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I live in a human box and I make human music. Want me to make music or sound effects for your project? Check out availability and conditions here: http://www.waterflame.com

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Comments (25)

I love your music.

Thanks :D thats awesome :)

People still make trance music ? Who knew !

haha, ofc. ive never been with the popular scene, i just make what i like. and anthem trance songs can be cool now and then! :D

Post pictures of your gf, then we'll talk ;)

haha. XC stalk her on facebook ;P

Man, I still have to buy your first album, Green. Hopefully your next will be just as awesome! :D

ohyeah! hope so :D

you have been away that long?! damn i missed your music dude keep making the music as great as you have been. P.S i think i can buy your album soon.

Cool :D yeah ill try my best! ;)

i think that i need to know were you got that shirt

the brand is "Pirate" i got it at the roskilde festival in one of the stands :D but i think it can be found at j fassion sites aswell o,O

(remove spaces)

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphot os-ak-snc4/hs132.snc4/36950_40998 4497340_546132340_5123458_4934743 _n.jpg

=D your back!
I just hope that you will somehow get dan paladin and tom fulp to decide to make Castle Crashers 2.

with a LOT of your music!

would be insanely awesome :D !

Good sir your work has inspired me a magnificent amount, How would you say working on a few video game titles in say about 5 years?

sounds splendid, old bean!

You can come live with me in the USA if you want! I'll make space in my bed.

haha :D rawr.

I can't wait for your album! I love all your work, and I usually try to get a listen in every day. Is there any way to donate? I don't have much because jobs are ridiculously hard to find in my area, but I can send whatever I can spare.

Thanks! and.. oh well thats really nice of you, but no need! if you insist tho, i have a paypal adress :) generalsgaming@hotmail.com

Dude, your music is AWESOME!......... no wait........ it's EPIC!......... no, not that either......... DAM IT I CAN'T FIND A BETTER WORD FOR HOW AWESOME YOUR MISIC IS! Just keep up the phenomenal job on your music; and I know it's a little late to say this but HAPPY NEWYEAR!!!
btw, are you going to post the lo-bit version of Time Machine soon?

haha wow, thanks! :D happy new year to you too. i dont think ill post it on newgrounds, the demand is slim.

Man your music is [adjective]. Your music is right up there with Jeremy soules for me. Village up north is amazing, keep em coming! :)

thanks man! i will!

Really liked that Lo-bit RMX.
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/388439">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/388439</a> I've made a song in your style :D


How do you make music so fast? It takes me at least half a year to get a track out.

just had a really inspiered month! :) sometimes i can go for months without making anything aswell

Cool. Awesome.

Been following your work for 2 years now.

Thanks! :)

Your music is already awesome, now you have to do something to become famous - thats often not possible just through music. Go find someone famous and win the attention of others somehow, then your album will sell better.

hehe i know my way around, altho its not easy at all, youre right avbout that. i just have to commit and try harder, ive been so lazy lately. blame minecraft and xbox360 live!

Your music is damn fine. I hope you get huge. Err... you know what i mean.

i know what you mean and what you really mean. ;) wink wink

u've been so busy with ur gf u fortog bout the fans?................................
huh i need to see this girlfriend of urs o _ O

haha :D

ur music is definatly 100% perfect.don't say to yourself ur not the best, bcoz u r.
lots of people still using ur music for games.

haha thanks! but, if i see myself as the best, i wont try to top myself, and i wont get better! i can always do a better job :)

you effing rock the worlds socks!!!
thanks for adding meh!!(facebook)

thanks! :D and no problem! :)

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