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I live in a human box and I make human music. Want me to make music or sound effects for your project? Check out availability and conditions here: http://www.waterflame.com

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Waterflame's News

Posted by Waterflame - February 12th, 2018

I will be in San Francisco for the entire duration of GDC (Game Developers Conference) this year,
And I will most likely be there every day of the event.

I will also be holding a fireside chat with my friend and colleague Denny Schneidemesser (Some of you might know him from NG back in the day). Hope to see some NG people there too!


Posted by Waterflame - February 2nd, 2018

>>>The waterflame bundle<<<
Limited time bundle, with 17 albums. Available for 2 weeks from today. Worked with Groupees to make it happen, with charity support to Direct Relief. have a look!

It took some time to set up, and with it I completed the current album discography on bandcamp as well, and changed the design! What you get in this bundle is what is there at the moment.

Most of the tracks on the older albums have been polished yet again and sound louder and cleaner than before.


Posted by Waterflame - December 10th, 2017

New album out NOW!

SURGE by Waterflame
102 minutes of experimental & melodic Breakbeat spanning 22 tracks.
I am so happy to finally be finished with this album! I could have poked on it for another 6 months
im sure but, I had to draw the line somewhere. I feel like this is the first album that truly represents
the breakbeat style I always wanted to convey.

Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1319385561?ls=1&app=itunes
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1nf8MgFwcV9NWPQaH4Q8tr
Apple music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1319385561

(Uh, I had more written here but I think a weird emoji I pasted in cut the post in half.. so, ill tell you guys next time.)


Posted by Waterflame - August 15th, 2017

Hi Newgrounds.
Happy clock day! :) I have no clock related news or art, sadly. But I do have some other cool things to share.
I am back from a 3 week stay in bed with a sinus / airway infection. Nasty. But I live!

I know things have been slow on my end with uploads and info, but that changes on all platforms from now on.
I have cleared more time for my personal projects, and I am finally taking more time off to recover from my burnout.
Basically, less contract work, more creative projects.

And with that in mind, I created a patreon (and a track+animation with it!):
Patreon is a membership platform where you can support me with a fixed ammount per month,
and help me make more music (+animation / streaming etc in the future). In excange you get some
insight in what I do in between submissions. As well as high quality downloads, WIP tracks, and similar bonuses. (Check out the tier on the page)

If you like what I do and want to see me do those things more frequently than now, check it out
and consider becoming a patreon! :)

The track in the video is a teaser for the full "populous district" track I am making. Following the "skyworld" series of tracks. I also animated the video more than usual, playing with paralax and pixel art again.

Other than that nifty stuff, Infinite minigolf is now out on consoles and steam! And the infinite minigolf soundtrack is available on my Bandcamp and youtube!:

11 Tracks made specifically for the game, not released anywhere for 2 years until now.
Ive been hyped to show these tracks for some time.
The OST will also be out in online stores like spotify, itunes etc in a few days.

I also scored an animation some time ago, and it finally got released. It is called "space chase", and you should go check it out here on newgrounds!: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/697136

I released the song on YT as well!:

Thats all for now. I'll come back with more tracks soon ;D
Thanks for the continued support <3


Posted by Waterflame - May 24th, 2017

I figured it was time to make an update!

Ive been away for some time once again,
and many things has happened since then. Im terrible at sharing news as they come, so I figured I would just compile them all here now that I am back at my battlestation.

First of all, I have finally moved in to a new apartment, with my girlfriend. The place is not completely unpacked yet, but we got out enough things from boxes to be able to live here at least!
I love it here, its in the middle of town, and I think life here will be much easier, compared to the old place!
(I gotta get up tomorrow and wash the old apartment top to bottom tho, not looking forward to that .. x_x)

This combined with some pressing deadlines has been the reason why I have been away for so long. I have lost a lot of traction and time recently due to a lot of work, personal family stuff, and a general funk. Not to mention money shortage (living in norway is no joke). Ive been burnt-out for so long, but it is starting to feel better now. It looks like I will be back to my normal stuff by the end of this week!

My scedule moving forward will be sound-effects for MaxGames some days a week, but the rest is relatively open form here on out. I cant wait to work on my projects again, and start submitting music at a more frequent rate. The goal is to get out 2-3 tracks a month, and start some twitch action!

Speaking of tracks..

Its time to reveal what I've been cookin'!

I made a sountrack-score for a short animation by the talented Anna Prado!
I have been dying to show this one off, I love this short, its like a love-letter to the golden days of 90s animation. But in glorious shaded 3d. I am really happy with how the music turned out! Everything musical except the credits music is made by yours truly. Enjoy!

Allisk8rAnna PradoVimeo

from on .

