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Only NG can make me laugh this hard, this is great. I will come back often to watch inkling get clapped flat by DK.

This is amazing. The animation style is so fluid and satisfying.

WOW, that was fantastic. i was totally captivated the entire time.

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Neat little game. interesting style and animation, however the game was too repetitive and slow-paced without anything new happening. there was no real reason to go back and forth cept prolonging the game. you have a good concept here, i would love to see a re-work of this game, since it has such potential, but lackluster execution. Overall a OK game!

Great job mate :D i love the design! andits a pretty original concept. the controllers are flawless and theres alot of replay value :D and its also fun to hear my music in it ^^ good job!

Awesome work man :D i love your awesome series. thanks for letting me be a part of it! :D keep up the good work!

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Great piece :) Its very hopeful. Would be awesome to hear this in full orchestration. But it has a lot of charm as it is. I really like this kind of melody personally, it really grew on me. Well done!

vincentizghra responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words. I've never thought about making a fully orchestrated version but I love the idea. I think it could work great! Again thank you <3

Awesome track! This has an amazing sound, melodies are great, and the call-and-response is what really ties the track in. Only thing it might need to make it perfect is the mastering on the lead instruments, they can be a bit piercing in the middle.

Burner98 responds:

Thanks for the criticism, much appreciated =]

I'm glad you liked it !


(Holy sh!t it's Waterflame, I'm flattered !)

Ahhh this is my kind of chord-lines. It sounds great! It has that classic Japanese VGM jazz sound to it. And I LOVE the mastering. I know its not for everyone, but personally I like the low mid and bass to be center stage like in this mix. As for constructive criticism, if there was anything to point out its the synth at 01:55 and to the end, it cool that its wonky but it ends up fighting for space a bit. Might just be personal preference :) Great piece!

chrisbasso responds:

appreciate it Waterflame! Means a lot coming from a legend <3

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Ah! I can not get enough of your style. I am super inspired by your work. You do so much with so little, and your color pallets are always amazing. I really like the depth in this one.


Not bad :D i love the outfit and color, and the pose is really cool.

for constructive criticicm, the legs are alittle short :) otherwise, good job!

WildArch responds:

Thanks for the review ;) It's always welcome!


haha wow fantastic! it took me some sec to actually figure out what game this was. but it got to me eventually, and i love DKR! and i love this piece of art. its flawless really. they need to make this game! XD it has that "both corny and cool" factor, thats somewhat hard to come across. keep up the awesome work!

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