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jabber and stuff. some info.. eh yah

Posted by Waterflame - July 31st, 2007

hm, i diddnt really know untill now that html was alowed in this blogger thingy. stupid of me, since its right there on the left side :P that would have made things alot easyer. ah well, one day untill im leaving, so im thinking about clashing in one of my songs before i leave. i stopped submitting songs for a long time, altho my creativity was higher than ever at that moment. so there is still alot of stuff to come!

the song i would like to share the most is maybe Hospital. but its too big for newgrounds, so i will have to fix that, i will probably do it later today. since, ive already packed and everyones away so what is there to do :P oh and, i kinda forgot to say.. all the image atachments is ofcource made by me, in flash. not that they stand out too much but its something i guess.. i also made a page header but ng wont let me upload it yet :P

anyways, i dont really know if it is legal to post links here, but since its tecnicaly not any comercial of any sorts, rather contact pages, ill take my chances.
i kinda tried to do this in my ..blurp? barf? whatever? the thingy you write alill sumtin sumtn about yourself in. but they cut off links due to comercial issues and stuff, wich is actually great if you ask me. so uh, im not claiming that anyone would have particular intrest in any of these profiles, i just figured since newgrounds is a good page to have a internett fortress on, i might aswell link to my other "outposts" :P this is where ill lurk like forever now so, why not.

My Myspace music page:
http://www.myspace.com/waterflamele git

My myspace personal page:

Norwegian music profile (not updated in 6 months or so..)

eh.. my deviant art '>_>

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php ?id=596326390

ok thats really every place i exist on the internett and still do stuff once in a while.. i bet im a member of like.. 100 more, but i proabbly forgot most of em.

oh damn! speaking of outpost! i did get a good start on outpost 3 WAAY back, it looked like it was gonna own the first 2 by miles, but guess what. thats when i managed due stupidity to blackout my whole room, and computer. and give my hardisc a electroshock. frying ALL MY SONGS AND FLASH. were talking about almost 100+ random short/unfinished flash movies and atleast 100 unfinished songs/melodies/songs... that was seriously a major setback, with my grandma dying the day before i also just kinda blacked out creativly speaking. i dont think i made anything for 2-3 months o.O so there you have it, why there never was an outpost 3, or a word about it. :P diddnt mean to get dead serious on ye, it no biggie anymore, happened over a year ago. but anyways ill get back to flash in time, for those who cared about that ^-^

ok now im done i think. thats what happens when i havent got anyone to talk too at the moment o.O
well i need some cola and food and stuff, one last post tonight i think, then im off. cya :3


jabber and stuff. some info.. eh yah

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Gogo Hospital, mate. Just make sure you don't compress it too much, like I did with Depthcharge. :\