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2011-05-14 20:31:34 by Waterflame

Hi everyone!


Its been ages since i was active here on NG, and ages since i made a post.
now, i wanted to say alot of things i planed out over the weeks, but i kinda .. forgot most of it.

Ive made alot of new songs since the last post, some of them exlusive to the new album and not posted anywhere yet. but in any case, if you havent checked out my new tunes yet, Do it!!
I kinda concider the last 2 songs to be more fillers than anything tho, so you got alot more in store.
ive tried out alot of diffrent new styles, so no more same old for a while after this!!

In other news, Ive made custom music for a flash game, and it all turned out really great.
Newest game featuring my music, 4 custom tracks and 3 old song! the custom songs will be unreleased for now, but could apear as a full length song on my next album. untill then, you can enjoy it in this awesome game.

The song you hear in the trailer is my work aswell.

BUT! the biggest news now is that im going to California! im going there on vacation with 5 of my best friends, for 2 weeks. we'll be living in san fran, LA and vegas. so if any of you live there and want to say hello, please leave it in the comment or post number / adress or similar in a personal message here on ng, and im sure i have the time. id also love to be shown some of the nightlife around, if anyone is up for partey in the usa.

So, untill then, beloved NG. cya around!


back on track ya'll!

2010-12-29 03:27:11 by Waterflame

So.. i realised that ive been away from newgrounds for almost 6 months now! what the sheets?! :O

Ive been so busy with work and all. and ive been spending alot of time with my gf! :) also borderlands stole a big chunk of my spare time, ill have to admit!

ive been working on getting my album done, but im so picky. if i finish a song, i dont think its good enugh for the album one month later! -__- Etc. but ill just have to settle with the fact that nothing can be 100% perfect! i have alot of new songs im not going to release, at all! theres going to be 3 exclusive tracks on the album. so i hope it will get some sales :]

I had an awesome xmas, and spent it with my family and girlfriend :] but i got a cold, geee >_>
thats also why i can write this now, i guess. heh. when im sick i allow myself to let everything important wait. like those friggin guys we rent this place from who cant get anything straight and sends us bills left and right thats payed for 3 months ago!! >:( anyways. grr...

2 of my newest, not-so-exlcusive-but-still-allright tracks is submited and up for grabs!
today the new addition to the libary was "village up north"
go check them out! :D


Village up north

And i made this for funzies! a remix of my song "time machine"
its not a official soundtrack so theres no download yet! sorry! might upload on popular demand :)

/* */
As usual dont forget to have a look at my Youtube :)
and add My facebook if your'e a fan! :D aswell as my FB Fanpage
also.. Castlecrashers saved my ass this year! so a big and warm thanks to tom, dan and the other guys! without the royalties this year i would possibly have to move back home for a while. and i will not admit defeat just yet! the music buisnezz is hard :C but thank you all for your support! i still read every review and comment, and love that you all back me up so much :)

So untill 2011, enjoy my new tunes and stay tuned for more to come in the near future!
happy newyear!
peace and love


back on track ya'll!

Pc.. eating.. itself..

2010-08-24 20:42:29 by Waterflame

Hi there! long time no see, right..
The reason why i haven't been submitting anything, made any updates nor progress in development is that my computer is eating itself..
no, really..

The hardisc is damaged and i have relocated my files! my pc in general is singing its last song.
with blue screens, freezing and things randomly vanquishing, i think its safe to say, i need a new one.
so yeah im basicly saving up for that, while planing the release of my 2nd album, and a Return!

fear not, i will be back, and i will hit you hard with new original stuff. but in the meantime.. i cant say how long i will be gone. im working full time, and also hanging out a lot with my girlfriend. :) so i guess, this is my little break. Until im back, check in on youtube now and then for other stuff -.. i think.

the new album will have 4+ new songs thats exclusive for the album, and one of my bests so far. so this is really one you should concider buying if you like my stuff :)

also.. be sure to by my first album if you havent ;)

/* */
I still appreciate all the support you guys give me! :) thank you all for that ^:)
so.. cya around then, i guess! beloved ng <3 stay tuned.