One of the other projects I've been working on is the soundtrack for "Rocket Wars" !
It is rocking a dynamic soundtrack that flows seamlessly from track to track, and will be out next month!
No ETA on the track releases yet, but keep your eye on this one, its a "blast" to play ;)

Infinite minigolf is still in early access on steam, but have been announced for consoles and VR as well!
I am still very proud of this soundtrack and cant wait to share it. I put my everything into those melodies,
and it is closing in on release! No dates yet, but you can play the early access on steam allready!
Here is a few trailers of the game (and sneakpeaks of the music ;)

In other old-new news:
The game "An alien with a magnet" that I made the sound-effects and music tracks for 4 years ago, is now available on steam.

If you just want to listen to the OST, you still can over at my Bandcamp or Youtube playlist

Lastly, I am still working on my albums!
I have been teasing you guys with one of them for quite some time, an unamed album in my fictive universe "skyworld".
The other album will be much like the previous ones not tied to any titles, with many of my current releases remastered, and a few exclusive ones ;) So stay tuned for that. As usual I am super-vague with the dates cause if theres anything I've learned, I cant keep them. Something always comes up to halt my progress, haha. Lets hope thats not the case this time

Thanks for reading, and thank you all for your support! Its amazing that I can still do this. And I hope it will never stop.

Untill next time, later allig8tor


Posted by Waterflame - March 10th, 2017

Its blog-time!

It really feels like 2016 only lasted a few months. I achieved less than half of what I thought I would last year.
Things slowed down, and I have not found the time or energy to regain traction.
Its been a rough start of the year too, with lots to do, and honestly I am burnt out. Ive been in a very small apartment for two years now, making music and sounds day in and out. I've become more disconnected and reclusive than ever before. Not to mention terrified of e-mail, mail and taxes.

But, im trying to change that this year. Things are looking up.
I am moving in 1-2 months, to a bigger place. And I have rented a little studio-space as well. Its been part of whats been ocupying me latelly. And will hopefully help me regain my sanity. I plan to commute there 3-4 times a week. To separate work from home, and finally start trying some new things!
I will be working two days a week for maxgames still, making sound for their games. So Monday and Tuesday will be sound-work this year. But the rest of the week should hopefully and in theory be more open soon.
The route includes a boat-ride, so that should be great for inspiration.

Here is a picture of the place (So far) I still need to get another external soundcard, sound traps, another screen and some cables and stuff over there, but I hope to start working here next monday.
It is a part of a good friend of mine's workshop / blacksmith. (He does awesome metal-work) He is still working on the place, but this room is finished (we had to put down a floor first etc).

As you may see in the picture I got a greenscreen as well. It has been around for two years but I finally plan to use it for the first time this year. I want to expand my horizon a bit and try streaming on twitch. The plan is to broadcast music creation for the most part, but I have no concrete plans yet. I will get to that as soon as I get used too the new place and workflow is good.
(I am going to use this channel: twitch.tv/waterflamemusic But there's nothing there yet.)

I also talked about updating my website last year. That has not happened yet sadly, but im trying again this year. No promises this time tho :P I will however get out some merch, release a full comprehensive discography list, and set up a PO box. For sure.

Other music related news:
- I am working on a new album, coming as soon as I can finish it.
The album will include ~80% of my current youtube/NG releases, remastered and polished (some times extended)
~20% of the tracks on the album will be exclusive tracks. It will be released to all the usual audio platforms online.
More info on that when I have a date and name to give, but its priority soon.

My other album in the "Skyworld" universe is on hold for now until I get everything else in order.

- There is also some Videogame soundtracks I've produced that is finally done and just waiting for the game to release.
I can not give a date on these, but as soon as the games are out, my music will be too!

- I have reached new milestones on all my sites last year, including 250k+ on youtube. that is insane.
Thanks to everyone who have shown support throughout these years. all in all I am very happy I can keep this job still. Hope to pick up speed and get back in the game again real soon!

If you want updates more frequently, head over to my Waterflame Facebook. I always announce releases and other noteworthy stuff there.

- Christian M


Posted by Waterflame - November 3rd, 2016

Update 11/10/2016, Extended version of Striker is out


Hey guys. Been a while as usual.
A lot has happened lately, and I wanted to share a few news!
Going from part time freelancer to full-time composer proved to be more challenging than expected.
Ive been pretty stressed. Hit a lot of unforeseen roadbumps, but ive had a lot of awesome jobs as well.

- I have been working on a soundtrack for over 2 years now, for ZEN studios new game. (The same people that made CastleStorm / CSVR , a title I also made the full soundtrack for. )
The game is called infinite minigolf. And you can play the early access alpha on steam right now!
It even had a recent Halloween update, and more updates to come.
I am happy with the work I've done for this project. And worked on it for what feels like forever. So go check out the game and the music! :) (but keep in mind that its in alpha! So the mixing might be a bit off still.)

I dont know how or when the tracks will be available yet, but I will update when I know.

- I got a new job!
I was recently hired by MaxGames, (Creators of stick war legacy and age of war.) as an audio-producer for the new game Mini-legends. I will be working with them until the game no longer needs sounds, hopefully!
You can play the alpha on phone now for free, but it is in the very early stages.
It is cool that I can directly share what im working with for once here tho, so if you are interested, you can see my sound progress in the game-updates.

