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new song

2007-09-29 12:25:28 by Waterflame

yeah so..

as some of you may know, this song issnt new, but the newgrounds audio limit diddnt expand untill recently, so now i can finally post it. i am verry proud of this baby so i hope it does alright on the list. here it is, hospital:


new song

lazy lazy lazy? o.o

2007-09-25 22:33:16 by Waterflame

so i finally post again huh.. i was going to submit a song like 2 weeks ago. but i did it like.. 2 days ago o.O! so thats lazy for you. i did however submit 2 instead of one. so thats a bonus. well if you like it, that is.. there is one 8bit chiptune , and one techno/orcestral/badass thingy..
for those who havent heard them yet, go do it. now. and review?
as said many times, i do read them all, even more than once. its just that i dont really know what to say but "thanks" most of the time you know.. so it kinda looks stupid after a while scrolling the list full of "Thanks! :)".. but i do love you all still <3 yeah so anyways go listen:

8bit Clouds


I still dont have a job! (apart from the one in nibbo software, but i cant live on that) that friggin sucks. i am open for any kind of low-payment music and effect jobbs. if anyone needs that.

as usual my "way-over-my-head" flash and game projects have died out due to over-drive of ideas and lack of skill and progammers and voice actors and the whole shity woopedy. so thats not gonna happen for a long time. now that im also gonna help my gf with a flash project at school.

oh god. now that the music review reding thingy are up i feel so ashamed i could implode. well thats what you get for beeing a disturbed lill 13 year old when you sign up for newgrounds i guess :P
looking back i really did have to fight for my place here tho. there were so many pepole trying to knock me out of newgrounds claiming i did not make my own music, and that i cheated with the scores, etc etc. before the good audio system came into action newgrounds audio page was like a internett gheto o.o lol, pepole had voting mobs ready to lift up songs, or blam them... man. glad those unfair times are over, so now i can finally start to have some favorites and stuff. :P <3

ive been making a good looking little web page, at a horrible free webiste host thingy..wingy. its all hand drawn ofcource but.. you know. geocities kinda sucks! im gonna release that in some days i hope. (expect weeks, dam me.) so well, untill next time i move my ass, hf and gl on whatever you guys are doing and stuff and shit and omgXbbqwtf. <3

(as usual, i attach one of my drawing. this time, "future", made in math class 2006 winter)

lazy lazy lazy? o.o

smokin hawt salamon

2007-08-15 13:04:59 by Waterflame

yeah well so, ill update this when i actually have something to say... i guess.. i just wanted new news since my last post was so heavy and bragging XD so here it is, new news for you.

submiting a new song today, so look out for that.. um what else..hm.. im gonna fill my favorite audio list soon, ..to be honest, ive never surfed alot on the audio protal. i guess ill be kinda demoralised of all the good stuff out there, but it will still be awesome to finally get some favorites of my own thar.

ah.. i still wish i could delete 10 of my songs or so.. thats the only thing i want for newgrounds now, a delete button. but i do see why its not there. it just sucks. XD well, take care and all that.

oh and uhm. drawing. year ago or so. nutn much.

smokin hawt salamon

Castle crashers entry!

2007-08-11 11:02:55 by Waterflame

i decided to give the castle crashers music competition a go, and i was almost too late! i made the deadline with in some hours i think o.o

Glorious morning

anyways, as you may know they used my music for the caslte crashers demo at comicon and also recently at IGF. i diddnt really keep track of where the songs were beeing used and wich ones, so i decided to make a round up, as i am proud of it.

quote from the monthly audio competition on newgrounds:

"On the IGF coverage, from March 07, Tom and The Behemoth featured NG AP music in the demo. The following songs were in the demo;
- cornandbeans - {Factory}
- Waterflame - -Space pirates-
- Helix - Archetype (Helix6)"

short movie on youtube, where they are using techrock:

castle crashers chase clip

and flaaklypa racing theme remix was also used as scoreaboard music, but that one is something im not really that proud of. its not originally my melody, as stated it is from flaaklypa grand prix. and not only that but i sucked at remaking it. really bad. haha,

anyways, i also got a music review about space pirates from dan paladin! :D
he also wrote about it in the mac7 june, CC competition thread.

Music review:
"DanPaladin says: "cool"
people seemed to enjoy this tune at the IGF showing. some went out of their way to comment on how they liked it. we had it running during the forest level. i felt it made the combat a little more lighthearted, which was good. it's broken up in spots, which really helps. hooray!"

