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Waterflame's News

Posted by Waterflame - 10 days ago

Hi Newgrounds! I am looking for animators for music videos!

I’m looking for someone to make music video animations to go along with my music releases on YouTube, so I can spend more time on music, up the video quality, and share some of newgrounds talent in the process. This is paid work per project, and very regular, as I release music at least once every month. 

Please send samples of your work, how long it takes to make a 3-5 minute video, and your commission rate! Email my company at contact@autodidactic.ai

Thank you! :D



Posted by Waterflame - July 21st, 2023

youtu.be/-9Jg8-3rn_c New Music Friday 5pm PDT! (today!) Cya at the premiere? ;D



Posted by Waterflame - August 20th, 2022



I decided to release the flash video compilation as an album as well! 45 Tracks from 2004 to 2014 used in games and animations of the flash era. With 29 tracks unreleased on Digital stores, Spotify and Bandcamp - until now!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6h0br8Obi9kSAiLyxEey9o?si=7a1sNhh-TlinPBdV2HyOtw

Bandcamp: https://waterflame.bandcamp.com/album/age-of-flash Youtube: https://youtu.be/2PNt-Dc1lMI


10 Years of Waterflame flash music - A eulogy to the age of Flash games and animations! Come to the YouTube premiere at 2PM PST Aug 21st (this Sunday!) for almost 3 hours of nostalgic music and flash gameplay!

Premiere link: https://youtu.be/2PNt-Dc1lMI

This will be a nostalgic montage of most my music that's been used on Newgrounds.com complete with the actual older website layouts! My oldest tracks start from the 2000s in 2004, and 2014 is around when things tapered off (and the A-Bot for Newgrounds was retired :[ ) so that's where I decided to end the timeline.

I love this website, and think this serves as a nice homage to the good old days and what helped kickstart my carreer.

Hope to see you there!iu_730846_489978.webp



Posted by Waterflame - April 12th, 2022

Big news! :D After a lot of deliberation, I have simply decided that instead of making a new big album with old tracks, I am uploading the singles one by one to online services, (Some will be EP's with alternative editions) all the way until present day. This will take some time, and they will trickle in. But here is the first batch!

(Single) Waterflame - Thunderzone

(Single) Waterflame - Field of Memories

(Single) Waterflame - Race Around the World 2

(Single) Waterflame - Run!

(Single) Waterflame - Summer Memories

(Single) Waterflame - Galaxy Park

(EP)      Waterflame - Combo Breaker

              Waterflame - Combo Breaker Redux

These tracks are out right now, in these online stores/streaming services:

Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram/Facebook, TikTok, Resso & Luna, YouTube Music, Amazon, Soundtrack by Twitch, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Boomplay, Anghami, KKBox, NetEase, Tencent, Qobuz, Triller (beta), Joox, Kuack Media (beta), Yandex Music (beta), MediaNet, Snapchat

Spotify singles section:


Bandcamp >>>>

Combo Breaker EP:


2004 - 2021 Singles (Will be updated frequently until completion): https://waterflame.bandcamp.com/album/2004-2021-singles-will-be-updated-frequently-until-completion

The singles album on Bandcamp will keep updating until it has the full lineup of tracks not belonging in any album. Moving forward, all singles not themed to an upcoming album will go to online stores instantly.



( also if you have a twitter, help me poke Hideki so he will notice me and battle me lol:

https://twitter.com/WaterflameMusic/status/1513524998367064072 )



Posted by Waterflame - March 13th, 2022

Updates!! I go over everything in this video, where im live in front of a camera for once! all in one goofy take. :D

The links to each topic can be found in the description of the video.

To summarize:

  • I am going to be at GDC and have a booth there with my other company autodidactic, showcasing our games!
  • I am a finalist in the GDC pitch competition!
  • Robeats licensed my music and created a pack and character!
  • I am going to NGA, Norwegian Game Awards, and going to be in the judges pannel, on stage etc!
  • My art/music project Welkin/Skyworld is finally becoming the game it was always meant to be!
  • 250k monthly listeners on spotify milestone! (thank you so much for the support ;v;)

And of course, more music coming soon, as always :D



Posted by Waterflame - January 8th, 2022

Hi NG!

2022 is here, and I'm finally back to a stable ground. Got some updates on things to come and things already here.

- First of all, I have a community discord now, at last! Everyone is welcome, and the link is permanent :) (But read the rules first)

Waterflame Discord server

This used to be a patreon only thing, then not a thing at all for some years as I scaled back all my socials for a long while. But for the past 3 months its been open and ironed out as the numbers increase, and I think it has become a pretty chill zone, thanks to a lot of community help and figuring out a structure together. So if you want an extra place besides NG to share your art and drop a few memes, I'd love to see you there.

In other old news, the Radio Livestream Is still alive and well, currently sitting on 414 tracks on random shuffle. (Some exclusives there not found here ;)

- I also opened a Minecraft server lol. Its permanent, and everyone is welcome. Rules and info can be found on the discord server.

We started releasing more collaborative stuff in the company I am a part of, autodidactic: Like VR Jetpack game on steam, Lightyears from home (in production still) and some recent collaborative music tracks. You should check it out :D It is probably through this studio of ours I will start producing my game too once that gets rolling this year.

As usual I have a ton of ideas for 2022 and I am probably only going to be able to do half of them, but heres too a better year than the last! There will be lots more music, that's for sure! 2 OST releases and at MINIMUM one new album is planned for this year.

