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lazy lazy lazy? o.o

Posted by Waterflame - September 25th, 2007

so i finally post again huh.. i was going to submit a song like 2 weeks ago. but i did it like.. 2 days ago o.O! so thats lazy for you. i did however submit 2 instead of one. so thats a bonus. well if you like it, that is.. there is one 8bit chiptune , and one techno/orcestral/badass thingy..
for those who havent heard them yet, go do it. now. and review?
as said many times, i do read them all, even more than once. its just that i dont really know what to say but "thanks" most of the time you know.. so it kinda looks stupid after a while scrolling the list full of "Thanks! :)".. but i do love you all still <3 yeah so anyways go listen:

8bit Clouds


I still dont have a job! (apart from the one in nibbo software, but i cant live on that) that friggin sucks. i am open for any kind of low-payment music and effect jobbs. if anyone needs that.

as usual my "way-over-my-head" flash and game projects have died out due to over-drive of ideas and lack of skill and progammers and voice actors and the whole shity woopedy. so thats not gonna happen for a long time. now that im also gonna help my gf with a flash project at school.

oh god. now that the music review reding thingy are up i feel so ashamed i could implode. well thats what you get for beeing a disturbed lill 13 year old when you sign up for newgrounds i guess :P
looking back i really did have to fight for my place here tho. there were so many pepole trying to knock me out of newgrounds claiming i did not make my own music, and that i cheated with the scores, etc etc. before the good audio system came into action newgrounds audio page was like a internett gheto o.o lol, pepole had voting mobs ready to lift up songs, or blam them... man. glad those unfair times are over, so now i can finally start to have some favorites and stuff. :P <3

ive been making a good looking little web page, at a horrible free webiste host thingy..wingy. its all hand drawn ofcource but.. you know. geocities kinda sucks! im gonna release that in some days i hope. (expect weeks, dam me.) so well, untill next time i move my ass, hf and gl on whatever you guys are doing and stuff and shit and omgXbbqwtf. <3

(as usual, i attach one of my drawing. this time, "future", made in math class 2006 winter)

lazy lazy lazy? o.o

Comments (5)

wow...I didn't read anything but.... I wish I could draw like that :(

heh, thank you! :D if it makes you feel any better, its one of my best drawings still :P


thanks! :D

nice drawing,man

ty XD

wow that ist awesome :D

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