BBS post:
Posted at: 6/14/07 01:25 PM

i don't want people to get cold feet or freaked out by the orchestral talk. for example, a song tom selected that grabbed a lot of people's attention at IGF had no orchestral in it: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/view.p hp?id=4 89978&sub=57239

it was received really well, and it fit well with any of the regular levels.

so don't freak out -- you do not have to do orchestra. at least in my book..

Posted at: 6/14/07 01:27 PM

sorry, forgot to post the title of the song i was referring to. it was 'space pirates' by waterflame.

hihihihihihi :3 i know i brag alot now but i feel im alwoed, i mean. common. dan paladin.
now i can only hope i will be one of the lucky winners, if not, it was fun participating and im glad they used my songs! :)

edit: look above! my header finally works now! :O
edit2: ok it did for alittle while. wtf?

Castle crashers entry!


2007-08-09 14:31:37 by Waterflame

okeeeeh. so for those who gave a damn, i went with my gf to wacken in germany ( www.wacken.com ) and im back now :3 tons of stuff going on there, but stories comes another time, im kinda tiered now. loved the place and the setting etc, but diddnt like the music. lol. well atleast, i did get some inspiration! and the trip itself was kinda awesome.

soo.. i promised a song, wich i diddnt submit. i diddnt have time, so sorry for that one. something will pop up soon enugh :P yeah well uh, not really much to be said for the moment. i went there with purple hair and came back with red/orange? o,o bad haircolor for sure, but its just fun with a change. and even more awesome when its automatic. lol

(made this pic thingy uh 1 year or more..ago?.. i see the picture include thingy and i cant help but add something everytime i post, i cant like.... leave it open? can i? o,o )


jabber and stuff. some info.. eh yah

2007-07-31 12:25:20 by Waterflame

hm, i diddnt really know untill now that html was alowed in this blogger thingy. stupid of me, since its right there on the left side :P that would have made things alot easyer. ah well, one day untill im leaving, so im thinking about clashing in one of my songs before i leave. i stopped submitting songs for a long time, altho my creativity was higher than ever at that moment. so there is still alot of stuff to come!

the song i would like to share the most is maybe Hospital. but its too big for newgrounds, so i will have to fix that, i will probably do it later today. since, ive already packed and everyones away so what is there to do :P oh and, i kinda forgot to say.. all the image atachments is ofcource made by me, in flash. not that they stand out too much but its something i guess.. i also made a page header but ng wont let me upload it yet :P

anyways, i dont really know if it is legal to post links here, but since its tecnicaly not any comercial of any sorts, rather contact pages, ill take my chances.
i kinda tried to do this in my ..blurp? barf? whatever? the thingy you write alill sumtin sumtn about yourself in. but they cut off links due to comercial issues and stuff, wich is actually great if you ask me. so uh, im not claiming that anyone would have particular intrest in any of these profiles, i just figured since newgrounds is a good page to have a internett fortress on, i might aswell link to my other "outposts" :P this is where ill lurk like forever now so, why not.

My Myspace music page:
http://www.myspace.com/waterflamele git

My myspace personal page:

Norwegian music profile (not updated in 6 months or so..)

eh.. my deviant art '>_>

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php ?id=596326390

ok thats really every place i exist on the internett and still do stuff once in a while.. i bet im a member of like.. 100 more, but i proabbly forgot most of em.

oh damn! speaking of outpost! i did get a good start on outpost 3 WAAY back, it looked like it was gonna own the first 2 by miles, but guess what. thats when i managed due stupidity to blackout my whole room, and computer. and give my hardisc a electroshock. frying ALL MY SONGS AND FLASH. were talking about almost 100+ random short/unfinished flash movies and atleast 100 unfinished songs/melodies/songs... that was seriously a major setback, with my grandma dying the day before i also just kinda blacked out creativly speaking. i dont think i made anything for 2-3 months o.O so there you have it, why there never was an outpost 3, or a word about it. :P diddnt mean to get dead serious on ye, it no biggie anymore, happened over a year ago. but anyways ill get back to flash in time, for those who cared about that ^-^

ok now im done i think. thats what happens when i havent got anyone to talk too at the moment o.O
well i need some cola and food and stuff, one last post tonight i think, then im off. cya :3


jabber and stuff. some info.. eh yah


2007-07-30 09:04:04 by Waterflame

hi ppl :3 my mood is best described as beaten today cause life is kinda kicking me in the nuts as usual.

ah well, on to the stuff: im really trying to respond to all of the reviews nowadays! so if you ever made a review or response of some sort maybe theres an answer to it now. ill get em all, i swear! XD sorry for beeing so lazy, as said i do read and love them all <3

lately, or more like this year.. my chiptune colection has grown to almost 400-500 songs, and i have actually made alot of it myself. nothing i care to submit at the moment, but it might be something ill do later on :) *brb'ing to fix my fucking chair* ok damn i diddnt have the tools. anyways, im going to germany in 2 days, concert thingy. wacken. o.o so ill be there for 3-4 days. its not really my kind of music to be honest, but concert is concert and im sure it'll be hawtstuff no matter. prolly post-a-post
when i get back!

oh and, as you can see.. still havent got an avatar nosir. to much trouble, yepp yepp.

well ok, ima go play maplestory now T_T' lol. (thats my char down thar.) cya!



