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back on track ya'll!

Posted by Waterflame - December 29th, 2010

So.. i realised that ive been away from newgrounds for almost 6 months now! what the sheets?! :O

Ive been so busy with work and all. and ive been spending alot of time with my gf! :) also borderlands stole a big chunk of my spare time, ill have to admit!

ive been working on getting my album done, but im so picky. if i finish a song, i dont think its good enugh for the album one month later! -__- Etc. but ill just have to settle with the fact that nothing can be 100% perfect! i have alot of new songs im not going to release, at all! theres going to be 3 exclusive tracks on the album. so i hope it will get some sales :]

I had an awesome xmas, and spent it with my family and girlfriend :] but i got a cold, geee >_>
thats also why i can write this now, i guess. heh. when im sick i allow myself to let everything important wait. like those friggin guys we rent this place from who cant get anything straight and sends us bills left and right thats payed for 3 months ago!! >:( anyways. grr...

2 of my newest, not-so-exlcusive-but-still-allright tracks is submited and up for grabs!
today the new addition to the libary was "village up north"
go check them out! :D


Village up north

And i made this for funzies! a remix of my song "time machine"
its not a official soundtrack so theres no download yet! sorry! might upload on popular demand :)

/* */
As usual dont forget to have a look at my Youtube :)
and add My facebook if your'e a fan! :D aswell as my FB Fanpage
also.. Castlecrashers saved my ass this year! so a big and warm thanks to tom, dan and the other guys! without the royalties this year i would possibly have to move back home for a while. and i will not admit defeat just yet! the music buisnezz is hard :C but thank you all for your support! i still read every review and comment, and love that you all back me up so much :)

So untill 2011, enjoy my new tunes and stay tuned for more to come in the near future!
happy newyear!
peace and love



Comments (25)

I love your music.

Thanks :D thats awesome :)

People still make trance music ? Who knew !

haha, ofc. ive never been with the popular scene, i just make what i like. and anthem trance songs can be cool now and then! :D

Post pictures of your gf, then we'll talk ;)

haha. XC stalk her on facebook ;P

Man, I still have to buy your first album, Green. Hopefully your next will be just as awesome! :D

ohyeah! hope so :D

you have been away that long?! damn i missed your music dude keep making the music as great as you have been. P.S i think i can buy your album soon.

Cool :D yeah ill try my best! ;)

i think that i need to know were you got that shirt

the brand is "Pirate" i got it at the roskilde festival in one of the stands :D but i think it can be found at j fassion sites aswell o,O

(remove spaces)

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphot os-ak-snc4/hs132.snc4/36950_40998 4497340_546132340_5123458_4934743 _n.jpg

=D your back!
I just hope that you will somehow get dan paladin and tom fulp to decide to make Castle Crashers 2.

with a LOT of your music!

would be insanely awesome :D !

Good sir your work has inspired me a magnificent amount, How would you say working on a few video game titles in say about 5 years?

sounds splendid, old bean!

You can come live with me in the USA if you want! I'll make space in my bed.

haha :D rawr.

I can't wait for your album! I love all your work, and I usually try to get a listen in every day. Is there any way to donate? I don't have much because jobs are ridiculously hard to find in my area, but I can send whatever I can spare.

Thanks! and.. oh well thats really nice of you, but no need! if you insist tho, i have a paypal adress :) generalsgaming@hotmail.com

Dude, your music is AWESOME!......... no wait........ it's EPIC!......... no, not that either......... DAM IT I CAN'T FIND A BETTER WORD FOR HOW AWESOME YOUR MISIC IS! Just keep up the phenomenal job on your music; and I know it's a little late to say this but HAPPY NEWYEAR!!!
btw, are you going to post the lo-bit version of Time Machine soon?

haha wow, thanks! :D happy new year to you too. i dont think ill post it on newgrounds, the demand is slim.

Man your music is [adjective]. Your music is right up there with Jeremy soules for me. Village up north is amazing, keep em coming! :)

thanks man! i will!

Really liked that Lo-bit RMX.
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/388439">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/388439</a> I've made a song in your style :D


How do you make music so fast? It takes me at least half a year to get a track out.

just had a really inspiered month! :) sometimes i can go for months without making anything aswell

Cool. Awesome.

Been following your work for 2 years now.

Thanks! :)

Your music is already awesome, now you have to do something to become famous - thats often not possible just through music. Go find someone famous and win the attention of others somehow, then your album will sell better.

hehe i know my way around, altho its not easy at all, youre right avbout that. i just have to commit and try harder, ive been so lazy lately. blame minecraft and xbox360 live!

Your music is damn fine. I hope you get huge. Err... you know what i mean.

i know what you mean and what you really mean. ;) wink wink

u've been so busy with ur gf u fortog bout the fans?................................
huh i need to see this girlfriend of urs o _ O

haha :D

ur music is definatly 100% perfect.don't say to yourself ur not the best, bcoz u r.
lots of people still using ur music for games.

haha thanks! but, if i see myself as the best, i wont try to top myself, and i wont get better! i can always do a better job :)

you effing rock the worlds socks!!!
thanks for adding meh!!(facebook)

thanks! :D and no problem! :)

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