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Waterflame's News

Posted by Waterflame - April 28th, 2009

Edit 5may!
i made a little house loop of spacepirates like a year ago, but its not good enugh for submition, go here if youre interested ;D

Space pirates house loop

also, Subscribe <3

Ok! so not the one i originaly was planing to submit. but stuff happens.
Im busy as always, but above all, im sick, as usual. feever and everything. i must have the lowest count of white bloodcells ever known to man. and its really anoying. i cant even walk out the door without my scarf and way to many layers of clothing. but well, we all have our things. i guess im stuck with this one. lame.

anyways.. my break from music is over sorta, and im rather suprised to see the ongoing activity around me even tho im not submiting any new stuff. its really great! so thanks :D someone even claims im the new king of the udio portal. i cant agree to that. but atleast, now that my reputation is growing rapidly. i figured i couldnt give you anything less this time, right?!

i therefore present, one of my greatest tracks to date, in my opinion!

Ricochet Love

Its a fusion between DnB, Orchestral and trance! i worked my ass of on this, so give it a chance to show you what its good for! its changes alot.

Posted by Waterflame - March 9th, 2009

Hi guys! sorry but no song this week. im no thappy with the song yet, and its stupid do rush it then.
ive worked alot and theres been nights i diddnt even sleep and stuff.. so im really tiered.. ill get back up on my feet tho. enjoy the other new songs in the meantime!


Fixed a small bug in "it is a lie", And removed the middle section that diddnt fit and filled it with extentions.
I originally planed to leave this song alone but, i was too unsatisfied with the middle!
For those of you who cant hear the changes; delete your browser cookies. it should work then :)

Also, due to extended sickness + alot of upcomming work, the list has been changed, see the 23Mar list for changes.


Edit 23MAR:

As promised, again, heres "Its a lie!" :D
Ive been sick, to bed most of the time with a feever. i started working at my old job again, ugh i had to go back there and all. sucked but i was welcomed, so now i dont have to worry about job anymore..atleast. well ive also spent some time with my girlfriend ^-^ "Minibims" on ng. yeah another gf than previously announced. stuff happens! >_> so i had to just thow this at you guys. hope the next submition will be more polished. sure sucks to submit on mondays tho. untill next toim. Cya around! <3

1. Control: Mind_________Submitted!
2. Orange______________Submitted!
3. Its a lie _____________Submitted!
------- BREAK -------

Edit 16MAR:

As promised, heres orange! :D read the author comments ;D

2. Orange______________Submitted!


Hello my loved ones <3
Im back, finally :D

yeah i know! ive been gone for 3 months! Im sorry to have kept you, but ive been so busy with personal things.. And I Transfered jobs! but Norway aswell as the rest of the world, got hit hard by the economy crisis. so i might find myself jobless now. :(

I had my Birthday at the 26th! so im 20 now :D i dont feel any older.. but my party kicked ass :D
I diddnt get alot of stuff, guess that happens when you get older, however, i got alot of congrats and alot of love, so i dont feel left out on anything! its actually been one of my better celebrations. and hey, to top it all off..
it hit me in the face like a brick, i had no idea! i wassnt even slightly hoping for that award! but heck diddlydamn! i got it :D and im forever grateful for it! thank you all! i would never get it without the suport of my beloved fans. you get me through the hard days and make me wanna become something big in music! :D i love you <3

And ofcource, no big update without my promised baby! yes, its finally finished!
Im still not completely satisfied with this song, but its the best i can do for now!
The file size limit on ng, is as most of you know, 8MB. Wich is why i cant serve you more than 128kbit
of CtrlMind. I know alot of you have been waiting for this, as i actually promised it to be finished 2 months ago. Im so sorry it took so long! and im grateful you all had the patience to stick around!

I present:
Control: Mind !

Edit: on a later note, making the song in Headphones only turned out to be quite the failed project. as it sounds like crap at speakers. whatever! :D

But what have i been up too besides this? Well, ide done little things here and there..
But ive been actually working on other songs! you see, when i promised you all Control: Mind, i figured it would be lame to submit a bunch of other crap first. thats why i just kept the whole thing on hold! so from now on, you guys have ALOT to look forward too if you like my music! :D
You will get a new song each monday for some weeks to come! And the songs are actually mostly finished! so there will be no delays! sweet no? :D ive made a list for upcomming songs!:

1. Control: Mind_________Submitted!
2. Orange______________Submitted!
3. Its a lie _____________Submitted!
4. Fruit bonus___________30.03.2009
5. Desert runners_________06.04.2009
------- BREAK -------

(keep in mind that i live in norway, so monday for me might not be monday for you!)

