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Contest winner, NEW SONG, updates!

Posted by Waterflame - June 2nd, 2010

Hi again!

As usual, im really slow at making, not only updates, but keeping my own deadlines. im so scatterbrained. but here i am now atleast!

ive had some technical problems and i still work so much these days. so ill post it as soon as i can..

First up, i had a contest going to see if i could raise some extra money, aswell as pushing my skills and see what i can do with a detailed request. and the winner will be announced as soon as i have the time... I dont have time to do this today, cause of much non-music related work.

here is the previous post, if you are interested in what this is about. you can also still donate ofcource, you will be mentioned and greatly apriciated!

Prev post, donation contest

On to the next topic,
My latest song! Cannibal

Hard and dark club techno with a tribal theme! been working on this for some time. its the follow up after "heavy machine rythm" in a club mix im working on.
its not supposed to have any leading melodies, as its more club themed as said. its dance music to dance to, more than anything :) but i might make another ver. of this later on.


Im finally making my big project thats been in the scrap and idea books for over 3 years! ever wondered what my avatar is? its the main character from this project, in pixels :] it will be a game made in flash, but probably also released as a standalone .exe. estimated time is around 8 months Of work ahead. so look out for updates on that!

Im also nearly finished with making music for a flash game thats gonna be pretty epic. but thats all im allowed to say for now ;)

Be sure to check out my youtube! ill post 2 other songs there soon thats going to be exclusive for YT. since its small projects i dont se fit for ng unless the demand is huge :)


by all means, feel free to add me to facebook aswell. (Christian M Krogsvold)
im the dude with the wierd hair. :P

Untill tomorrow, peace!

Contest winner, NEW SONG, updates!

Comments (6)

Wow! You are amazing! I heard Canibal and it was simply brilliant, as usual! Plus, will you program the game on your own cause that takes a lot of work? And why don't you have a face in that picture of you? You and all of your songs are always going to be loved by everyone on Newgrounds, including me! :D

awesome new song, reminds me of some of infected mushroom's stuff, without lead melody

Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever since you've been gone.

its good to see you back and kickin ^.^ no pun intended xD, How ya been?

Ahh, waterflame, you brought back to me osmething called love. Awesome song man. I didn't know FL could get so complex until today. Well, that's the hit i get for buying the producers edition Xtra Xtra Large. O_O

I just wanna say that I really loved that classical stuff you did in '08.