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New year updates! Discord server +MC server etc

Posted by Waterflame - 8 days ago

Hi NG!

2022 is here, and I'm finally back to a stable ground. Got some updates on things to come and things already here.

- First of all, I have a community discord now, at last! Everyone is welcome, and the link is permanent :) (But read the rules first)

Waterflame Discord server

This used to be a patreon only thing, then not a thing at all for some years as I scaled back all my socials for a long while. But for the past 3 months its been open and ironed out as the numbers increase, and I think it has become a pretty chill zone, thanks to a lot of community help and figuring out a structure together. So if you want an extra place besides NG to share your art and drop a few memes, I'd love to see you there.

In other old news, the Radio Livestream Is still alive and well, currently sitting on 414 tracks on random shuffle. (Some exclusives there not found here ;)

- I also opened a Minecraft server lol. Its permanent, and everyone is welcome. Rules and info can be found on the discord server.

We started releasing more collaborative stuff in the company I am a part of, autodidactic: Like VR Jetpack game on steam, Lightyears from home (in production still) and some recent collaborative music tracks. You should check it out :D It is probably through this studio of ours I will start producing my game too once that gets rolling this year.

As usual I have a ton of ideas for 2022 and I am probably only going to be able to do half of them, but heres too a better year than the last! There will be lots more music, that's for sure! 2 OST releases and at MINIMUM one new album is planned for this year.

(I'll leave you with One of my latest tracks, but with a little animation to follow)




That discord's wildin, in a good way that is haha. So many cool people there! :D

waterflame discord server? seems worth a look.

Looking forward to what you bring this year. Sadly, I will have to pass on the Discord since this year is going to be too busy for me. Glad to hear things have gotten stable on your end, I hope you've been well.

I feel that this 2022 will be the best year that Waterflame will have: ambition will prevail !! Keep going!!!! ;D

hello waterflame!

@CJspellsfish it is :D

awesome! the mc server is fun too

I CAN'T believe your server is the one dragging me to Brazil for so many reasons and I hate AND love it so much <3 Such a nice warm community
Also good to hear about upcoming projects :sf_happy: