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yet another song ^^

Posted by Waterflame - October 16th, 2007

this is one of my only songs this year this repretive. i surfed the audio portal last night and i found the underdog songs to be much more intresting and professional. figured, hey.. its not a big deal if i submit a song that issnt one of my "Greatest new achivements". i guess i kinda forgot to take it all less serious. to some, this might be even better than the songs i concider to be my best songs.

Ok so.. first of all, i did a mistake. lol, i wrote "teachno" instead of techno at the description. now thats gonna haunt me forever, great. lol '>_> this song might be good for a chase scene or a battle scene. what i imagined when i made it was a gunfight at a metropolis trainstation, at daytime actually. it also involved some kickass martial arts fighting. i visualise a awesome movie to almost all of my songs. but im not good enugh to get it done =[ anyways, enjoy the song!

( Edit: i got weekly 1st for this :D yay! looks like i owned myself there huh? the one time i submit a song witout a theme and melody wich i spent like 5 days on. i get instant atention ^^ and might i add, im enjoying every bit of it, heh ;P thank you all for reviewing and liking my song! :D ..)

Trainstation dukeout

yet another song ^^

Comments (3)

Sweet song, check out my review if you have the time!

i did, thank you! :)

Loved the song... Underdogs like me will always appreciate great quality music (Perfect for half life 2 by the way.)

yay, another blog comment :D thank you for the kind words :) ill check out your stuff later. hm.. i see dont really see myself as a pro at all, i stil look up to _alot_ of pepole. altho i run my own style. and thanks for the HL2 comment, come to think o fit this IS kinda similar :D maybe this should have been in the airboat chase instead ;D heh.

It's about time. I get tired of hearing the same ol' "happy go lucky' techno....
About time someone decided to through some variation into the mix!

I really enjoyed that track. I may check out your others sometime...whenever I get the chance. XP

thanks man :D yeah i figure, i do like happy techno. but not in the kind thats beeing submitted to the techno portal usually. acutally i think it fits better in trance. this is more the kind of techno i was looking for myself so i figred.. why not make it :P