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5/30/12 by Waterflame
Updated 5/31/12

It is finally here! Castle Storm!
A game from Zen studios, comming out to XBLA / WII / PS3 / VITA / 3DS !

22 Brand new, Orchestral, upbeat and full quality tracks by me, along with A remake of glorious morning!

Here is a first look trailer! featuring the new ver. of glorious morning!
Castlestorm first look trailer!

There will also be a OST avaiable some time after the game releases! go check it out! :D

In other recent news:
My 2nd album came out!

Release Date: 14-May-2012
Amazon mp3, itunes store,
Xbox live zune!
Album art by skullgirls animator and NG regular RTIL!

Album features:
-17 tracks
-2 reworks of old songs,
-3 exclusive never heard before tracks,
-HQ mastered 320Kbit renders of all the classic tracks form
the past years.

Buy the Album on Itunes or Amazon !


And finally, my new song! S.N.A.F.U theme!


More info on the album, the game, and other stuff related to my music:
Waterflame official Facebook
Waterflame official youtube



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I remember your song from the old days, bought the game and HAD to know if that was yours! I am glad that the newgrounds musicians can make it into the main stream works!!!!! Awesome job!!!



I KNEW that sounded like your "Glorious Morning" in the trailer!

I can't wait to get it! Love your music By the way ^_^



Hey congrats on making it to the most popular tracks :D
I'm also in there ^^

8/31/12 Waterflame responds:

heh thanks yeah i see 2 of my tracks are on there, but that thing is so friggin random. i dont trust it for one minute haha. most of my songs i post is there for like sometimes, a day, sometimes 5 minutes. i dont really know how the system decides something is popular or not, but i think its based of more than just score. all i know is that its pretty friggin random!

You are such a maestro, and this is a perfect example of that. I hope you go on to be a famous video game composer

8/31/12 Waterflame responds:

Thank you so much! i hope so to :)

Cool thing! Congratulations!!

8/31/12 Waterflame responds:

Thank you :D

where to get the music and the game from . the music in the trailer

8/31/12 Waterflame responds:

Its not out yet :)

Ah man, hearing what I recognized as Glorious Morning in the trailer, I did a double take and logged onto NG for the first time in a while. It does look like a sweet game though, I'm thinking about picking it up. And yeah, I saw the trailer on YogTrailers. :P

That was so freaky! I recognised your music in the trailer from the game just because it was reminiscent of glorious morning aha I loved that tune, awesome job :D (Noticed it even in the background of a Yogtrailer about it :P)

Will you personally be benefiting from sales of this game? If so, I would definitely get it, as I am always looking to support those "indie" artists that are really talented, such as yourself.

It's nice to see this on the Wii, and S.N.A.F.U. Theme was catchy, but felt more like Classic Techno than trance.

Totally awesome! (everything) :D



Game looks fun. Might pick it up for the Vita if I have some extra cash.

Plus the soundtrack for it sounds awesome. :D



Quite one productive month for you. =P



The game is finally came out?! Hell yeah!
Just curious, but what do you think that your music are being used for an entire game?
Sorry, my english is bad. =P



Wow man, I wish I could be as popular and cool as you.
You're one of my main inspirations :]

a remake of the song i listen to everyday thank you :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Ill try the game