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Castle crashers entry!

Posted by Waterflame - August 11th, 2007

i decided to give the castle crashers music competition a go, and i was almost too late! i made the deadline with in some hours i think o.o

Glorious morning

anyways, as you may know they used my music for the caslte crashers demo at comicon and also recently at IGF. i diddnt really keep track of where the songs were beeing used and wich ones, so i decided to make a round up, as i am proud of it.

quote from the monthly audio competition on newgrounds:

"On the IGF coverage, from March 07, Tom and The Behemoth featured NG AP music in the demo. The following songs were in the demo;
- cornandbeans - {Factory}
- Waterflame - -Space pirates-
- Helix - Archetype (Helix6)"

short movie on youtube, where they are using techrock:

castle crashers chase clip

and flaaklypa racing theme remix was also used as scoreaboard music, but that one is something im not really that proud of. its not originally my melody, as stated it is from flaaklypa grand prix. and not only that but i sucked at remaking it. really bad. haha,

anyways, i also got a music review about space pirates from dan paladin! :D
he also wrote about it in the mac7 june, CC competition thread.

Music review:
"DanPaladin says: "cool"
people seemed to enjoy this tune at the IGF showing. some went out of their way to comment on how they liked it. we had it running during the forest level. i felt it made the combat a little more lighthearted, which was good. it's broken up in spots, which really helps. hooray!"

BBS post:
Posted at: 6/14/07 01:25 PM

i don't want people to get cold feet or freaked out by the orchestral talk. for example, a song tom selected that grabbed a lot of people's attention at IGF had no orchestral in it: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/view.p hp?id=4 89978&sub=57239

it was received really well, and it fit well with any of the regular levels.

so don't freak out -- you do not have to do orchestra. at least in my book..

Posted at: 6/14/07 01:27 PM

sorry, forgot to post the title of the song i was referring to. it was 'space pirates' by waterflame.

hihihihihihi :3 i know i brag alot now but i feel im alwoed, i mean. common. dan paladin.
now i can only hope i will be one of the lucky winners, if not, it was fun participating and im glad they used my songs! :)

edit: look above! my header finally works now! :O
edit2: ok it did for alittle while. wtf?

Castle crashers entry!

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Well, they didn't choose that song for nothing. :P You're talented and that gives you every right to brag. (Just use that right sparingly. Some of us might be jealous. :D)

thanks! and, ofcource, even this post felt alittle over the edge. but ive been confused myself of whats beeing used and not o.O so i figured i would share my round-up. as well as saying dan is awesome. lol but nice of you to leave a comment ^^ i dont get that on blogs mostly. XD