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Some updates!

Posted by Waterflame - November 3rd, 2016

Update 11/10/2016, Extended version of Striker is out


Hey guys. Been a while as usual.
A lot has happened lately, and I wanted to share a few news!
Going from part time freelancer to full-time composer proved to be more challenging than expected.
Ive been pretty stressed. Hit a lot of unforeseen roadbumps, but ive had a lot of awesome jobs as well.

- I have been working on a soundtrack for over 2 years now, for ZEN studios new game. (The same people that made CastleStorm / CSVR , a title I also made the full soundtrack for. )
The game is called infinite minigolf. And you can play the early access alpha on steam right now!
It even had a recent Halloween update, and more updates to come.
I am happy with the work I've done for this project. And worked on it for what feels like forever. So go check out the game and the music! :) (but keep in mind that its in alpha! So the mixing might be a bit off still.)

I dont know how or when the tracks will be available yet, but I will update when I know.

- I got a new job!
I was recently hired by MaxGames, (Creators of stick war legacy and age of war.) as an audio-producer for the new game Mini-legends. I will be working with them until the game no longer needs sounds, hopefully!
You can play the alpha on phone now for free, but it is in the very early stages.
It is cool that I can directly share what im working with for once here tho, so if you are interested, you can see my sound progress in the game-updates.

- Racing apex also made an appearance earlier this year! Allowing me to finally show off my music that was made so long ago for this game. The OST is out now and you can get it in most online stores, bandcamp or listen to it on YouTube. The game itself is not out yet, but I am truly excited for when this releases. the whole game is a nostalgic dream for me.

Im sure theres tons of stuff I forgot to mention, and some stuff I cant really mention yet. But check out my Twitter or Facebook if you want to know more about what I am working on or whats going on.

New track coming out very soon.. And it might have something to do with GD. ;)


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ok, waterflame

Zen are kind of a big deal in fantasy pinball, them aside those are some terrific gigs.

Congratulations on the latest and hope you get used to the pressure cus the excitement never ends :3

Yeah! Zen seems to dominate the pinball market, new tables coming out all the time. There is even one with CastleStorm :)

Thank you! :D
Yeah, I realized I had to get used to it. I'm adapting, slowly.

All good stuff! Looking forward to your new track as well, been looking forward to the user page update so I can play all on your music.

Thanks Tom!
always exciting to hear from the legend.
That sounds awesome. I like the new design you guys are implementing as well.

Sounds great! But when you said you were working on a soundtrack, you showed us a game... I am very observant with this kinda stuff. Or maybe you were working on a soundtrack FOR a game? I'm confused >.<

Hm yeah, could have been formulated better I guess. Ill update it. In Infinite minigolf's case, The music is not available outside the game right now, as I mention under the video :) Thanks!

Im really hyped about your comming stuff! The things you make/work on are really good and I like them so much. Thanks for everything Waterflame!
Keep doing such great tracks :]

And good luck with the GD track jeje, I know there will be a MASSIVE hype about it :)

Thanks! :D Glad to hear it! I will.

And Yeah, spread the word, hehe.

Longer version of geometrical dominator?

nope. ~

Ooo! Can't wait to check these out! I love your music and I'm excited to hear more music from you in the future~

Thanks :D

Oki. Everbody will wait this.
Good luck ;D

P.D. You're the best!!!

Thank you!

Wait,a new Geo Dash level?YESSS! Geo dash updated!(or,more,will update soon!)