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Updates! Games! Moving! Things!

Posted by Waterflame - May 24th, 2017

I figured it was time to make an update!

Ive been away for some time once again,
and many things has happened since then. Im terrible at sharing news as they come, so I figured I would just compile them all here now that I am back at my battlestation.

First of all, I have finally moved in to a new apartment, with my girlfriend. The place is not completely unpacked yet, but we got out enough things from boxes to be able to live here at least!
I love it here, its in the middle of town, and I think life here will be much easier, compared to the old place!
(I gotta get up tomorrow and wash the old apartment top to bottom tho, not looking forward to that .. x_x)

This combined with some pressing deadlines has been the reason why I have been away for so long. I have lost a lot of traction and time recently due to a lot of work, personal family stuff, and a general funk. Not to mention money shortage (living in norway is no joke). Ive been burnt-out for so long, but it is starting to feel better now. It looks like I will be back to my normal stuff by the end of this week!

My scedule moving forward will be sound-effects for MaxGames some days a week, but the rest is relatively open form here on out. I cant wait to work on my projects again, and start submitting music at a more frequent rate. The goal is to get out 2-3 tracks a month, and start some twitch action!

Speaking of tracks..

Its time to reveal what I've been cookin'!

I made a sountrack-score for a short animation by the talented Anna Prado!
I have been dying to show this one off, I love this short, its like a love-letter to the golden days of 90s animation. But in glorious shaded 3d. I am really happy with how the music turned out! Everything musical except the credits music is made by yours truly. Enjoy!

Allisk8rAnna PradoVimeo

from on .

One of the other projects I've been working on is the soundtrack for "Rocket Wars" !
It is rocking a dynamic soundtrack that flows seamlessly from track to track, and will be out next month!
No ETA on the track releases yet, but keep your eye on this one, its a "blast" to play ;)

Infinite minigolf is still in early access on steam, but have been announced for consoles and VR as well!
I am still very proud of this soundtrack and cant wait to share it. I put my everything into those melodies,
and it is closing in on release! No dates yet, but you can play the early access on steam allready!
Here is a few trailers of the game (and sneakpeaks of the music ;)

In other old-new news:
The game "An alien with a magnet" that I made the sound-effects and music tracks for 4 years ago, is now available on steam.

If you just want to listen to the OST, you still can over at my Bandcamp or Youtube playlist

Lastly, I am still working on my albums!
I have been teasing you guys with one of them for quite some time, an unamed album in my fictive universe "skyworld".
The other album will be much like the previous ones not tied to any titles, with many of my current releases remastered, and a few exclusive ones ;) So stay tuned for that. As usual I am super-vague with the dates cause if theres anything I've learned, I cant keep them. Something always comes up to halt my progress, haha. Lets hope thats not the case this time

Thanks for reading, and thank you all for your support! Its amazing that I can still do this. And I hope it will never stop.

Untill next time, later allig8tor


Comments (5)

Now these are some great news to share! I wish best of luck on keeping everyone tuned about when you release a new track! And I'm already imagining how the games from the trailers are... :) (even if I played An Alien with a Magnet once or twice...)

Thank you! :)

Can't wait to delve into all this stuff man, glad to see you're still around and kickin. I've enjoyed your recent tracks a lot, and I'm definitely ready for more.

Good to hear! Absolutely ;D

All good stuff, tell Anna she should post her animation on NG too!

:D Will do!

Sounds like good news! Get comfortable in your new location and then let the funk flow into your music.

:D the flow is slow, but its coming back!

Well, I am glad you've got your apartment and things are finally looking up for you. I've finnaly gotten myself a somewhat decent job, at a marcos store. I've also been getting some practice with a new keyboard, and should be able to get an actual living space at some point. Thanks again for the support! If only you could have known what it means, for me at least, to even get a response from someone else, on the other side of the planet, dealing with the same issues as me. Thanks again, and as always, keep riding the waves of chaos!

Thank you! :) Nice to hear things are alright for you too.