2012-02-08 22:31:19 by Waterflame

I just made a post the size of manhattan, and when i were to embed a video it refreshed on me, leaving everything blank.
That means ill procrastinate the big epic newsblogpost and keep it short and sweet; Im back after 7 months of rather inactive inactivity, and i LOVE the new NG. its so sexy. peace <3



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2012-02-08 23:08:11

The new notification system alerted me of your new blog post :)

Waterflame responds:

sweet :D ahh new newgrounds <3


2012-02-09 01:35:28

whoa 5000 fans

Waterflame responds:

yup <3 :D


2012-02-09 05:11:18

So when you clicked the Embed Video button, all your text was erased? What browser / version / OS?

Waterflame responds:

Hi there tom :D <3 well no not exactly, i were to embed a video from FB but it was not from the pages listed as possible to embed, so that part was my bad. However when i tried to embed it i got a message saying it was invalid, as a popup. but the thing is, along with that came a pag refresh, leaving my post blank.

I use windows vista, and firefox ver. 3.6.26

I usually ctrl+C now and then when writing long things like that, better make that a solid habit. it would be nice if the text was saved along the way so it would be possible to go back again after the refresh, i know some html sites have that kindofthingamajig. anyways apart from that, the redesign is awesome, great work! i love it.


2012-02-09 09:39:48

Yeah. I can finally upload songs again! Thanks NG! Nice new lay-out!

Waterflame responds:

indeed :D


2012-02-09 11:49:49

Notifications alerted me to the new post too, I'm digging the new Newgrounds :D

Waterflame responds:

Yeah! this page has everything i need now. its a godsend concidering im dead sick of facebook and its blue and white.


2012-02-17 11:14:33

*pays homage to the music gods in thanks for the new ear candy he is about to receive*

Waterflame responds:



2012-04-08 12:12:05

Hello =)
Sorry for the irrelevance of my post regarding yours, but I just have to say, NEVER STOP BEING AWESOME AND MAKING MUSIC. Your music is one of the reasons I come to Newgrounds. Currently listening to 'Toxic Sewers'; so good. Oh and the new NG is pretty cool =D