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Neat little game. interesting style and animation, however the game was too repetitive and slow-paced without anything new happening. there was no real reason to go back and forth cept prolonging the game. you have a good concept here, i would love to see a re-work of this game, since it has such potential, but lackluster execution. Overall a OK game!

Great job mate :D i love the design! andits a pretty original concept. the controllers are flawless and theres alot of replay value :D and its also fun to hear my music in it ^^ good job!

Awesome work man :D i love your awesome series. thanks for letting me be a part of it! :D keep up the good work!

Cool idea! i love how the backround reacts to the music, but for a game that only has one animation i find it annoying that it looks more like he has a hurt leg than actually running. however apart from that theres nothing wrong with the game, neat little flash game, good job! 3.5/5

Neat little game, altho i encountered a bug at the 5th level wich made it impossible ot add or deduct points from speed, so i was stuck. also it gets pretty hard pretty damn fast. another thing is that, even tho, the character changing facial expression every time he rolled was a neat little add-on, it was really annoying when he turned into your cat mascot, commercial shouldnt be in the game like that, if you ask me. also some sound effects and music change would be nice. other than that, a cool idea, a nice style, nice game concept! but needs alot of polishing. 3.5/5, 4/5

:D !

Wow, amazing! i love it, youre getting better really fast : D this is fantastic, im speachless. next step now is console games man :D and i see you can do 3d aswell now, thats great!! loved the first, but this is perfect. i dont really have any constructive criticim. how are you doing these days anyways? im sorry im not on msn, i dont really use it anymore. but pm me or something and ill send you my skype. keep up the great work man :D

Kajenx responds:

Psh, skype! Everyone always wants to talk with their voices for some reason! :P

I'm glad you like it tho, hehe. I remember you saying you wished the last one was more colorful, so I was betting you'd like my rococo styled graphical upgrade. :3


original and fun, loved it, however i would like to see more variation in the bosses, since they are infact the only enemies in the game i felt it was kinda rushed to just put on some new clothes on them. also soon as you upgrade everything money arent worth anything, other than those two things i cant find anything wrong with this game. great job! entertaining for a good 30 min


i love this! the style, the concept. the story, however it turns out. i can relate so much to so many things here, i guess we all can. at some point in life. but its really nice to have it pointed out like this. i actually felt the hard feeling i kinda feel when i have to tell a girl something like that. and i actually hessitated even tho its just a game. i think its amazing that it gives you that feeling, somehow.
all in all a cute little piece of art. really inspirational. keep on doing great things!


this wouldnt be greatly inspiered by braid by any chance?, however an awesome game! it was really smart and adictive. thumbs up!


Awesome game :D i loved the grapics. the gameplay got really stressing after a while, since you cant shoot without dragging the mouse, but that was the only downside i could find to this game. all in all a great defence game, well done!

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