my skype :) ! hope i see you there!

*cracks knuckles* well, i've got some buying to do ;)

:D haha, yay

You said you got a new job. Is music your job? or just a hobby? Maybe you mean job as in large, long term contract work?

Oh no, i have a part time job as well! one i am very comfortable with at the moment! :)
But i dont make enough off my music to support me full time. There is still a long way to go for that!

I recommended you to be added to the Power User list on ImageLine's website! You've used primarily FL Studio for most your stuff and your music is really good, so people on their forums should really check you out, you deserve it.

Thank you! And yeah i have been looking at that :D hm you are right, maybe i should! :D

Great stuff man!

Thank you!

You are one of the best goddamn composers(?) of our generation. Keep it up, im sure you'll be famous someday!

Thank you :D ! I hope so! :)

Which of these sites will sell me the music without any bull involved?

Hm, bandcamp! Or amazon.com :)

Bandcamp will do, except... I cannot buy this album from bandcamp. Only "Castlestorm", "Great Forest", and "Kawairun" are available there.

Yeah, im sorry but the other albums are only available through the other stores. Do you have spotify? You should be able to get them there :) If all else fails, send me a pm, and I can personally send you the albums and take payment over paypal. Thank you for the interest! :)

Hello! Waterflame! I love your song and this stuff is good.

※and I love your song,clutterflunk~!

Congrats - looks you had a lot of fun as well. Really amazing to see how far you've gotten since you first started.

Thank you! :)

Woah...I can't believe this was only a year ago. I guess time flies when you listen to Waterflame a lot. :')