2007-07-22 22:34:01 by Waterflame

so, well i still dont know what i should have as a profile picture. it screws up every picture so horribly, and im to lazy to fix a picture for it just yet. I did add a icon however. wich is a big hint to what im gonna be working on not only with music, but animation too. i expect it to take maybe as much as 7months or so, concidering my super-lazyness and my gaming and girlfriend needs. but when finally finished its gonna be the best thing i ever made, so well keep your eyes open for things like concept art etc ;)

oh and speaking of wich.. i would need someone on my team, cause i dont think i can do it alone. so if youreintrested and have some skill at programing and scripting/animation. leave a comment! :)

im also trying to keep this profile alive. so well i think im just gonna blog here about ordinary stuff too.. its newgrounds i like the most for that kind of stuff, of the places on the internett. its funny how i always loose intrest in profiles and abandon them for weeks, even months/years. for instance, i just resurected an old deviant art profile made back in 2005, some weeks ago o.O (same name, waterflame, thats possibly where im gonna upload concept art too.)

for starters.. i cut my hair, sick cut as always. black and purple this time, heh ~
I am just getting ouf of a horrible cold.. >_> ive had it for like over a week including feever.. so ugh cant wait to get outside again. and this happened right after a uh...mini-lan of mine. so it feels so wrong saying it but im kinda tiered of beeing inside tapping at my compy. heh :P
i still wish i could delete stuff here, jeeze. i would delete like 10 songs, they hinder me from showing of with this profile. its like when pepole ask me what i do i just give em the myspace T-T

oh and.. good news to all of you who do like my music! i have so many songs never submitted, some of them actually ok or even good. i just diddnt feel like submitting songs to a audiosystem that did not work propperly. but now, with that problem fixed, i will submit the rest, in time. depends on how much atention the submitions get i guess.

well untill next time i bother to write something, happy surfing and listening and whatnot!
its 4 in the morning here so ill go to bed. :P



2007-07-19 08:00:47 by Waterflame

Hi everyone! im getting the hang of the new system, so to say. for those who still wonder why i have way more downloads than listens: is because newgrounds diddnt have a listen count before the update.
im not one of those spam clickers >_>

no big news really, but im submitting a new song. my girlfriend has been away for 14 days + now and im starting to miss her really bad T-T i made a song for her a month ago or something, and well i figured i would share it with the rest of you.

I see that already pepole have started to add me as a music fav, so um, thanks for that ^-^' i havent really made a favorite music list here on newgrounds yet. and my flash favorites are horribly outdated. i will fix that soon, as well as try to reply on more of my reviews. i do read them all! :)


new new grounds

2007-07-17 22:44:21 by Waterflame

WOAH! new Newgrounds.

FINALLY, i can talk! eh write.

Ok so, for all of my fans, haters and the rest. It seems newgrounds finally got the system i have been waiting for so long. Altho, now all my "listens" are gone, and my
ranking is gonna get smashed within days. Wich kinda sucks. There is also so many new features that, i almost would like to start over. to clear my profile of old useless crap. i still dont know if you now can delete submitions, ill have to look into that. If thats a fact, i will probably delete around 3 songs and 3-4 flash videos. but in return post
alot more.

but then again, no way! ^-^ ive been here for so long now. and with this new
improvement ill surely spend alot more time here than i used too. I hope that
all of you who suport me still stay with me, cause you guys make my day so much
more than you could imagine. its one of those things that lifts me up from my all of
my all-too-many problems. :)

I submited a song i got finished today, called -Hillbilly breakout- wich is think is some of my most original work. cause ive never heard that mix before myself, atleast XD And for thoe who wonder, i dont really have any relation to hillbillies what so ever. i just go by the ol' stereotype strawhat banjoplaying guy with the blue pants. and banjo do own at certain points. hope you can rock out to it as much as those guys are. if not just give it a fair vote ;)

and ill be happy for any kind of contact, feedback, request, project invite or generally just questions/talk.

again, thank you guys! <3

- Waterflame

new new grounds