Pc.. eating.. itself..

Goin to roskilde! YEAAH! + new song

2010-06-24 06:47:19 by Waterflame

Heya guys!

First things first, i finally got the random selector to work, so for those of you who followed my Donation contest , here are the results, finally!

Selected randomly from a pool of the donators, the winner is:
Benjamin Edd!

Benjamin, You can send a mail to: waterflameworkshop@hotmail.com with your spesifics, the maximum length is 5 minutes, other than that you may request anything beeing made, and use it for whatever you want, even commercial projects, as long as my name is mentioned. grats!

Thank you so much to all of you others who donated, it did help me on the way! altho there were only 11 donations. i might do this again some other time, who knows!

In other news, my newest song is out!


/* */
So yeah, im going to the roskilde festival! cant wait :D ! its gonna be awesome, as always! so ill see you guys in 2 weeks! and if some of you happens to be goin there aswell, send me a pm, with cell number or something, and im sure we can meet up!

Be sure to check out my YOUTUBE aswell as ng while im gone! there are some exclusive things on YT and other stuff thats not fit for ng :]

Untill next time! keep on rockin >:0

(Portraits of me by elise helgesen)

Goin to roskilde! YEAAH! + new song

Contest winner, NEW SONG, updates!

2010-06-02 12:20:14 by Waterflame

Hi again!

As usual, im really slow at making, not only updates, but keeping my own deadlines. im so scatterbrained. but here i am now atleast!

ive had some technical problems and i still work so much these days. so ill post it as soon as i can..

First up, i had a contest going to see if i could raise some extra money, aswell as pushing my skills and see what i can do with a detailed request. and the winner will be announced as soon as i have the time... I dont have time to do this today, cause of much non-music related work.

here is the previous post, if you are interested in what this is about. you can also still donate ofcource, you will be mentioned and greatly apriciated!

Prev post, donation contest

On to the next topic,
My latest song! Cannibal

Hard and dark club techno with a tribal theme! been working on this for some time. its the follow up after "heavy machine rythm" in a club mix im working on.
its not supposed to have any leading melodies, as its more club themed as said. its dance music to dance to, more than anything :) but i might make another ver. of this later on.


Im finally making my big project thats been in the scrap and idea books for over 3 years! ever wondered what my avatar is? its the main character from this project, in pixels :] it will be a game made in flash, but probably also released as a standalone .exe. estimated time is around 8 months Of work ahead. so look out for updates on that!

Im also nearly finished with making music for a flash game thats gonna be pretty epic. but thats all im allowed to say for now ;)

Be sure to check out my youtube! ill post 2 other songs there soon thats going to be exclusive for YT. since its small projects i dont se fit for ng unless the demand is huge :)


by all means, feel free to add me to facebook aswell. (Christian M Krogsvold)
im the dude with the wierd hair. :P

Untill tomorrow, peace!

Contest winner, NEW SONG, updates!

Updates and donation contest! :]

2010-04-21 23:45:05 by Waterflame


New song, contest winner and update will be out in around one day!
stay tuned for tomorrow!


Hi there :D <3

Its been a while since i uploaded or posted anything, so i figured i would do both before i went to bed tonight! :)

First up!
a little loop i made today, about a little puppy floating around and exploring space..
Or maybe he's just dreaming? ':3

Dog in space

( Dedicated to Linn K. S. )

Ive been busy as usual, and i know i have promised a lot this summer. but it will all be kept! i just don't have any dates set.. as of now. im working on music for a project for a contacts of mine, wich is first priority, but my happy album is in the works! To be honest im having a hard time keeping it all together, since i also have my regular low-payed job.. and im really just barely holding on these days, money wise. so i dont know how much time i will actually get on making music this summer :C
This is why i wanted to hold a little CONTEST! since i am actually Giving away 90% of my work free.

