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End of the year update

Posted by Waterflame - December 31st, 2020

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty sick of 2020.

Just thought I would end it with updating you guys on whats been going on, and what I have planned for 2021!

So first of all, Album news! The elephant in the room is that I did not finish an album this year, like I planned too. But it could have been out now, I just don't think its finished. And I would never want to push a rushed project! This album is a huge undertaking. Mostly having to battle with my past horrible mastering practices and dig up ancient VSTs, but about 32 of the 50 planned tracks are done! This is going to be a huge album. With all the tracks you probably wish were on spotify, in remastered high quality versions (some with new flare and extensions, even!) And on top of that, a few exclusive album tracks as well! So, I am not letting it go until it is done, and done right. But I will say, you can expect a release date announcement in January, with a full track list! :D

2nd post is the optimization of my YouTube channel.

I thought I was just doing a one-evening job when I sat down to fix my videos descriptions,

and I have been telling people for so many years that they can find relevant links in almost all descriptions. This turns out to not really have been the case! So, I'm sorry for that for those who found it hard to figure stuff out.

I spent days going from the first video to the last, and I am still not 100% done. But I'm up to

2015, so things should be good from there (Ill still go through the last part though, just to be sure). But most videos should now have relevant end title cards, updated tags, updated descriptions, and spelling error fixes lol.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I've decided to probably not take any contract work next year. I have wanted to finish my albums and start making my own game for years now and I'm finally in a situation where I have the chance to do so. So, I will focus all my efforts on first finishing the albums (all of them), then focus on gathering a team and start work on my first real video game. I also plan to have more contact with other artists and finally try to do some collabs. I already have a lot of people in mind, so stay tuned for that as well!

When it comes to new single music tracks, unfortunately I didn't have any time to finish any of them before the end of this month, however I have a lot of cool tracks nearing completion - one of them being a continuation of an old classic, so I'm excited to show you guys that.

It's been a tough year but I feel like I've also gotten closer to a lot of what I want to achieve, and I think I made it through alright despite all the hurdles. I hope everybody has a better year in 2021!

Happy new year and thank you so much for all the support! See you next year.


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woah I got here early

Happy New year!

Happy New Year !
And everyone else too!

happy new year, this year was a shitshow

Happy New Year to you, you are a great fellow! I hope that 2021 will be much better than 2020. Good luck :ะท

If you need a programmer for your game, count me in!

Would be cool to see you make a game

Sorry if you hear this alot but you and f777 should collab it would be edm mania lol

Nappy yew hear!

@DespeyMusic I feel they are very different composers. It might be possible, but I feel like their styles would clash.

Waterflame, remember the FL studio tutorial? I would enjoy a version of the song you made there. Although you need to do your own thing.


50 track long album...


i got here late lol

i got here late lol

@DeCoolMan8 i got here late lol

@DeCoolMan8 i got here late lol

@DeCoolMan8 i got here late lol

@DeCoolMan8 i got here late lol