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Great piece :) Its very hopeful. Would be awesome to hear this in full orchestration. But it has a lot of charm as it is. I really like this kind of melody personally, it really grew on me. Well done!

vincentizghra responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words. I've never thought about making a fully orchestrated version but I love the idea. I think it could work great! Again thank you <3

Awesome track! This has an amazing sound, melodies are great, and the call-and-response is what really ties the track in. Only thing it might need to make it perfect is the mastering on the lead instruments, they can be a bit piercing in the middle.

Burner98 responds:

Thanks for the criticism, much appreciated =]

I'm glad you liked it !


(Holy sh!t it's Waterflame, I'm flattered !)

Ahhh this is my kind of chord-lines. It sounds great! It has that classic Japanese VGM jazz sound to it. And I LOVE the mastering. I know its not for everyone, but personally I like the low mid and bass to be center stage like in this mix. As for constructive criticism, if there was anything to point out its the synth at 01:55 and to the end, it cool that its wonky but it ends up fighting for space a bit. Might just be personal preference :) Great piece!

chrisbasso responds:

appreciate it Waterflame! Means a lot coming from a legend <3

This is super out there, and like you said not really anything like the track anymore. But im diggin' it! Especially the end / start after the drop. With the repeating voices and stabs in left and right stereo. I also love weird.

ORI-TAGGART responds:

Glad you enjoy it man! I was not expecting a comment from you. Much appreciated! Have a nice day!

Thank you! This Is great. Well done! I def. feel the influence in the chords and breakdowns. Loved the little radio-breakdown. Also funny to hear so many of these samples and presets I've messed with myself through the years. Yet, this is its own thing.

PredatorMusic responds:

Glad you liked it! Yeah, it is super influenced in your old/Skyworld tracks!

Thank you!

This is kinda chill! I like it.

Welcome back! The remake is awesome, but I expected nothing less.
Now go take back the orchestral section!

Danman87 responds:

Thanks WF! I'll attempt that once I find it! :D

This is awesome. Thank you! I loved that little teaser buildup, and you nailed the timing on everything. The bass-synth sounds so much cooler here than the original!

PredatorMusic responds:

Wow thanks man! I really appreciate this.

I did this with all my effort, all my experience... and inspirations from you and this awesome track!

I bet if you do a new version of the song the bass will sound better. I mean, the song is nearly 10 years old, maybe the quality wasn't the best one!

But really, thank you.

This is great! I really love how you master your sounds. It all sounds so crisp

BoomKitty responds:

Thanks ma dude! Always good to see you stopping by.

Been ages since I commented on anything on NG, but I had too with this one. Great work, I can def. hear the Virt inspiration in here, glad I could be a part of that too. I especially like the Arabic scale FM synth parts. Looking forward to hear more from you!

Demonicity responds:

thanks mate!
appreciate it!

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