I have posted a donation link. for all of you who actually want to help me in my times of need, so i can use more of my time on music! even a dollar is a great help and a nice gesture!
By the end of may, (may 21th to be exact) ill randomly pick a person that donated, that will get a custom made song down to last requested detail and specification!

I will record the random draft in a live stream with a random programmed selector. so there will be no possible way to cheat around this. i will post the result on youtube.
You can donate any amount you like from this link, its a fast, safe and easy transfer, and you will be redirected back to NG after the transfer:


If the donations should be less than 10 when the two months have passed, the event is canceled. simply because i would probably loose time and money than doing a normal music assignement this way.
This contest is mainly just to motivate, and to help me out a bit, so i can continue to do what i love! for almost nothing! Thanks in advance!!

I love you all who support me! altho i don't reply to all your comments and mails, i apriciate and read them all! woudnt be here without you :)

You can also support me by buying my ALBUM, called "Waterflame - Green" on itunes or amazon.com.

In other news, Im in the starcraft 2 beta. and boy does it kick ass. i kinda suck tho, not beeing able to get out of the bronze tire. but oh well, practice makes perfect! i play on a friends account, so im not under my normal name. but shout out a IGN and im sure ill have time for a 1v1 where you get to own my sorry ass. haha ;____;

Summers right round the corner and things are mostly great on all fronts! cept the money part. hehe.
I will keep updating this post untill the end of next month. untill then, enjoy the little loop i made today. and be sure to check out my youtube!


Take care!

(Album teaser, pic of me 3 weeks ago or so :)

Updates and donation contest! :]

NEWSFLASH DUUR! new songs!

2010-03-10 00:04:42 by Waterflame

hello beloved group of people on the internet <3

First of all, 2 new songs! and more to come! altho im low on inspiration nowadays since im kinda bummed out about money problems and so forth, i have some nearly finished stuff in production!

I wanted to bring back that retro feel with ever changing happy melodies that never really repeat themselves and loop. i feel that i kinda got that midi feel to it just enough to not ruin it or anything. and finished this happy video game composition! :D a lot of time went into it. it might not be something a lot of people like, but all of you fellow uberhappytune lovers out there might really enjoy this :3


2nd up, we have this!:

A work in progress i left alone for some months and now finished! or, i think im finished at least :D breakbeats vs orchestral themes in a epic battle , as always ;D its my style 8) at around 3 and out is where it really kicks of :D as usual i try to variate it alot, so the song is pretty um.. chaotic! :D i have tried the last part with some female vocals, and it fits AWESOME. so to all of you girls out there that can sing, please PM me if you're interested in joining me in my next techno quest. <3


In other news things are pretty much the same. partying, little money, turbulent love life and being a lazy gamer. im living the life, i guess?... i feel kinda spoiled not always enjoying this, in theory perfect way of life. haha. and seriously IM REALLY POOR! SO GIVE ME ASSIGNMENTS!
also, check out my Youtube ! i have some exclusive tracks there never submitted, as well as some inside of how i make music. etc. tutorials to come! have suggestions for the next triple mash-up? PM me on yt or ng! <3

Oh and, if i GRIND enough work this year, i really wanna see the world. if you live in like California. NY, London or another big city like that, and have a couch i could crash my face into. that would be really awesome. unless you're a rapist. or ...? ;D

And hey, going to Norway this summer? ;D give me a pm. no seriously! my living room is always full of strangers anyways. haha. ill show you the weak nightlife.. lol.

as always, included latest pic of myself o___O in my sweet room <3

haha, later peps <3
I love you all

NEWSFLASH DUUR! new songs!


