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I live in a human box and I make human music. Want me to make music or sound effects for your project? Check out availability and conditions here: http://www.waterflame.com

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Posted by Waterflame - July 22nd, 2007

so, well i still dont know what i should have as a profile picture. it screws up every picture so horribly, and im to lazy to fix a picture for it just yet. I did add a icon however. wich is a big hint to what im gonna be working on not only with music, but animation too. i expect it to take maybe as much as 7months or so, concidering my super-lazyness and my gaming and girlfriend needs. but when finally finished its gonna be the best thing i ever made, so well keep your eyes open for things like concept art etc ;)

oh and speaking of wich.. i would need someone on my team, cause i dont think i can do it alone. so if youreintrested and have some skill at programing and scripting/animation. leave a comment! :)

im also trying to keep this profile alive. so well i think im just gonna blog here about ordinary stuff too.. its newgrounds i like the most for that kind of stuff, of the places on the internett. its funny how i always loose intrest in profiles and abandon them for weeks, even months/years. for instance, i just resurected an old deviant art profile made back in 2005, some weeks ago o.O (same name, waterflame, thats possibly where im gonna upload concept art too.)

for starters.. i cut my hair, sick cut as always. black and purple this time, heh ~
I am just getting ouf of a horrible cold.. >_> ive had it for like over a week including feever.. so ugh cant wait to get outside again. and this happened right after a uh...mini-lan of mine. so it feels so wrong saying it but im kinda tiered of beeing inside tapping at my compy. heh :P
i still wish i could delete stuff here, jeeze. i would delete like 10 songs, they hinder me from showing of with this profile. its like when pepole ask me what i do i just give em the myspace T-T

oh and.. good news to all of you who do like my music! i have so many songs never submitted, some of them actually ok or even good. i just diddnt feel like submitting songs to a audiosystem that did not work propperly. but now, with that problem fixed, i will submit the rest, in time. depends on how much atention the submitions get i guess.

well untill next time i bother to write something, happy surfing and listening and whatnot!
its 4 in the morning here so ill go to bed. :P


Posted by Waterflame - July 19th, 2007

Hi everyone! im getting the hang of the new system, so to say. for those who still wonder why i have way more downloads than listens: is because newgrounds diddnt have a listen count before the update.
im not one of those spam clickers >_>

no big news really, but im submitting a new song. my girlfriend has been away for 14 days + now and im starting to miss her really bad T-T i made a song for her a month ago or something, and well i figured i would share it with the rest of you.

I see that already pepole have started to add me as a music fav, so um, thanks for that ^-^' i havent really made a favorite music list here on newgrounds yet. and my flash favorites are horribly outdated. i will fix that soon, as well as try to reply on more of my reviews. i do read them all! :)


Posted by Waterflame - July 17th, 2007

WOAH! new Newgrounds.

FINALLY, i can talk! eh write.

Ok so, for all of my fans, haters and the rest. It seems newgrounds finally got the system i have been waiting for so long. Altho, now all my "listens" are gone, and my
ranking is gonna get smashed within days. Wich kinda sucks. There is also so many new features that, i almost would like to start over. to clear my profile of old useless crap. i still dont know if you now can delete submitions, ill have to look into that. If thats a fact, i will probably delete around 3 songs and 3-4 flash videos. but in return post
alot more.

but then again, no way! ^-^ ive been here for so long now. and with this new
improvement ill surely spend alot more time here than i used too. I hope that
all of you who suport me still stay with me, cause you guys make my day so much
more than you could imagine. its one of those things that lifts me up from my all of
my all-too-many problems. :)

I submited a song i got finished today, called -Hillbilly breakout- wich is think is some of my most original work. cause ive never heard that mix before myself, atleast XD And for thoe who wonder, i dont really have any relation to hillbillies what so ever. i just go by the ol' stereotype strawhat banjoplaying guy with the blue pants. and banjo do own at certain points. hope you can rock out to it as much as those guys are. if not just give it a fair vote ;)

and ill be happy for any kind of contact, feedback, request, project invite or generally just questions/talk.

again, thank you guys! <3

- Waterflame

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