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2008-03-11 22:13:27 by Waterflame



read the song description for details! :D

was a bit slow on this one... ah well, this is the last you'll hear from me in a while! i hope this gets noticed enugh. and i also hope its enugh to keep you intrested for a while longer ;) i worked really hard on this. :)

My fail has ended!!

2008-03-05 20:06:49 by Waterflame

Hi ng and fans! ( if i stil have any, lol D: ) i have good news!

-Control: damage-
will be out today. some time late, since im working all day etc.

i had my downtime with no inspiration, and alot of personal "turbulence". and not to mention fuckloads of work. also i think i broke under preassure when i realised i had no inspiration and little time to keep my promise. now my life is back on track, with alot of changes. but my music keeps evolving! i hope the follow up will be worth the wait! thanks everyone for understanding and waiting <3

as usual, i include a pic.. i made this some time ago =)

My fail has ended!!

newgrounds! i fail!

2008-01-27 10:51:59 by Waterflame

Hi everyone! as some of you may know, but most of you dont, i have been promising a flollow up in my music series called control. truth be told, i have made several attempts, and i have around 3-4 good starts, wich i cant continiue.. i seem to have drained my "dark" inspiration at the moment, and it was a stupid thing of me to promise that my creativity would keep up like that.

also, my life outside this pesky thing we call ze interweb, has been more than frantc. and i actually have fairly little time with my beloved computer at all. also, when i first had time with my compy, my music frustration led me into completing halflife2: ep 1 and 2. as i have been waiting to do that for a long time so, well, damit shoot me.

for those of you who havent heard it but want to, here is part 1 of 3.
Control: Crowd

the control series will be continiued, but, i dont know when.. sorry :/
much lub to all of my fans, hope i dont loose any of you X) <3

( uh, i found this pic in my flash drawings folder, i think its kinda old.. wierd looking aint it o.O )

newgrounds! i fail!

Control series part 1!

2008-01-01 15:38:49 by Waterflame

EDIT5 23. jan:

Damage control is on its way and will be released as promised this week. i dont know what day it will be just yet, but it wont take too long now. again sorry for all my downtime. im just a bit burned out of inspiration, much due to work, and other irl issues/things. thank you for your patience :)

EDIT4 16.jan:

as said..
I diddnt make my own deadline due to too much work, and sickness.
im still workibng on the series tho, but im running a bit low on inspiration/time.. :(


EDIT3 15.jan:

bad news =[

I recived ALOT of work this week, and ive also grown worse in my dizzy state. and will probabbly have to visit the doctor soon.. since i work so much now i just, work, get home from work, chill and sleep, repeat :( with some inserts of girlfriend / friends. but still. here comes the bad news:

The control series will be delayed for another week, i simply cant manage to finish the song in time, because of the sitiuation. i am really sorry for not keeping my word on it. but it hassnt been a priority since i, ofcource, put my health higher :P
on the other hand tho! to make up for the delay, i will only wait one week between "damage control" and "mind control" instead of 2, as i originally planed. in other words, the series will be finished just as quick! you just have to wait longer to hear from it :)


EDIT2 11. jan:
omg!? new look on the review section D:

in other news, im dizzy all the time and i threw up 2 times today at work. ( not spontaneously ofcource, they have a toilet :P )
i feel like hell, but i still have to work 6 more days in a row. :( not cool giving customer service raving around like a zombie constantly holding down womit. oh whell. i guess ill get better.. soon. i hope.

i will still hold the control deadline as promised :) but after that i might just road block the whole thing for a bit. i need to recover o.O



another song is out!
i personally like this alot, its a remake of my old song "-emotion locomotion-".

Emotion burst locomotion

hope you like it! drop a review! ;)

If you have any questions regarding use of my songs, or project related things. send me a PM! ill answer as soon as i get it!
and feel free to just drop a line in the News post comment, does not have to be anything in particular. ^^ i also respond to every one of those.


This is my newest music project ive been working on for about 3 weeks or so.
The control series!
This is mailny Dark techno, drum n bass and ambience, and the song is divided in 3.

Control1: Crowd Control
Control2: Damage Control
Control3: Mind Control

first submition out now! the next ones will come every other week, so expect the damage control in 14 days! :)

to clear confusion, shadows and derailed are actually going to be parts of the control series instead. since i redid them, and they all sound more steady and fit into the theme aswell as genre. so in other words, this is the songs you can look out for! expect more dark techno! ;D

oh and, happy 08! :D

Control series part 1!