Ill keep having this list on all my newsposts! So keep checking in guys ;D
Any suggestions to remakes of old songs is greatly accepted! i love remaking my old babys!

And here comes the next big update, in a month or less, my new WEB PAGE will be up, finally!

Alot more info on this will come later.

Untill nex time, have fun! ill update this regularly from now on! you could also check out my other cyberspace outposts if youre intrested:

Waterflame @ Myspace music
Waterflame @ Deviant art
Waterflame @ Youtube
Waterflame @ Myspace profile

Untill next time, have fun! peace out yo yo.

( Drunkfighter 2: Shitface tournament!?
Im making a "fighter versus" of all my drunken pics of me + other friends :D seemed like a nice idea at the time. )

Missed me? :D

Posted by Waterflame - December 30th, 2008

31 des.
Hey everyone!

Heres my last update for 2008! (Obviously!)

I was just about to check my paypal currency at the 23rd, biting nails over the 30 dollars i was supposed to live off for the next 2 weeks, i was in deep shit no doubt. I figured i would have to crawl back to my mom asking for a loan, but NO SIR!
I Have no idea why i got this money, if it was royalties or just a "merry friggin xmas we sold 3 times more than exepected!" kinda payment. but the castlecrashers job surely payed off more than i imagined! i wont write the exact ammount here, but lets just say i dont have to work for 2 months if i dont want to. o.O

In other news..
Ofcource, of all things, i got sick, with a feever, AGAIN! and tomorrow is new years eve, im having a party here and its my gfs birthday, so i dont have much choice. party on right! :( Damn.

When it comes to music, i just submitted a new track!

-The race around the world 2-

i know there is TONS of things to be done on it, but im sick of the endless fixing on this song, i have like 10 diffrent .flp files for this track.
and also... keep in mind that i left the instruments clean for a reason! i could go all realistic with this track, but i wanted to keep the videogame feeling!

CONTROL: MIND Is almost done aswell, i guess i could say its 90% complete. so my first submition in 2009 will be the final track in the CONTROL series!

Also, with my vacom i got for xmas, i Drew my first digital painting! i posted it on the bottom! its the first time i use a penpad, but i think it turned out nicely all in all :D to fullview this picture, go to my Deviant art

Untill next update, enjoy the song, and a happy newyear!

(Since i diddnt make my last post public, im just pasting the most important block of text from it so i dont have to write it all again in another way:)
27 des.

Ive had a stressfull december, i barely managed to get by! i was fairly short on money after buying presents. i also overdid it with my girlfriends present XD but that went both ways :D i couldn't celebrate christmas with her, so we had a xmas eve together at the 22nd ^^
I got a awesome mp3 player and a wacom! D: and some personal things :3 now that i have my vacom ill make alot more in flash for sure! I also had to take a break from the game because some personal things came up, but thats more than fine now! I started working on it again this week, so im hoping i can work on it in a smooth phase from now on.

When it comes to music, i havent done alot this month to be honest.. but im hoping to submit something before the end of this year! Im nearly finished with about 3 projects...

Theres always distractions, and i have to work some days, but ill get it done ;D All in all 2008 have been good, but harder than any other year for me.. so im looking forward to a fresh start and a awesome 2009!"

Happy early 2009! and SONG!

Posted by Waterflame - December 26th, 2008

29. des.
Hm! ive starded working on the game again now! i love my new tablet :D its amazing to use, ill asure you that ill make alot more flash games n pictures in 2009.

ill make a public post in 2 days and submit a song with it and my first tablet picture :P ill paste this there aswell, so dont bother to comment untill then :D thanks for the comments so far tho!

(you could comment My gf's Nogums NGpage instead, shes trying to get used to this page. i want her to stay and become a regular, so im trying to redirect traffic a bit ;)

27 des.
Allright! time to make a update!

