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Pc.. eating.. itself..

Posted by Waterflame - August 24th, 2010

Hi there! long time no see, right..
The reason why i haven't been submitting anything, made any updates nor progress in development is that my computer is eating itself..
no, really..

The hardisc is damaged and i have relocated my files! my pc in general is singing its last song.
with blue screens, freezing and things randomly vanquishing, i think its safe to say, i need a new one.
so yeah im basicly saving up for that, while planing the release of my 2nd album, and a Return!

fear not, i will be back, and i will hit you hard with new original stuff. but in the meantime.. i cant say how long i will be gone. im working full time, and also hanging out a lot with my girlfriend. :) so i guess, this is my little break. Until im back, check in on youtube now and then for other stuff -.. i think.

the new album will have 4+ new songs thats exclusive for the album, and one of my bests so far. so this is really one you should concider buying if you like my stuff :)

also.. be sure to by my first album if you havent ;)

/* */
I still appreciate all the support you guys give me! :) thank you all for that ^:)
so.. cya around then, i guess! beloved ng <3 stay tuned.

Comments (27)

I got the blue screen of death once, freaked me out like heck! my computers fine now though...

omg mine too.

Not sure what stuff you get there, but here in the US I find that Acer, Dell, and Toshiba make some of the better computers.

Well sucks for your computer.

One of my friends had the EXACT same problem. Although it nearly succeeded... Killing almost everything on the pc.
He's made a guide, but I can't find it...
pm me if you want his E-Mail...

Same fate happened to mine. All I can say is: save what you can as soon as possible on an external hard drive before it's too late.



This... makes me hungry..........

Newgrounds was dull and boring in your absence!

god, i know how how it feels to have pc troubles... i wasn't so lucky. there was this incident i had this summer where my flash computer broke down from some kind of virus that had it in a starting-up loop, it was in the shop for over a month, and when it got back i had lost everything except the bare bones i had stored on a 1 gb flash drive. i even had to reinstall flash.

point is, computer troubles suck.

anyways, great to hear about your album! i really can't wait, especially if these next 4 songs are as epic as you say XD
also looking forward to glorious morning II, especially if it's extended!

good luck with the new computer, and good bye!

Well, all I can say, is dont blow your computer money on wii points. XD seriously though, take as much time as you like. just remember to have plenty of pumpin stuff for us! :D

thats a bummer man. been listening to your stuff lately, -chaotic- is what grabbed my attention. not sure if you will be able to get back to me on this, but i was curious if i could use ur music from NG for stuff on youtube, like gameplay vids, mostly your techno stuff because techno is better accepted by the public rather than heavy metal or other commonly used genres... also, have you tried feeding your pc rather than making it eat itself? you should try a jelly doughnut or something, maybe a cookie?

BWAHAHAHAHA!! yeah you should take kernalgohd's advice and feed yer computer a cookie!! AWESOME shoes by the way!!! i happen to be a chuck taylor fanatic...

You look tall. :o

that bytes something awful (LAWL PUN), dude. Just bought the whole album on itunes a few days ago, AND IT'S AWESOME!

Well, farewell for now, my most epic and great inspiration for music! You have helped me so much over the years, ever since you wrote -Emotion Locomotion-. :P I love your music!

Hey, i stumbled across your song Skyfight on youtube. could you PLEAS~ put a remastered version in your next album ^^? its epic

Tip - DO NOT BUY A PC FROM ANY COMPANY, they will charge you way over what its worth, my pc died as well, format + new hdd and it works fine ( it was about 3-5 years old, made out bits of everything under the sun, but it works :D). :D but, i also got a good gaming pc for about &pound;600, but if you want a good pc for a good price you need to buid it your self. ( Thats what I did.) As long as you find a good site to get it from then you should be able to get an good pc that does what you want it to for about &pound;700 - &pound;1000 cheaper than the big companys. (Tip - AMD is cheaper and just as good as Intel, my Phenom II x4 3.4 ghz (the 965 black ed) keeps up with an fully overclocked intel i7 without any problems, or any overclocking.) Feel free to PM me if you dont get a word of what im talking about or need somel inks to parts on the net. :DGood luck with getting a new pc.

It is annoying when a computer does that but at least you are still able to safe your data =)

Good luck in your search of a new one and I really find it neat you got an album!

I definitely want to get it, I really like the Outrun song a lot =D

Waterflame should make an angry Trance song ;)

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