New (old) song! game released! and some other news, check it!

2007-12-03 16:26:33 by Waterflame

update! 21. des
New song finished!
dark psychadelic techno with breakbeat influence.
will be released next week after polishing!
here is some other upcomming work in progress:

derailed (working title) 65% done
- mash up of trainstation dukeout and radioactive.

jumpzone (working title) 40% done
- Dark DnB

update? 20. des
derailed is closing in, 60% done ;D
in other news, i finally dared to show my face on ng.
thats all for now!

U-U-U-UPDATE! 18. des
yes i did it again. i diddnt sleep. i made music. and now im fucked cause i have to go to work :D fuck!
this is my entry to the MAC07december. hope you like it ^^
-8bit jingle twist-

yet another update 12. des
Ive decided to lay low on the submitting for a while, my new songs does not really get to see the daylight anymore, and then a nwv just slides right in. im going to wait a few weeks i think, im sorry guys! on the pluss side tho, when i first submit again it will be more polished and awesome. i hope..
in the meantime!! why not add me to msn? D: just tell me who you are on ng when i accept the request so i dont get confused ;D


I was up all night creating my new song! i really hope you like it! :D
-Race around the world-
Update: currently working on song "Monotone/Derailed" (working title)
action packed Breakbeat and a follow up on "trainstation dukeout".
45% Complete

Hi NG!

The news! 3. des.
In my previous post, i said that i would not be that active the weeks to come, and thats true, i havent been composing too much the past few days, but i figured.. that doessn't mean i can't share my old songs with you right? :)

this song ment alot to me back then, and as i tend to do with most of the songs that mens something special to me, i diddnt submit it. simply cause i was afraid of bad comments or similar. its not that im afraid of alittle constructive criticim! thats just good! but i still diddnt feel like submiting it at the time. here i am, sharing it now tho, so i hope you guys like it! enjoy!

Dark seaside

Anyways.. Ive also decided that this post is going to be my main for atleast a month or so. so instead of posting a new one, i will proabbly just update this one. im planing to put all my songs into categories here, so that pepole wont have a hard time finding what they are looking for. as some of you may know, my music style is so variated that, even tho you love one song i make, you may hate the other. this is also why im splitting it up in groups! this will be updated later today.

well, moving along,
the smal gaming company im currently working for called nibbo, put out the latest game they made now on a 60% discount today! the downside is that, this offer only lasts for 9 more hours. I made all the sound effects, and most of the songs to this game. none of the songs is, or will be featured anywhere else for a long time! the styles of music is dark techno. so for those of you who like my music, and/or want to check out this great game, suport them by buying it! :)


thats all for now! check in every other day for updates :)

i wont be submiting for some time now.. i know this issnt exatly going out with a bang, but ah well... :/

oh and, i always include a pic right? heres a photo i took 2 years ago.

New (old) song! game released! and some other news, check it!

Another song! :D

2007-11-27 21:59:57 by Waterflame


well, this seems like the end of this chapter. i have a truckload of work ahead of me, so i might not be here as often as i have been the last month. i will still try to submit something every other week, or ATLEAST once every third week. but as my fellow musicians probabbly know, the inspiration is like a wave. and now its on the low side over here. ;( untill then, enjoy the songs so far! (and stay away from any song i submitted before 2006, lol. they suck, mostly....)

to all those who suported me and still do, your reviews and good words make all the difference :D witout you i woudnt be making music at this rate at all. i wuw you <3

ill still be lurking in the shadows >:3 when you least expect it, ill attack with an awesome track!
i got some new samples, and i feel like crying, cause the quality overklls my previous ones so bad. its like ive been living in the gutter while everyone else has been eating candy up there. i gonna strike back. so hard.

Hi everyone!

i just submited my newest song! it has been in the works for a long time. altho the mastering is somewhat bad, and it kinda kills the speakers, i honestly diddnt mind this time. this is one of those "go wild and rampage!" kinda songs ;D anyways, i imagined a big war of the worlds / matrix part 3 alike battle between the military and big alien robots! i hope you like it! ^-^


and yes, thats me in the picture :D (altho the pic is unrelated) taken a year ago. logo splashed on later ;)

Another song! :D

New song! find your glowsticks!