Ive had a stressfull december, i barely managed to get by! i was fairly short on money after buying presents. i also overdid it with my girlfriends present XD but that went both ways :D i couldn't celebrate christmas with her, so we had a xmas eve together at the 22nd ^^
I got a awesome mp3 player and a wacom! D: and some personal things :3 now that i have my vacom ill make alot more in flash for sure! I also had to take a break from the game because some personal things came up, but thats more than fine now! I started working on it again this week, so im hoping i can work on it in a smooth phase from now on.

When it comes to music, i havent done alot this month to be honest.. but im hoping to submit something before the end of this year! Im nearly finished with about 3 projects...

Theres always distractions, and i have to work some days, but ill get it done ;D All in all 2008 have been good, but harder than any other year for me.. so im looking forward to a fresh start and a awesome 2009!

yeah so thats about it for now i guess, as usual ill keep updating this! late merry xmas to you all and a happy new year!

Posted by Waterflame - November 10th, 2008

Dec 01
Hi everyone..

I made this today... im depressed and i feel like crap. but this tune came out of nowhere out of my fingers while playing with the synth. it gave me hope! and i felt just a bit better ^^ i hope it can do the same for you! enjoy :)


Also, my girlfriend joined NG today, yay! <3

Nogums (Ronja sol)

24 days untill xmas! woo woo.
Nov 25
I havent made any progress on my current music projects..however, I MADE ANOTHER ONE D: again like the thumprgrinder loop (wich got weekly 3rd btw, yay!) its a short 2 min + loop. but this time i was more carefull with details. its sorta electro breakbeat dance fusion. i have no idea wich category it would fit in.. anyways, Here it is! back me up? :D enjoy!

-welcome to metropolis-

in other news.. eh, well for once. nothing out of the ordinary is happyening. i robbed myself buying xmas gifts so im eating pizza all day intull next paycheck.. ToT.. DAMNIT!
hi there ^-^

I figured it was time to make a new post, since the old is getting kinda long and crowded!
thanks everyone for the comments <3 41 is pretty high for a news post :D neways..
Im not sick anymore! and my stitched up arm is almost healed. :P
However, i still have to work ALOT this week and even more next week. so time to do creative stuff is limtied. ive scanned almost all my drawings now tho, so im saying this again, go check them out if you have time:

My deviant art

Anyways, time for the "big" updates!
i finally, after a 2 day forum struggle, got myself a verry capable companion of a programmrer to help me realise my game ideas! Arby here on ng :) im not giving out too much information, but im currently working on it. i will be making the music, animation, art, story and sounds. he will do all the coding, enemy A.I etc, and he helps me brainstorm :]

i expect this project to take nothing less than 5 months or something around that. since i work alot, xmas is comming up and these things take time. so dont expect anything any time soon. but its in the making, atleast! :D and im really happy about it!

oh and one more thing. I made a new Loop, Today! its supposed to go with the game when its finished. but i couldnt wait a minute to submit it :P im pretty happy with it. altho i know its repetative. its intentional. so, hope you like it! i worked hard on it! i present:


untill next update, stay tuned!

i made this drawing last night, wich is also concept art for my game. the little girl reyin sol, one of the 3 pilots:

Hello world! music and games comming your way

Posted by Waterflame - October 19th, 2008

EDIT: November 4th

Superfunky is finally finished!


Im not sure if i can be as active as i normally am, so this is it for now. but more to come later!

here is my music production status:

-- Race around the world 2 75% complete
-- Swampland DnB remake 35% complete
---------> Superfunky symphony 100% complete DONE!
-- Unamed Breakbeat tune 10% complete

In other news, i managed to hurt my arm and had to do 13 stiches :[ and i just got the flu :[
so that kinda sucks... well.. be sure to check in on my art thread!
i am alittle short on words, so thats it for me, cya!

EDIT: October 31st
Happy halloween everyone!

Ive finally scanned my drawings! or, some of them anyways..
I made a thread about it here, and i also put it on deviant art :] i would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to check it out! :)

Waterflame's art thread

My deviant art

Im drained for musical inspiration at the moment, so no big updates on that front, sorry guys! :[

Oct 19th
Ok, that was a lie. but now that i have your atention!

im finally done moving in! its like a nerd palace here, gotta love it <3
Well, so I finished this one song thats been lying around for some time.
its nothing out of the ordinary, and not to complex in mastering or melody, but
i like it, and think its worthy of a submition! so i bring you:

-You and me-

im also currently working on these projects:

-- Race around the world 2 70% complete
-- Swampland DnB remake 35% complete
-- Superfunky symphony 85% complete

So keep an eye out for those! i also love it when you guys give me remake and mix
ideas, or similar. for instance, the idea of making Swampland a dnb song came from a fan. :)

ill keep updating this page so stay tuned ;)
heres a pic of my new home <3

i'm pregnant!!!

Posted by Waterflame - September 12th, 2008

UPDATE! 7 oct
Im finally rigged at my new place! FINALLLYYYYY!
And im working on a easygoing funky breakbeat thingy. similar to my submition -rocketrace- , wich is still my best one to date in my opinion. stay tuned fellas!


So Castlecrashers got released, and my tracks made the front page and 5th of the week.
Now, my week in the glorious sun is over, for now ;) and id like to thank everyone that downloaded, reviewed or listened to my songs. especially those who put me in the favourite artist list! dont stop!
Also, a special thanks to Poisonsky who have been reviewing alot lately :)
as for you rest, i try to respond ot all of you! i just dont have the time o.O but ill try harder! thank you all! <3<3

In other news, I actually have some days off now! finally! so im gonna spend those with My gf and friends. Also, i just got me a big fat paycheck from working my ass off, and with some of those money i got myself a laptop, a printer-scanner, a NES (my 3rd now, lol damit) and some regular xbox games. since they cost around 8 dollars new i would be stupid not to!
Im going to scan my drawings now! so expect around 20-30 pencil drawn drawings commin up to the forums the comming days :D wooteh.

On the music front, nothing new is cooking atm. but good news for everyone that wanted Swampland to be a DNB song! im working on it, so far so good ;D

In 6 days, ill be living somewhere else, so my room looks pretty much packed/fucked up now. i also found out from packing, that i have over 200+ games. 200+!!!! i feel like AVGN. >_>

Look ay my new laptop! aint it sexy lying there half nekkid in bed:


Posted by Waterflame - August 20th, 2008

31st aug.
The last tune from castle crashers! now they are all here on ng aswell! :] i dont know if i would submit this if it wassnt the boss music in castle crashers. but ah well, here it is! enjoy the show ;P GET IT??!!?!?

-The show-

So well, for those searching for the tracks, here is a complete link list, in order of aperance and with details!:



Used in the first part of thieves forest entrance:
video example
-Space pirates-

Used in Thieves forest part one:
video example
-The show-

Used in the Thieves forest boss And Painter boss levels:
video example
-Tecrock fixed-

Used in abandoned mill:
video example

Used in marsh:
video example
-Race around the world-

Used when you complete a stage (its at the end):
video example


29th aug.
Yet another track from castle crashers! i was planing on submiting this next week, but due to high demands, i got flattered and decided to share it right away! it might not suit everyones style, but for those who like it, enjoy!


28th aug.
Hi again! when i said i wouldnt make any new stuff for a while, i told the truth. what i left out was that Castlecrashers is now out for xbox360 live aracde! so now its finally time to submit the exclusive tracks! first up is the swamplands track, now i gotta run to work! enjoy! :D


20th aug.
yeah, update!! UNH!

after using all my little sparetime hours i could collect during the workrush and grilfriend-time-spendin',
i came up with some blood and sweat breakbeats with orchestral influence! indeed, indeed.
i concider it, as said, to be my best work to date, mostly because ive always admiered this kind
of music, and ive forever wanted to nail that style.
this time i felt like i finally did! with ofcource a middlesegment of orchestral,
wich i can never leave, it seems..

in other news, i wont be able to make music for a while. im moving! and i still
have alot of work, music cant pay the bills just yet. it might be a month before i can submit something
fresh again, other than if i finish one of my "almost done and kinda good" songs, wich there is
alot of! so in other words, -control: mind- and my contribution for the music colabration will be held back for a while.

anyways, im really proud of this for once! i feel like im finally managing to do something good again!
so i really hope you like this, i put alot of effort into making it! i present:

Rocket race!


Posted by Waterflame - August 5th, 2008

Update! new song! in my opinion, my best one yet. i spent alot of time making this, hope you like it!


Hai! heres the big update ive been mumbling about!

Ive been making great progress on the tunes recently,
CONTROL: MIND is in production, aswell as a kickass Breakbeat orchestral song.
the breakbeat will be submitted around 20th, if not sooner! control mind is
uncertain for now. it make take a long time depending on work.
as for right now, my newest track to add to the list is called
Afterburners! this is a exclusive track made for a project wich will hit ng soon enugh.
any other information is classified untill release.
Ive also finally made a official youtube account! tracks from my colection, and some
never released to ng, will be submitted there 1-2 times a week from now on!
along with some of my old animations and perhaps even some new ones, if i find the time.

i will frequently update this page with information, so stay tuned! here comes the links!:

MY newest track:

My youtube account:
Youtube - Waterflame89

feel free to leave a comment or share videos or whatever! im kinda new to having an account on youtube, altho ive been using the page for many years.. hope it turns out ok!
And for those of you who diddnt cach my inbetween unserious song, made for fun at my spare time, have a go at it!:

Morgans harvest


Updates will follow!


Posted by Waterflame - May 28th, 2008


Lol! guess i wassnt done submittin funfiles :D morgan is out for a harvest!i made this song about 4 months ago, i just had to share it! where does all this hilbilly stuff come from? i dont know but i sure do love it! LETS DANCE, BILLYBOB! YEEEHAWWW

-Morgans harvest-

PS: dont worry! my dark stuff is under way. haha. but this is whats really funny to do!


This is not the major big update, nor the major big submition ive been talking about, i just made this for fun. issnt it cuuute? X3 real updates will be had near the end of this week, stay tuned! and bop your heads with me to this one untill then! <3



I have returned! and fear not, my children, for soon, i will submit, once again!
i have 2-3 tracks ready to hach. just waiting for aprooval, you see, the tracks are
involved in a bigger project, wich i cant reveal just yet! ;) but keep an eye out for it!
oh and btw.
roskilde owned me. event of the year <3 <3


im going away for the roskilde festival! will be gone in 8 days! when i get back, 2 new tracks will be submitted =D untill then, cya all!


Just a small update here.. im currently working on a new song, wich will be out by the end of next week! also, its just been confirmed that im going to roskilde this year! for the music festival. im really exited about that, so, ill be leaving in a week and ill be gone for about 12 days.. =]

oh and, as much as i hate to admit it, ive been kinda active at facebook.com lately.. so well, if you happen to have a profile there, add me! :]

Facebook Christian M. Krogsvold


Hi again ^^ im still drowning in work, and missing alot of social events with friends etc i wish i could participate in... i feel almost antisocial from working while the others go to school together.. ah well.
so, i got a pm the other day, with now, the 5th person claming to be me! its insane how they insist on bugging me like this.. ive owned this profile since 2003 and ive always been me, christian. im really sick of this.. even tho they own themselves with wrong dates, etc.. guess i shouldnt worry to much about it. i have tons of evidence from the date i signed up and untill now.. im me and i know it. lol.

also, i wasted insanely ammounts of money today on just taking a walk in town with my girlfriend.. i spend about 250 dollars on well.. music, games and food.. o.O i dont even have time to use all this entertainment.. i gotta seriously stop doing that.

im working on some new suff, but the progress is slower than ever.. i hope i can get something out by the end of next week, but we'll see :) keep checking in! :)

again, i love all my fans! my music and my feedback means so much to me. i dont know what i would do without it. <3 thank you all for support! :D i will get better with respoinding to reviews when i have less work. they still make my day ;)


Hi everyone! ive been holding back on some awesome news :D

i wanted to wait untill i was sure. im not sure if i can announce the songs thats not on newgrounds, but, long story short:

6 of my songs is going to be used in castle crashers!
2 of them is already here on newgrounds, but 4 of them is custom made :D

the songs allready on newgrounds is:

-Techrock (fixed)-

-Space pirates-

its wierd how they picked 2 year old songs, i have improoved alot since then but..
HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! the custom songs is offlimits for now ;)

Im really happy and grateful about this opportunity and its the biggest music job ive had yet.
i was gonna buy the game simply cus it looks awesome in all aspects.
now i get to be a part of it!

in other news, im drowning in work this weeks and the 2-3 weeks to come. so i have little time for music making and other funstuff.. :[

anyways, just wanted to share my god news! more music to come next month i hope :D