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News + Patreon

Posted by Waterflame - August 15th, 2017

Hi Newgrounds.
Happy clock day! :) I have no clock related news or art, sadly. But I do have some other cool things to share.
I am back from a 3 week stay in bed with a sinus / airway infection. Nasty. But I live!

I know things have been slow on my end with uploads and info, but that changes on all platforms from now on.
I have cleared more time for my personal projects, and I am finally taking more time off to recover from my burnout.
Basically, less contract work, more creative projects.

And with that in mind, I created a patreon (and a track+animation with it!):
Patreon is a membership platform where you can support me with a fixed ammount per month,
and help me make more music (+animation / streaming etc in the future). In excange you get some
insight in what I do in between submissions. As well as high quality downloads, WIP tracks, and similar bonuses. (Check out the tier on the page)

If you like what I do and want to see me do those things more frequently than now, check it out
and consider becoming a patreon! :)

The track in the video is a teaser for the full "populous district" track I am making. Following the "skyworld" series of tracks. I also animated the video more than usual, playing with paralax and pixel art again.

Other than that nifty stuff, Infinite minigolf is now out on consoles and steam! And the infinite minigolf soundtrack is available on my Bandcamp and youtube!:

11 Tracks made specifically for the game, not released anywhere for 2 years until now.
Ive been hyped to show these tracks for some time.
The OST will also be out in online stores like spotify, itunes etc in a few days.

I also scored an animation some time ago, and it finally got released. It is called "space chase", and you should go check it out here on newgrounds!: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/697136

I released the song on YT as well!:

Thats all for now. I'll come back with more tracks soon ;D
Thanks for the continued support <3


Comments (7)

3 weeks? That must've been torture.

It was D: All I did was feel sorry for myself, watch netflix and play arena in Hearthstone.

I was in the same boat as you. I also had a 3 week long sinus infection. Glad to hear that you recovered from it! And I'm excited to see more creative projects from you :D

Same! Thanks :)

Nice to hear. The space chase is catchy. :)

Just don't go full speed too early and all at once.

Thanks! And true that, ill keep it in mind. :)

Hyped to see what new tracks you come out with! Also, glad you're feeling better :D

Thank you! :)

Alright! and why is space chase a teen ranked animation??? There is like, nothing in it to make it that! sky world!!!??? so excited!!!

keep it up! :)


Oh hey Radio :) No idea why its rated teen.

Thank you!

A Patreon account eh.....Nice to see you getting back on track, with your creative routine. I I am currently in a similar process myself as I try to set up college tours, so that I can one day, trade my job at a pizza place, for an academics career. I hope you find the time needed to keep work separated from the rest of your life, and somewhere manage to find a sense of well being, somewhere amidst all chaos......I'll be riding that same chaos myself, until I get out of here.......

Thanks. ;)

Oh.......and sorry for the three week sinus infection.........
I've had several one week infections, and maybe, at one point in time, a two week sinus infection........
but three weeks, damn..........................

Bet that really sucked ass.............