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I live in a human box and I make human music. Want me to make music or sound effects for your project? Check out availability and conditions here: http://www.waterflame.com

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Waterflame's News

Posted by Waterflame - May 21st, 2013

Hi NG! Its been a while!

I finally got around to making this update, its been one too many months since last time!
First of all, i Recently moved in with my girlfriend, to a big new apartment downtown! It is a cozy nerdy-caslte of consoles, pc's and music equipment.

But to the point..
The main updates is as follows:

I Finally created a website for my music! You can browse information on how to hire me for music and FX work,
Buy albums and talk on the forum! I also have a discography, but that is one of the things that is still under construction.
Waterflame music Take a look!

I have also been extremely busy the last 5 months, creating 4 different soundtracks for videogames comming out this year! I will make another update about this when the time comes and the albums are out.

One of the soundtracks i made this year was recently released, and you can find the album on youtube and bandcamp!:
Waterflame bandcamp
It is music for a interactive game instalation called "great forest challenge" !

You should also take a look at my youtube account! As i have submited a few songs there not avaiable on NG, due to copyrights.

Thank you guys for all the support!
More updates will follow soon!

(Here is a picture of my sweet new crib)

Huge update!

Posted by Waterflame - September 13th, 2012

So im working on alot of things now!

Soon to come is my new album
"Showdown" featuring more exclusive tracks than old ones, wich is a first

also working on the combined soundtrack for kawairun 1 and 2, comming out later this year,
Aswell as some custom soundtracks for flash games.

But today, i just finished a new song!

My submition for the NGADM Round 3! ive worked on this so much. and i am perfectly aware of the fact that this track is very "ME", but thats what i wanted to do. with that in mind, you dont have to mention it.
I am personally really happy with this track! and this is the stuff i always try to achive and perfect. hence why i do these chords and this happy hybrid style so often.

The track started when i pictured a old sega style Shmop game. The story and song evolved into a theme for a flying futuristic pirate-like ship Called the SuperWing, and the heroes aboard traveling the world for treasures and adventure!

so yeah HERE IT IS!

Also, the picture below was comissioned for the track by Sandrathachao on deviant art!
(font by me)

Enjoy :D !!

NEW SONG! + updates

Posted by Waterflame - May 30th, 2012

It is finally here! Castle Storm!
A game from Zen studios, comming out to XBLA / WII / PS3 / VITA / 3DS !

22 Brand new, Orchestral, upbeat and full quality tracks by me, along with A remake of glorious morning!

Here is a first look trailer! featuring the new ver. of glorious morning!
Castlestorm first look trailer!

There will also be a OST avaiable some time after the game releases! go check it out! :D

In other recent news:
My 2nd album came out!

Release Date: 14-May-2012
Amazon mp3, itunes store,
Xbox live zune!
Album art by skullgirls animator and NG regular RTIL!

Album features:
-17 tracks
-2 reworks of old songs,
-3 exclusive never heard before tracks,
-HQ mastered 320Kbit renders of all the classic tracks form
the past years.

Buy the Album on Itunes or Amazon !


And finally, my new song! S.N.A.F.U theme!


More info on the album, the game, and other stuff related to my music:
Waterflame official Facebook
Waterflame official youtube


Posted by Waterflame - May 7th, 2012

Its finally happening, after 3 years in the making, my 2nd album will be released!

Release Date: 14-May-2012
Amazon mp3, itunes store,
Xbox live zune!
Album art by skullgirls animator RTL

Album features:
-17 tracks
-2 reworks of old songs,
-3 exclusive never heard before tracks,
-HQ mastered 320Kbit renders of all the classic tracks form
the past years.



