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I live in a human box and I make human music. Want me to make music or sound effects for your project? Check out availability and conditions here: http://www.waterflame.com

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Comments (13)

That does look cozy. Congrats! Does this mean there's going to be a lotmore musical production from now on?

Thanks! and yes! Well as stated i have made insane ammounts of music these last months, im just waiting for the associated games to release, then the albums will follow! :)

10/10 would rob your place.

t..thanks. i think!

Is that a heater? :O
This is the greatest crib evar! XD

Also, do you think you could fill us in on what video games you've worked on? And do you mean console games or flash games?

Thank you! I mean console / IOS games :)

Sweet :) Hvor mye kostet det for musikk utstyret ditt?

um bruker ganske billige greier egentlig. 1600 for synthen, 1100 for lydkortet og 900 for drumpaden, noe i den duren. :)

you need a goddamn german shepherd or something if you dont want that place to be robbed, to gamers and composers, thats HEAVEN! AWESOME PLACE MAN, im jealous as hell, stay badass waterflame! :D

Thanks man! :D

Did the girl come with the couch? Thats a pretty good deal!

yeah! i know right?

Did you do the music for CastleStorm?!

yes i did :) check out my youtube channel "waterflame89" for the full soundtrack

I just watched the dev video and saw that you did in fact do the music and they even used Glorious Morning! That's so cool. My first reaction to the trailer was "these guys are ripping off Waterflame!" lol glad that isn't the case. Hope this opens the door for you for more pc game development.

Hehe yeah that was a lot of peoples first reaction. Glad so many people recognized the song tho :D I hope so too! Thank you :)

Hey, do keep up the good work, I trudge on with your tracks, like a boa constrictor on the glass wool =)

haha :D thanks! :D

*jaw drops*
Drooooooool! Had to comment, loved the Game Grumps pause balls song. Keep up da good work!

Thank you! :)

nice place. I'm moving out with my girlfriend soon too, and it will look a lot like that, but without all the furniture...

To me you are the best song maker

From DjLegit

I forgot to say, sweet place! I love the music set up, I make music off my laptop aka I use club penguin XD

Heh, thank you! I have a new place now tho :) will probably post that too when its done!