2010-01-17 22:43:04 by Waterflame


Last weeks have been great :D hope this continiues <3
i have little work these days so i need to find a new job tho, besides music. ofcource. its sadly not even near enugh to support me to live on music alone. but its a helping hand. and i appreciate all the support! Big thanks to everyone thats buying the album! =D <3

If you havent, and wanna check out my album, check out the Album promo

and to everyone that wants a 2nd album, its comming!
The official name of the new album is " UpBeats " and will be featuring all my orchestral and uberhappy cuteness :D !

in other news, and not so cute. heres my newest track! a dance / techno / breakbeat track! HEAVY MACHINE RYTHM

Party on!

Peace out!


2010! OYEAH! New song! <3

2010-01-05 01:29:26 by Waterflame


Hi! its been a longe time.
Happy 2010! :D have a great year everyone!

so, did you get anything cool for xmas? ;)
i sorta did, but nothing extrordinary. it was a nice xmas anyhow!

Alot has happened as usual, but i wont go into details. my lovelife oh man X) chaotic.
and my sense of TIME!? none aperantly since im up now, and its 7 am. that is, without sleep.

Anyways ng :D i wanted to show you a few things, since i love you. ^3^ ~*

First things first!

Where do you race, when the world is no longer enough? :D

-Race around the moon-

This is like "Race around the world"'s brother, with all its similarities, yet a standalone song on its own! i call it race around the moon! ^-^ or Ratw3. ;) took me about one full day, project for pure fun :D
feel that mandolin :D

Happy, frantic,energic and cute :D bom bop bop bop! :3

Enjoy! And review <3

Also, This is my music video to my recently submitted song Carrots X) ejoy! its kinda cute :3

/* */
And this is how i look now, pic taken today, if anyone should be wondering. and yeah this is where i work, my room <3

2010! OYEAH! New song! <3

nu song! Get your RAVE ON!

2009-11-23 22:45:50 by Waterflame

01. Des

im now officially doing comissions!

Need Custom music for your project?
Contatc me at: rawspawn_2@hotmail.com Or send me a PM at My youtube or Newgrounds.

Full length song: 250$
(3-6 Minutes)
Half length song: 180$
(1-3 Minutes)
Small loop: 80$
(0:30-1:30 minutes)

Build on existing songs:
50-150$ (depending on how much work)

All works use open contracts, so i can still use my own work for my purposes.
If you want a exclusive contract, meaning that you and you only can use the song, Contact me and we will find a price.

I use the Creative Commons Licence.

And lets not forget! a new song!

Timeless Mountains


27. Nov

Join us in a funky, frantic, Jumpy and happy journey through time!
This is as steampunk as i get i guess :D

I diddnt sleep last night. i spend 9 STRAIGHT hours making this song. it drained me completely. but when you have that spree of Creativity, you just cant let go!

And im going to be so bold as to just say it straight out, in my personal opinion, this is the best ive ever made! :D i love this style.

Energic Orchestral breaks, true to my style. it serves a bit of everything, 4onfloor, Breaks, Orchestral varity and synth riffs. :D


I dare you to make a time traveling flash music video for this :D <3
i would so love to see it. i can picture it in my mind. anyone up for a time travel flash colab? :D

Voices (cut from the first 20 minutes of the Original movie "time machine":
"This is a time machine

I wonder, now heres the most important question, to wich i hope to find an answer.

can man control his destiny? can he change the shape of things to come?

A journey through time;
this is a time machine."

23. nov

Hehe, alot have been going on these past weeks.. i still got money problems, o yeah lots of em! but hey, ill manage! right now im sick. so no raving for me, but better be up and running when the weekend starts! its also my friend bday then so... yeah, speedy recovery wanted.
ive been spending alot of time with my friends and newcommers and, yeah all in all just had a great time. hoping things will pick up soon.

and heres a new song for you guys :D
Party on! make sure to really BLAST this one out in the room. ;)


ive been such this party mood this week, so heres the result of that! give me a hand? ^^
im also working on another Phumpin track, so stay tuned!