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Thank you! This Is great. Well done! I def. feel the influence in the chords and breakdowns. Loved the little radio-breakdown. Also funny to hear so many of these samples and presets I've messed with myself through the years. Yet, this is its own thing.

PredatorMusic responds:

Glad you liked it! Yeah, it is super influenced in your old/Skyworld tracks!

Thank you!

This is kinda chill! I like it.

Welcome back! The remake is awesome, but I expected nothing less.
Now go take back the orchestral section!

Danman87 responds:

Thanks WF! I'll attempt that once I find it! :D

Cool. Nice work on the melodic structuring! :) But The song is extremely loud and it is clipping, It might be dangerous to headphone users (like myself) you should try putting a limiter on it, and never go over 100% on any volume slider. Rather make it louder by upping loudness in the master limiter in the end.

djn3utral123r responds:

My apologies, Mr. Waterflame, sir.
...sorry for the excessive formality. I'm just so hyped that someone as famous as you noticed me (the only other person who comes close to you who's noticed me is DJVI (who, no offense, is the one GD artist I like more than you)). But, to keep my...uh, shall we say, fanboy side...down, I'm avoiding all the caps and exclamation points. :)
Sorry for making it so loud. See, fact is, I started going deaf about 2 years before I started making music, and so I can't really hear the track as well unless it's at such high volumes. I know, it's inconsiderate to my listeners, but unless you're Beethoven, you can't make a song you know will be enjoyed if you can't hear it yourself.
Truth is, I actually don't think I've used a limiter in any of my songs before (probably stupid on my part), largely because, well, I'm an amateur who had minimal music experience before entering the field (it was originally just a hobby, but I've since highly considered doing it for a career) and didn't take the time to learn the full functionality of everything before I started working on tracks. That being said, I never used a limiter because I didn't understand how a limiter worked.
As for never going to 100% on any slider, I have received that criticism once before. Admittedly, I didn't actually hit 100% on any of them for this track, but I'm not gonna pretend like I didn't come close, as 95% may as well be 100% (rough estimate when I say 95%; my DAW doesn't actually give percentages).

Anyway, thank you for the feedback, sir. I'll try to keep your advice in mind for future tracks.

This is awesome. Thank you! I loved that little teaser buildup, and you nailed the timing on everything. The bass-synth sounds so much cooler here than the original!

PredatorMusic responds:

Wow thanks man! I really appreciate this.

I did this with all my effort, all my experience... and inspirations from you and this awesome track!

I bet if you do a new version of the song the bass will sound better. I mean, the song is nearly 10 years old, maybe the quality wasn't the best one!

But really, thank you.

This is great! I really love how you master your sounds. It all sounds so crisp

BoomKitty responds:

Thanks ma dude! Always good to see you stopping by.

Been ages since I commented on anything on NG, but I had too with this one. Great work, I can def. hear the Virt inspiration in here, glad I could be a part of that too. I especially like the Arabic scale FM synth parts. Looking forward to hear more from you!

Demonicity responds:

thanks mate!
appreciate it!

Nice. I like the spacing and tightness of the drums. Great melodies too. You are really continuing the legacy of the oldschool NG style in this one. Only constructive criticism I have to give is that he distortion seems a bit out of place, (around the clashes in particular) like speakers not being able to handle the bass. (assuming its not just the bass being overloaded.)

Keep up the good work! :)

EverReverb responds:

I haven't really toyed with distortion before. I tried to give the cymbals a bit more aggression and overall a more dirtier feeling, but in hindsight I think I overdid it a bit too much (also I probably shouldn't have put it into the master channel...).

Thanks ^^! I will definitely keep on trying my best :P

Nice remix :) I especially liked the jumping bass stabs. Always so fun to hear another artists take on something ive made. also, the original end part sounds like the beginning of something cool that could be taken further. (05:45 and out)

Pi0run-V responds:

Thanks! :D I'm glad you appreciated it because I tried to make it my best one. Thank you for reviewing this! ^^

I dig it! Reminds me of the PlayStation era, for some reason. I think its the pads.
I also like that little synth howl in the breaks, really makes a difference. Not much to critique on really, a overall nice tune, Might be a little high on the high-ends now and then, if anything. Keep at it! *Votes 5*

Noisysundae responds:

Why thank you! Didn't see you coming. Also thanks for voting 5 on this one. I think 4 is reasonable for it, though.

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