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Goin to roskilde! YEAAH! + new song

Posted by Waterflame - June 24th, 2010

Heya guys!

First things first, i finally got the random selector to work, so for those of you who followed my Donation contest , here are the results, finally!

Selected randomly from a pool of the donators, the winner is:
Benjamin Edd!

Benjamin, You can send a mail to: waterflameworkshop@hotmail.com with your spesifics, the maximum length is 5 minutes, other than that you may request anything beeing made, and use it for whatever you want, even commercial projects, as long as my name is mentioned. grats!

Thank you so much to all of you others who donated, it did help me on the way! altho there were only 11 donations. i might do this again some other time, who knows!

In other news, my newest song is out!


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So yeah, im going to the roskilde festival! cant wait :D ! its gonna be awesome, as always! so ill see you guys in 2 weeks! and if some of you happens to be goin there aswell, send me a pm, with cell number or something, and im sure we can meet up!

Be sure to check out my YOUTUBE aswell as ng while im gone! there are some exclusive things on YT and other stuff thats not fit for ng :]

Untill next time! keep on rockin >:0


Comments (12)

LOVING the breakbeat, man! Keep em coming, you're just growing and growing!!! :D

Suuuch a wicked tune right there!

Woot, rucklo man :D Thank you so much! i will! and i got tons of inspiration from the festival, so they will keep commin ;D

Haha, did you draw the pic in the youtube version? It looks like you! :D

no a really incredible girl did :3 since she missed me :3 so yeah its supposed to be me :D shes really talented :O !!!

Nice, I used to go to roskilde festival every year... That was when I still lived in Denmark, a bit hard to go there from Australia, not to mention expensive =/

i hear that! still, then you know that its awsome :D

Roskilde? Denmark? The Earth? I live in Denmark :D

indeed! and holyshit was it an awesome festival


Wasn't that from the Invader Zim episode, Attack of the Saucer Morons, when the computer disguises the ship repairer thing as a giant pig? :O

Correct! :D i wached zim again and i loved that voice, so i sampled it from youtube ^^

Was the festival fun?

it was AWESOME and beyond!

I don't know if you've played Assassin's Creed 2, but listen to this: <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0i6YFrSs6c">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0i6YF rSs6c</a>

Am I crazy, or does that remind you of Glorious Morning?

your song &quot;glorious morning&quot; became pretty well known across the internet. how does it feel to have started a little something like that?

Man! im still waiting for glorious morning to be number one!!!!

yeah I am dancing to the beat your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice sang. jeg jobber med et musikk prosjekt p&aring; skolen, &aring; lurte p&aring; hvilket program det er du lager din musikk p&aring;?

ps: keep it up, du lager bra musikk

Hey maestro, just a little comment, but you might wanna update your profile picture, cuz it says there that youre 20, but from the info below it, it says your 21(drinking age, nice lol), so you might wanna change that.