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new new grounds

2007-07-17 22:44:21 by Waterflame

WOAH! new Newgrounds.

FINALLY, i can talk! eh write.

Ok so, for all of my fans, haters and the rest. It seems newgrounds finally got the system i have been waiting for so long. Altho, now all my "listens" are gone, and my
ranking is gonna get smashed within days. Wich kinda sucks. There is also so many new features that, i almost would like to start over. to clear my profile of old useless crap. i still dont know if you now can delete submitions, ill have to look into that. If thats a fact, i will probably delete around 3 songs and 3-4 flash videos. but in return post
alot more.

but then again, no way! ^-^ ive been here for so long now. and with this new
improvement ill surely spend alot more time here than i used too. I hope that
all of you who suport me still stay with me, cause you guys make my day so much
more than you could imagine. its one of those things that lifts me up from my all of
my all-too-many problems. :)

I submited a song i got finished today, called -Hillbilly breakout- wich is think is some of my most original work. cause ive never heard that mix before myself, atleast XD And for thoe who wonder, i dont really have any relation to hillbillies what so ever. i just go by the ol' stereotype strawhat banjoplaying guy with the blue pants. and banjo do own at certain points. hope you can rock out to it as much as those guys are. if not just give it a fair vote ;)

and ill be happy for any kind of contact, feedback, request, project invite or generally just questions/talk.

again, thank you guys! <3

- Waterflame

new new grounds


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2007-07-17 23:22:38

No comments? :O Well, here's the first... :P

I've haven't quite been staying tuned to your audio page - I suppose I should start paying more attention! I'll give it a visit now. Though it's too bad all of your listeners are gone... ahh, well. :P Looking forward to your submissions. :)

Waterflame responds:


looks like it became the first and last XD i had my popularity with strikebeam but i guess im old and forgotten now lol :D altho thank you for staying with me ^-^ i hope that someone might notice me again after a while XD


2008-10-01 10:28:56

waterflame losing listeners? IMMOSSIBLE! i will get them back for you roflmao. but yea....Keep up all your awesome moosic :D.


2008-10-01 10:30:22

impossible* >.<