01. The blue planet 03:38
02. Western adventures 04:01
03. Make a run for it! 03:46
04. Super Swing-bit orchestra 05:36
05. Clouds 02:47
06. The race around the world 02:48
07. To the skies 04:01
08. Climb 02:54
09. Galactic buccaneers 03:14
10. Village up north 05:00
11. Burst 05:07
12. Time machine 04:36
13. The race around the moon 04:35
14. Cats! 02:47
15. Summertime 03:52
16. Surface 03:45
17. Waves 03:06

More info on the album and other stuff related to my music:
Waterflame Official Facebook

I could not have done it without all you wonderfull fans of mine,
that helped me and suported me, and even donated so i could make this
release happen!
If you would like to support me aswell for the release of my 3rd album,
and for me to go live this year, please take a moment and look at this fundraiser:
Let me go live!

In other news my 3rd album is also in the making! and will
be themed with my darker club/techno/industrial inspiered tracks.

Also, there will soon be a release date and trailer for a upcomming
Xbox360 game ive made the entire OST for!

be on the lookout for more updates!!

NEW ALBUM! release date 14th may!

Posted by Waterflame - February 8th, 2012

I just made a post the size of manhattan, and when i were to embed a video it refreshed on me, leaving everything blank.
That means ill procrastinate the big epic newsblogpost and keep it short and sweet; Im back after 7 months of rather inactive inactivity, and i LOVE the new NG. its so sexy. peace <3


Posted by Waterflame - May 14th, 2011

Hi everyone!


Its been ages since i was active here on NG, and ages since i made a post.
now, i wanted to say alot of things i planed out over the weeks, but i kinda .. forgot most of it.

Ive made alot of new songs since the last post, some of them exlusive to the new album and not posted anywhere yet. but in any case, if you havent checked out my new tunes yet, Do it!!
I kinda concider the last 2 songs to be more fillers than anything tho, so you got alot more in store.
ive tried out alot of diffrent new styles, so no more same old for a while after this!!

In other news, Ive made custom music for a flash game, and it all turned out really great.
Newest game featuring my music, 4 custom tracks and 3 old song! the custom songs will be unreleased for now, but could apear as a full length song on my next album. untill then, you can enjoy it in this awesome game.

The song you hear in the trailer is my work aswell.

BUT! the biggest news now is that im going to California! im going there on vacation with 5 of my best friends, for 2 weeks. we'll be living in san fran, LA and vegas. so if any of you live there and want to say hello, please leave it in the comment or post number / adress or similar in a personal message here on ng, and im sure i have the time. id also love to be shown some of the nightlife around, if anyone is up for partey in the usa.

So, untill then, beloved NG. cya around!


Posted by Waterflame - December 29th, 2010

So.. i realised that ive been away from newgrounds for almost 6 months now! what the sheets?! :O

Ive been so busy with work and all. and ive been spending alot of time with my gf! :) also borderlands stole a big chunk of my spare time, ill have to admit!

ive been working on getting my album done, but im so picky. if i finish a song, i dont think its good enugh for the album one month later! -__- Etc. but ill just have to settle with the fact that nothing can be 100% perfect! i have alot of new songs im not going to release, at all! theres going to be 3 exclusive tracks on the album. so i hope it will get some sales :]

I had an awesome xmas, and spent it with my family and girlfriend :] but i got a cold, geee >_>
thats also why i can write this now, i guess. heh. when im sick i allow myself to let everything important wait. like those friggin guys we rent this place from who cant get anything straight and sends us bills left and right thats payed for 3 months ago!! >:( anyways. grr...

2 of my newest, not-so-exlcusive-but-still-allright tracks is submited and up for grabs!
today the new addition to the libary was "village up north"
go check them out! :D


Village up north

And i made this for funzies! a remix of my song "time machine"
its not a official soundtrack so theres no download yet! sorry! might upload on popular demand :)

/* */
As usual dont forget to have a look at my Youtube :)
and add My facebook if your'e a fan! :D aswell as my FB Fanpage
also.. Castlecrashers saved my ass this year! so a big and warm thanks to tom, dan and the other guys! without the royalties this year i would possibly have to move back home for a while. and i will not admit defeat just yet! the music buisnezz is hard :C but thank you all for your support! i still read every review and comment, and love that you all back me up so much :)

So untill 2011, enjoy my new tunes and stay tuned for more to come in the near future!
happy newyear!
peace and love



Posted by Waterflame - August 24th, 2010

Hi there! long time no see, right..
The reason why i haven't been submitting anything, made any updates nor progress in development is that my computer is eating itself..
no, really..

