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10 Years of Flash and Waterflame

Posted by Waterflame - August 20th, 2022



I decided to release the flash video compilation as an album as well! 45 Tracks from 2004 to 2014 used in games and animations of the flash era. With 29 tracks unreleased on Digital stores, Spotify and Bandcamp - until now!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6h0br8Obi9kSAiLyxEey9o?si=7a1sNhh-TlinPBdV2HyOtw

Bandcamp: https://waterflame.bandcamp.com/album/age-of-flash Youtube: https://youtu.be/2PNt-Dc1lMI


10 Years of Waterflame flash music - A eulogy to the age of Flash games and animations! Come to the YouTube premiere at 2PM PST Aug 21st (this Sunday!) for almost 3 hours of nostalgic music and flash gameplay!

Premiere link: https://youtu.be/2PNt-Dc1lMI

This will be a nostalgic montage of most my music that's been used on Newgrounds.com complete with the actual older website layouts! My oldest tracks start from the 2000s in 2004, and 2014 is around when things tapered off (and the A-Bot for Newgrounds was retired :[ ) so that's where I decided to end the timeline.

I love this website, and think this serves as a nice homage to the good old days and what helped kickstart my carreer.

Hope to see you there!iu_730846_489978.webp




I love your music.

You’ve come a long way, and I don’t see you stopping anytime soon. Keep going. :)

You're an inspiration to us all Waterflame

Maverick Feud, King Poseidon, The Show… Man, the list can go on! A good chunk of your tracks are still absolute gems to me!

Water flame you are a great music, my guy

Man, you are da boss! Well done :D

damn it i missed it :(

damn it i missed it :(

always geat song!

keep it up waterflame :)


@2147483647 Sunset

эх...10 лет......

@ThePurpleGoat that gonna be a very depressing song

Ay waterflame, love your music and have been listening to you for 7 - 8 years :D
Actually I’m listening to dark dreams writing this

In fact!! I listened to you before playing geometry dash, the first song I heard from you was conclusion which just so happened to be in my recommendations while checking out what EDM was, I used to be a big fan of post Malone for some reason, and literally any rock song. But then I found you within the “like this” section at school in 3rd grade.

After that I started listening to your song conclusion, sky fortress, world peace parade, thumper, and others, then at 8 I got gd and was so surprised to see you made some of the songs, I didn’t bother playing the other levels until later lol ? just waterflame levels.(well I beat stereo madness-base after base).

At 12 or 13 I was grounded for months from everything!!!! The only thing that made it bearable to me was body jammer, daybreaker, and other tracks made around that area. During when I got out of grounding at 13 something, I discovered newgrounds, and found that you made, HUNDREDS OF SONGS!!!!! Spent atleast 100 hours of my life listening to superfunky.

At the end of my 13th year I got my self fl mobile and started taking in inspiration and tried making music(tried) but now I’m better at music, kinda.

Whenever someone asked me what my goals were, I never knew what to say, but now…

I want to be better at music
I want to improve myself
I want to live peacefully
I want to help others
I want to live happily
I want to meet you

Smoking is addictive, but honestly, they should hear your music. Honestly I might be one of the fans with something known as a “Waterflame Addicted” person, but I’m proud to be part of it. Maybe you put nicotine in your music, if that’s even possible.

Your the best, you’ve helped me so much through some times where I feel everything was down, including now! I’m suffering from heartbreak right now, but I feel like your saying to me, “Every thing is gonna be alright” sometimes I see you without you even being there, maybe it’s because you’ve been such a big part of my life.

Somehow, I feel spiritually connected to you. Thank you, for everything, even the stuff you didn’t mean to happen. If you ever feel useless, remember that you saved a kid from what would’ve been a sad life full of smoke and drinks, you made a kid want to change for the better, you helped a kid through tough times, you inspired thousands to be like you, your the opposite of worthless, an antonym of useless, a synonym of amazing.

Maybe someday we’ll meet, and if we do, I’ll treasure that moment forever, I know your not perfect, but somehow that only makes it better, but to me you are perfect, and to a lot of others I’m guessing.

Can’t sleep, it cured me of all of my anxiety I was facing while 13, your songs have powers no man can explain, you aren’t a music artist, your a hero.

I love you waterflame, and I thank you for everything.

Keep going, never stop!
We love you, and will always be here for you!!!!!!