- Racing apex also made an appearance earlier this year! Allowing me to finally show off my music that was made so long ago for this game. The OST is out now and you can get it in most online stores, bandcamp or listen to it on YouTube. The game itself is not out yet, but I am truly excited for when this releases. the whole game is a nostalgic dream for me.

Im sure theres tons of stuff I forgot to mention, and some stuff I cant really mention yet. But check out my Twitter or Facebook if you want to know more about what I am working on or whats going on.

New track coming out very soon.. And it might have something to do with GD. ;)


Posted by Waterflame - December 18th, 2015

Hi everyone!

So.. It has once again been ages since I posted anything here. I will just not promise anything at this point,
as it seems to be more of a yearly thing by now.

2015 has been.. exhausting. I have never worked so hard as I did this year, but it has paid off as well!
I am now officially a full-time composer! No more part-time jobs for me. I can finally, after 8 years focus
fully on my music.

So much has happened this year that I dont really know where to begin. So I'll just drop some headlines here!

I moved, again.

I have released some new soundtracks from small Soundtrack assignments!

A new 10 track chiptune album is coming out tomorrow!

Lots of other cool news have been posted here during the course of 2015, including a post where I mention
my plans for 2016:
(This is also where I'll post all updates about upcoming tracks etc)

I have a twitter now?

also.. I am sure I dont have to tell you guys about GeometryDash

And, I am involved in a big Soundtrack project due early 2016. Cant wait to share that with everyone!

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who continue to support me! I would not be able to do
this for a living without all of you showing interest and support.
I started up here on NG, and it will always be the coziest most creative place on the web for me.

Happy holidays!

Posted by Waterflame - October 8th, 2014

.. I made another post!
I am terrible at this. not even gonna try to find an excuse this time. haha.
So, there has been a lot going on!
I recently moved to a temporary location, and I will move again as soon as I find a cool place!

I am swamped in music work, and it feels great. The work keeps coming in and I am having a blast with it, although it can be hard at times.
Also, my youtube channel is doing better than ever, so you guys should check that out if you haven't already!

As soon as I move out I plan to make a better set up and purchase a greenscreen and a real microphone, so you guys can join in on some of the composing action next year!

To some of the less personal news:

I am currently making a album called "Community favorites" ! Where I basically put all the stuff you guys love but cant find on itunes or spotify in one big blender and release it! (after some minor adjustments to volume and mastering on most of the tracks) It is nearing completion, but if you have a suggestion or want a track to be on the album, let me know in the comment section!

And hey guys! I made music for Xelu's "Move or die", And its on steam now! So you have to check that out. its going to be completely awesome.

I also finished my work for a number of other games, some that are not released yet, but if you just scroll your way down my Facebook page You can find all news about that there!

More updates will follow!
Hopefully not a year until next time, huh..

Stay awesome NG ~ <3

Posted by Waterflame - September 11th, 2013

OK! So, I REALLY need to update this page more frequently. I got a ton of new stuff to report!

I have been super busy this year, relocating, getting a new job, and a ton of music projects!

So, first of all!

Castlestorm Is out! The game i made the full soundtrack for some years ago. It is available on Xbox360 Live arcade and
Steam! The team even mentions me in the steam trailer, witch i take as a huge honor. It was a blast to work with them
on this project, and I am really happy with how it all turned out. it is a really fun game as well! :)

The full soundtrack is available at my YouTube channel , and you can also download it from my bandcamp (or buy it if you want to support me :)

Also, I finished my work for the game "An alien with a magnet" !
I made the entire soundtrack for this game, as well as all the sound effects and ambiance!
This project was a challenge, since I normally do not do sound effect work. But it was fun, and i learned a lot from it!
You can listen to the full soundtrack on my youtube channel. (These links take you directly to the playlists. Please subscribe if you want to support me, or get updates on future albums like these! due to copyrights and agreements with the companies i can not upload them here on NG)

I still have a lot of projects around the corner! I am super busy these days!

And last, but not least, my 3rd album is FINALLY out! It was heavily delayed due to all the contract work i got this year,
but it is finally out! 20 tracks of orchestral break-beat and techno, with a darker vibe this time around.
Check out the album promotion!

-20 tracks
-320 Kbps
-11 New unreleased tracks!
-9 remastered old ones

You can buy the album on the following sites: Muve Music, VerveLife, MySpace Music, Rhapsody, MediaNet, Xbox Music, Rdio, Amazon MP3, iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify, Sony Music Unlimited, Wimp, Google Play, Gracenote, Shazam, simfy, Nokia, eMusic, And Deezer

Album artwork by skullgirls animator RTIL:
And here is a spotify link, if you want to try before you buy! ;)

So, I think that wraps it up for now! Thank you so much everyone for the fantastic support I am getting! Could not have done it without you guys.

Check out my other social places for more updates and tracks!
WF Facebook
WF YouTube
WF Official

3 New albums and 2 game releases!