The hardisc is damaged and i have relocated my files! my pc in general is singing its last song.
with blue screens, freezing and things randomly vanquishing, i think its safe to say, i need a new one.
so yeah im basicly saving up for that, while planing the release of my 2nd album, and a Return!

fear not, i will be back, and i will hit you hard with new original stuff. but in the meantime.. i cant say how long i will be gone. im working full time, and also hanging out a lot with my girlfriend. :) so i guess, this is my little break. Until im back, check in on youtube now and then for other stuff -.. i think.

the new album will have 4+ new songs thats exclusive for the album, and one of my bests so far. so this is really one you should concider buying if you like my stuff :)

also.. be sure to by my first album if you havent ;)

/* */
I still appreciate all the support you guys give me! :) thank you all for that ^:)
so.. cya around then, i guess! beloved ng <3 stay tuned.

Posted by Waterflame - June 24th, 2010

Heya guys!

First things first, i finally got the random selector to work, so for those of you who followed my Donation contest , here are the results, finally!

Selected randomly from a pool of the donators, the winner is:
Benjamin Edd!

Benjamin, You can send a mail to: waterflameworkshop@hotmail.com with your spesifics, the maximum length is 5 minutes, other than that you may request anything beeing made, and use it for whatever you want, even commercial projects, as long as my name is mentioned. grats!

Thank you so much to all of you others who donated, it did help me on the way! altho there were only 11 donations. i might do this again some other time, who knows!

In other news, my newest song is out!


/* */
So yeah, im going to the roskilde festival! cant wait :D ! its gonna be awesome, as always! so ill see you guys in 2 weeks! and if some of you happens to be goin there aswell, send me a pm, with cell number or something, and im sure we can meet up!

Be sure to check out my YOUTUBE aswell as ng while im gone! there are some exclusive things on YT and other stuff thats not fit for ng :]

Untill next time! keep on rockin >:0


Posted by Waterflame - June 2nd, 2010

Hi again!

As usual, im really slow at making, not only updates, but keeping my own deadlines. im so scatterbrained. but here i am now atleast!

ive had some technical problems and i still work so much these days. so ill post it as soon as i can..

First up, i had a contest going to see if i could raise some extra money, aswell as pushing my skills and see what i can do with a detailed request. and the winner will be announced as soon as i have the time... I dont have time to do this today, cause of much non-music related work.

here is the previous post, if you are interested in what this is about. you can also still donate ofcource, you will be mentioned and greatly apriciated!

Prev post, donation contest

On to the next topic,
My latest song! Cannibal

Hard and dark club techno with a tribal theme! been working on this for some time. its the follow up after "heavy machine rythm" in a club mix im working on.
its not supposed to have any leading melodies, as its more club themed as said. its dance music to dance to, more than anything :) but i might make another ver. of this later on.


Im finally making my big project thats been in the scrap and idea books for over 3 years! ever wondered what my avatar is? its the main character from this project, in pixels :] it will be a game made in flash, but probably also released as a standalone .exe. estimated time is around 8 months Of work ahead. so look out for updates on that!

Im also nearly finished with making music for a flash game thats gonna be pretty epic. but thats all im allowed to say for now ;)

Be sure to check out my youtube! ill post 2 other songs there soon thats going to be exclusive for YT. since its small projects i dont se fit for ng unless the demand is huge :)


by all means, feel free to add me to facebook aswell. (Christian M Krogsvold)
im the dude with the wierd hair. :P

Untill tomorrow, peace!

Contest winner, NEW SONG, updates!