2007-11-18 14:02:39 by Waterflame


sooo .. reviews has been flowing in all week, and i would just like to say that i still read them all, and they really lift me up. makes me wanna make more and more. :D so at this rate, it will be safe to say, ill submit a song once a week! thank you all for the suport :) <3 next song up is comming out in 2 days, so look out for that! ;D


AMFAGAD! Weekly 2nd :D

Hi everyone!

Here is my latest song, for all of you who liked trainstation dukeout and wanted more. made in fl 5. fresh out of the tecno bakery, finished 2 hours ago! hope you like it, RAVE ON! >:3


New song! find your glowsticks!

Emotion locomotion!

2007-11-02 14:41:09 by Waterflame


this one is also related to dark dreams, so i figured i would just push it in here:
the same guy that interviewed me a while back made a awesome game he just released, using my song. its totally worth checking out! Ether cannon

and if youre intrested in the interview, that can be found here:
popethos - music interview

Song C won my lill poll that lasted 3 days. i got 11 votes, and this was the most desiered song.
The base of this song is actually my song -Dark dreams- , but the only place that is really noticable is in the drums, all the other things is diffrent. i never finished this song exactly how i wanted. the hard drums at the end makes too much bass, when i got my new computer and installed fl5 again, the slicers and mixers got really fucked up. i still dont know the reasonf or this error but it made the whole drum pattern horrible. since i havent got the time and energy now to make it right again, and i promised a song now, this will have to do. the rest is still as it should be! :) i hope you all like it :) i plan to make a flash movie of this song some time in the future, i got a little cute movie planed out.

listen to it here!

New song voting poll ^-^'

2007-10-30 18:38:15 by Waterflame

Song C won!
thanks for voting guys! ill do the finishing moves on the song right away and it will be up on newgrounds in about 2 hours! thanks for all suport :D i hope to continiue doing this, it was fun :)

So.. this is a post for you who actually like my stuff enugh to check in on my page once in a while, (btw for those who do, thanks! :D i wuw you <3) .. ive been thinking about submiting a new song here on NG this week, and it stands between these songs:

hardcore evil Drum n bass inspiered song. mostly featuring hard synths and guitars, but also some Orcestral.

orcestral/techno happytune of sorts, Where the first part is entierly orcestral and the other part is light-hearted techno. this song has a uniqe sound to it and might not be suited for everyone.

wacky DnB piano themed song. ive been working on this for ages, and its actually a sidepath out from the first verson of my song -Dark dreams-. but dont get me wrong, this sounds entierly diffrent! its happy and wacky and really variated in melody. i am also planing to make a flash move about this some day, i got it all planed out, heh :P

since they all need a polish, i figured i might aswell do a poll and then submit the one that gets the most votes. im not beeing over-optimistic about this, and only 4-5 votes would be enugh, but ill see where it takes me. you can submit a vote in a comment on this blog ^-^ so.. whats it gonna be?

A) -Doomsday-
B) -Orange Orcestral-
C) -Emotion locomotion-

You decide! ^-^

one more thing! for those who red my previous blogs, i was sometimes ranting about wanting a job, almost getting a job, and failng at getting a job. well lol, now i got one, i work at a mall, with the cash register. its ok really, and it gives moneh >:3

so yeah, ill gather the votes in 3 days and submit the winnor song! (ill submit em all eventually tho :P)

New song voting poll ^-^'

yet another song ^^

2007-10-16 16:18:50 by Waterflame

this is one of my only songs this year this repretive. i surfed the audio portal last night and i found the underdog songs to be much more intresting and professional. figured, hey.. its not a big deal if i submit a song that issnt one of my "Greatest new achivements". i guess i kinda forgot to take it all less serious. to some, this might be even better than the songs i concider to be my best songs.

Ok so.. first of all, i did a mistake. lol, i wrote "teachno" instead of techno at the description. now thats gonna haunt me forever, great. lol '>_> this song might be good for a chase scene or a battle scene. what i imagined when i made it was a gunfight at a metropolis trainstation, at daytime actually. it also involved some kickass martial arts fighting. i visualise a awesome movie to almost all of my songs. but im not good enugh to get it done =[ anyways, enjoy the song!

( Edit: i got weekly 1st for this :D yay! looks like i owned myself there huh? the one time i submit a song witout a theme and melody wich i spent like 5 days on. i get instant atention ^^ and might i add, im enjoying every bit of it, heh ;P thank you all for reviewing and liking my song! :D ..)

Trainstation dukeout

yet another song ^^