(I'll leave you with One of my latest tracks, but with a little animation to follow)



Posted by Waterflame - October 24th, 2021


I am back to uploading normally after my album Vast Finally dropped, and my first upload In half a year was this track,


Dormant YT / Dormant NG

More of an experimental dark track, as it is the season ;) But I have many more tracks planned for the last 2 months of the year too. They just don't quite fit the spooky good vibes we are having right now. So instead, lets lean into the spooks!

I decided to make some of the remasters/remakes from my new album available, specifically the dark and Halloweeny ones. So here are 2 remasters and one remake from Vast!

Deluding Beats ( Deludebeats Remake)

Pain Engine

Running From Demons

(Thanks to pftq for extra video and thumbnail help to speed things up)

I have also compiled a YouTube playlist with my creepy and dark tracks, for all your spooky needs:

Feels good to be back. Stay tuned for more, and Happy Halloween!




Posted by Waterflame - September 26th, 2021

My YouTube livestream is back! Its basically waterflame radio. Random tracks from my catalogue play endlessly on shuffle, with chat enabled. Right now there are 220 tracks in the pool, but I am adding more in updates until everything I have ever released (pluss some rare unreleased stuff) will play there on rotation :D Full playlist in the description link. The graphics are all from my titles too, and I plan to add a bunch more graphics to the visual loop as well.

Come say hi some time!

24/7 continuous playlist stream




Posted by Waterflame - September 6th, 2021


The mega-album I have been working since forever is finally here!

Digital release on the 20th of September 2021 ( 09.20.2021 / 20.09.2021 )

Available in online stores like itunes,Spotify,KKbox,YouTube music, Bandcamp etc (full store list at 01:06 in the video)

50 Tracks

9 Album exclusives

Completely remastered/remade tracks all the way from 2009 to 2021



Disclaimer: The album versions are new and will not sound the same as the originals on youtube or here on Newgrounds even though they share the same name, they have all been altered in some form (with the exception of

"Machine Politics")

01 Hidden Path

02 Daybreaker

03 Body Jammer

04 Atom Sampler

05 Escalade

06 Stride

07 Coast

08 Panic beach

09 Precarious

10 Progress

11 Machine Politics

12 NightSquad Redux

13 Give Me a Break

14 Nightlife

15 Race Around The Desert

16 Keep Going

17 Grid Voyage

18 Octagon Force

19 Viscid

20 Skelter

21 Supra Zone

22 Feelin' Better

23 Boundless

24 Floating

25 Sky Maneuvers

26 Frenetic

27 Race Around the Galaxy

28 Jumper 2

29 Hidden path (Rapid Route Mix)

30 Big Bad Break

31 The Chase

32 Dance-Off

33 Flukt

34 Market district

35 Everyday Heroes

36 Starfall

37 Starcrater

38 Dreamscape

39 Felicity

40 Thunderzone v2

41 Slink

42 Doomsday

43 Running from Demons

44 Pain Engine

45 Wormloader

46 Brain Damage

47 Duskbreaker

48 Gabberfly

49 DeludingBeats

50 Astral Space



The album art was commissioned from the pixel talent NANA. They also made every element of the cover artwork as a separate render, So I could use it as set-pieces in the promo video!

T H A N K S & C R E D I T S


Thank you to everyone that helped me out extra with this! And for all the support. Thanks to all the patreons, and the more diehard followers cheering me along and throwing out suggestions (you know who you are ;D) Fastland and pftq for being the final frontier and sanity check on masters. pftq for helping out with orchestral spacing and mastering, it saved a lot of time. Thanks to Avari for helping out with track promo number and text editing and general help to speed things up.


Now that this gigantic task is over, I can return to other things again slowly. So hopefully my online presence will start coming alive again shortly. I am still working on many projects, and have no plans of stopping!




Posted by Waterflame - December 31st, 2020

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty sick of 2020.

Just thought I would end it with updating you guys on whats been going on, and what I have planned for 2021!

So first of all, Album news! The elephant in the room is that I did not finish an album this year, like I planned too. But it could have been out now, I just don't think its finished. And I would never want to push a rushed project! This album is a huge undertaking. Mostly having to battle with my past horrible mastering practices and dig up ancient VSTs, but about 32 of the 50 planned tracks are done! This is going to be a huge album. With all the tracks you probably wish were on spotify, in remastered high quality versions (some with new flare and extensions, even!) And on top of that, a few exclusive album tracks as well! So, I am not letting it go until it is done, and done right. But I will say, you can expect a release date announcement in January, with a full track list! :D

2nd post is the optimization of my YouTube channel.

I thought I was just doing a one-evening job when I sat down to fix my videos descriptions,

and I have been telling people for so many years that they can find relevant links in almost all descriptions. This turns out to not really have been the case! So, I'm sorry for that for those who found it hard to figure stuff out.

I spent days going from the first video to the last, and I am still not 100% done. But I'm up to

2015, so things should be good from there (Ill still go through the last part though, just to be sure). But most videos should now have relevant end title cards, updated tags, updated descriptions, and spelling error fixes lol.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I've decided to probably not take any contract work next year. I have wanted to finish my albums and start making my own game for years now and I'm finally in a situation where I have the chance to do so. So, I will focus all my efforts on first finishing the albums (all of them), then focus on gathering a team and start work on my first real video game. I also plan to have more contact with other artists and finally try to do some collabs. I already have a lot of people in mind, so stay tuned for that as well!

When it comes to new single music tracks, unfortunately I didn't have any time to finish any of them before the end of this month, however I have a lot of cool tracks nearing completion - one of them being a continuation of an old classic, so I'm excited to show you guys that.

It's been a tough year but I feel like I've also gotten closer to a lot of what I want to achieve, and I think I made it through alright despite all the hurdles. I hope everybody has a better year in 2021!

Happy new year and thank you so much for all the support! See you next year.