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smokin hawt salamon

Posted by Waterflame - August 15th, 2007

yeah well so, ill update this when i actually have something to say... i guess.. i just wanted new news since my last post was so heavy and bragging XD so here it is, new news for you.

submiting a new song today, so look out for that.. um what else..hm.. im gonna fill my favorite audio list soon, ..to be honest, ive never surfed alot on the audio protal. i guess ill be kinda demoralised of all the good stuff out there, but it will still be awesome to finally get some favorites of my own thar.

ah.. i still wish i could delete 10 of my songs or so.. thats the only thing i want for newgrounds now, a delete button. but i do see why its not there. it just sucks. XD well, take care and all that.

oh and uhm. drawing. year ago or so. nutn much.

smokin hawt salamon

Comments (4)

Nice drawing. I'm still waiting for more outpost flashes... >:)

Anyway, a deletion button for audio submission should be up anytime now, it's a feature we've been promised. I hope you don't delete any good stuff of your music once it's there though, I remember when I had lived in Oslo for only a few months in 2004, and I finally got a profile on NG. I used to listen to your, PX9, Evil-Dog and Dreamscapers music on my way to work for a period.
Aahh, good times. You had a different profile name back then though....

hi rucklo :D glad to hear that the delete is coming up, thanks for the info ^^

truth is, if you red my other blog thingys, outpost 3 was in the making, and looking sexy as ever when my hardisc got a electroshock. its been 2 years since then, but i lost tons of both flash and music work, and many pictures. im thingking about reviving it, but its really expencive, 3500-5000kr, you would know thats alot for a 18 year old guy without a job XD since your norwegian i mean :)

i wont be deleting alot really, come to think of it. jsut some few things that i feel ruin my music list. terror wasp, among others..

i really like that you listened to my work, i remember you well from back then actually :D chainsaw_09 was the nick back then.. i felt the numbers madethe name too unpersonal and it was really just a random name, i diddnt think i would get so into newgrounds. besides i was only 14 when i made it i think XD anyways, thanks for the comment! :D i realy love it when pepole take the time to leave me a message. ill check out your stuff next!

snakkes ;)

Hey WaterFlame. I just wanted to say that your -Space Pirates- is still
one of my favorites (if not, my favorite!) song on Newgrounds.
I really like your stuff!


wow :D i am honored to have you write on my page, even more to be a favorite of yours! :D thank you :) that means alot comming from you. i really like your stuff aswell :)

Hey, through the forums, I found a link to your space pirates song, kicks ass by the way. I've listened to a few others of yours, I love the swinging rhythm, almost jazz like, but the sound is totally video game.
Ahh, the delete button, I wish I could do that with quite a few of my songs, that I just chucked up here to get a reaction, because I was just experimenting with sounds.
Oh, and, ummm... if you need audio people to fill up your favourites, you could add me (lol I'm such a noob for asking), I got you on mine, and glorious morning on my favourite songs. I'll probably add more of your music to my favs though.
Keep up the kickass music.


thanks man :D yeah ive always loved the "video game" feel to it, since to me, that is really just music standing on its own without vocals or other things like that. its like the music sings itself, since the tunes is short but have alot of melodies and changes. thats the way its supposed to be if you ask me X3 ill check out your stuff now! :) i diddnt realise i got this comment untill now, sorry for that one T_T lol

wow, en norsk til

yepp :D heia norge? :3